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Top 10 Future Trends In Sports

future of the sports industry- a player wearing white and green tshirt holding controller playing fifa game

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Sports are evolving year after year and today we will look out and outline the top 10 future trends in the sports industry that will rule the world in the future.

The sports will unite with the technology to take the experience to the next level according to reports. Either we talk about the development of smart stadiums with added features like hologram displays, video walls, social media follower-based seating, and virtual reality applications or we talk about the evolution of Esports in recent years there is a sense of evolution we can clearly outline in recent past.

The advancement of technology like virtual reality augmented reality is a major boost in the sports industry. One thing for sure is the technology will be a greater impact on the sports industry in the future.

Let’s check out the top 10 future trends in sports industry:-

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Top 10 Future Trends In Sports

1 Professional Sports Landscape Is Evolving

Sports are emotion for the fans around the world so it’s clear to say that any sports trends which evolve will have an impact on players, fans, and the people around the world. Technology completely changes the sports to be played and hence there is an improvement in the performance of the players. No doubt that technology like Virtual reality and augmented reality will intensify the sports-viewing experience for fans around the world. This makes the fans more enjoy the game and making them closer to sports.

2 The Sports Media Will Change The Way It Delivers Content

The most common way people watch sports content is through traditional tv. But in the future, there is a possibility that Sports media will change the way it delivers content. There is a high rise of OTT and streaming services around the world.

The sports entertainment industry like WWE already has pay-per-view events. Pay-per-view (PPV) is a type of pay television service in which a viewer can purchase events to view via private telecast. This might be the future for all sports industries. The basic principle is to only pay for content that we want to watch.

Pay-per-view service may completely replace the traditional TV and streaming will be hyped. We all know about Netflix so be prepare for a Netflix of sports in the coming years.

3 Technology Rise Have Impact on Athletes And Their Sports

There is no denying the fact that technology made our life easy and will continue to do so. In the same way, it will also have a great impact on the sports industry. Technology helping the fans to watch and feel the game and helping the athletes to prepare for the game. The advancement of technology like augmented and virtual reality is also remodeling the user experience. In terms of sports, technology helped the industry to better manage the game.

Virtual reality is used as training support in many sports including golf, athletics, skiing, cycling, NBA, etc. It is used as an assistant to measure athletic accomplishment as well as examining techniques. The NBA is one of those sports that has made the most progress by adopting VR. Another advantage of virtual reality sports simulators is that they could help players to keep their minds sharp.

4 The Global Reach of Esports

Esports is an industry that is increasing day by day. According to the estimates, global eSports market revenue will reach almost 1.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2023. The estimated figure shows the global strength of this industry. There is no doubt the future of Esports is bright. The most valuable Esports team is TSM (Team SoloMid). The American organization has topped this year’s list and is worth $410 million. They have teams for the games like PUBG, League of Legends, Rainbow Six Seige, Overwatch.

The Increased fan base and the growing popularity helped esports to be on the top of the sports industry. Esports will keep on rising in the future and we will see more participation in the near future.

The biggest advantage of the Esports industry is that it can be accessed anywhere in the world. The participant just needs a computer and internet to play the game with anyone around the world. This makes Esports notably accessible to everyone around the globe.

5 The Rise of Biomedical Science and Neuroscience Boosting The Performance of Athletes

Every athlete’s body required a certain fitness level to compete at the highest level of the game. While playing at the highest level players go under injuries. So In order to maximize performance, biomedical science plays a vital role. So the particular skill of the player needs particular training and fitness. As the game becomes more competitive it required more mental and physical care. Sometimes it’s very difficult for an athlete or coach to discover the exact state of work inside the body.

So it’s very common to see athletes to be surrounded by multiple support staff with scientific or medical expertise. This is to ensure that the athlete can play at the maximum level. 

Neuroscience is another aspect of improving the mental health of athletes. Taking care of mental health is equally vital as taking care of the body. Neuroscience helps the athlete to regulate the brain, equip the brain, and enhance in a way that completely transforms the athlete to be a world-beater.

One of the recent advancements done in the sports industry is the rapid growth of tools that helps to accurately estimate the brain functions like processing speed and reaction time etc. Combining biomedical science and Neuroscience helps to upgrade the brain which ultimately benefits professional athletes to achieve endless improvements.

6 Athletes Remodeling the Ways to Engage With Fans

The most common way of engaging with the fans is through social media platforms. The other different ways of communication are the club’s official apps and sites.

Fans are already following their sports icons and the teams. They are supporting their favorite clubs and players by watching the game online or buying tickets for the venue. Another social networking site that made engagement possible is Facebook. Facebook has media rights of some sports including the league like La Liga in many countries.

For sports organizations, OTT produces an effective way to engage with a fragmented fan base. I already said earlier that OTT is the future in the sports industry. An OTT will completely change the user experience of the fan base around the world, serving to augment the brand while collecting valuable customer data.

7 The Sport Business Managers Are Here to Stay

Digitalization is growing at a fast rate. It already evolved many industries around us. Sports business management is also something to look up for it.

Sports business managers are responsible for sales, sponsorship growth, and brand building via merchandising and licensing. Its fullness will keep on increasing and this skill will see rapid growth in the near future.

8 Brand Value of the Athlete Will Keep on Increasing

The global reach of sports is known to everyone. The fan following of sports personality is insane and increasing day by day. This makes the athlete more powerful. Brands are targeting athletes to promote their stuff which makes benefit for both parties. Brands endorsed by the athletes are Rolex, Mercedes Benz, Nike, Coca-Cola, Nike, Upper Deck, McDonald’s, Samsung, Microsoft, and many more.

This trend helps the brand and the athletes to increase their source of revenue, which ultimately satisfies both parties.

9 Global Trend

Who doesn’t like globalization? Whether it’s a company or an individual. Being a company and having global customers or being an individual and having a global reach, it’s always satisfying to have it. In the same way, it’s equally vital to have global audiences, global fans, global leagues in the field of sports. Everyone is accessible nowadays with access to the internet.

Covid 19 has already taught us that any work could be possible by working from home, something which is here to stay for a long time. The world of sports is also globalizing. Top clubs have global fans and top players too have a global outreach.

It means the user, rights holders, and the sponsors are all going global. It’s easy to say to be on top you have to target users globally.

10 Women’s Sports

The rise of women’s sports is growing and that is something you can’t deny of. FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 is one of the events which show the growth of women’s sports around the world. The 2019 world cup proved to be the biggest hit, breaking previous ticketing and broadcast records.

While women’s sports remains to face certain challenges, which includes inadequate prize money and dizzier sports venue attendance but still keeps on growing. It provides a revenue stream through top leagues around the world, sponsorship, and enhanced ticket sales.

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Disclosure: Sportshubnet is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More. In...


Disclosure: Sportshubnet is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More. In...


Disclosure: Sportshubnet is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More. In...


Disclosure: Sportshubnet is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More. In...

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