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Top 10 Most Watched Sports Leagues In The World

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In this post, we will check out the top 10 most watched sports leagues in the world.

From the roaring crowds in colossal stadiums to the intense rivalries that span continents, the world of sports offers a spectacle like no other.

As fans, our passion knows no bounds, uniting us across different cultures and languages in celebration of athleticism, strategy, and, most importantly, victory.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the heart of global sports fandom by revealing the top 10 most-watched sports leagues in the world.

Prepare to be surprised, as we explore not just the giants of the industry but also some unexpected contenders that have captured the hearts of millions.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply curious about the world’s favorite pastimes, join us on this thrilling journey through the leagues that keep the world eagerly watching.

Top 10 Most Watched Sports Leagues In The World

10. Serie A

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Serie A, Italy’s premier football league, which proudly stands among the top 10 most watched sports leagues globally.

With its inception on October 6, 1929, Serie A has evolved into a pinnacle of football excellence, organized meticulously by the Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie A (LNPA).

This elite league showcases 20 competitive teams battling across 38 exhilarating matches, offering a spectacle of skill, strategy, and passion.

Among its stars, Juventus FC shines the brightest with an unparalleled record of 36 championship victories, embodying the rich history and competitive spirit of Serie A.

According to viewership rankings, Serie A claims the sixth spot in the world’s most followed soccer leagues, a testament to its captivating matches that draw fans from every corner of the globe.

Experience the essence of Italian football through Serie A, where every match is a story of glory, tradition, and the relentless pursuit of victory.

9. La Liga 

Image Credit- the18

La Liga is the premier soccer league that has captivated audiences worldwide since its inception in 1929.

Renowned for its electrifying matches and legendary athletes, La Liga stands as a pinnacle of sports excellence, drawing an impressive average of 28,498 spectators per game.

This league is more than just soccer; it’s a global phenomenon, with powerhouses like Real Madrid and FC Barcelona leading the charge, showcasing the talents of the world’s most illustrious soccer stars.

Broadcast in over 212 territories and reaching into the homes of 643 million fans, La Liga’s influence stretches across continents, uniting over 4.7 billion potential viewers in a shared love for the game.

In a world where soccer reigns supreme, La Liga holds its place among the elite, shoulder-to-shoulder with the likes of the English Premier League and Bundesliga, celebrated for its unparalleled viewership and fervent fanbase.

As a testament to the universal allure of soccer, La Liga’s matches are eagerly awaited highlights in the sports calendar, embodying the spirit of competition and the unwavering loyalty of fans. Witness the spectacle of La Liga, where every match is a story of triumph, passion, and the timeless charm of soccer.

8. Major League Baseball

Image Credit- Sporting News

Major League Baseball (MLB) stands as a titan in the world of sports, captivating audiences globally and holding its ground firmly within the top 10 most watched sports leagues worldwide.

Its enduring legacy and widespread fan loyalty have allowed MLB to navigate through ups and downs in viewership and attendance with remarkable resilience.

In the bustling sports landscape of the United States, MLB outshines its competitors by drawing the largest crowds, with over 61 million enthusiasts flocking to stadiums during the 2022 season alone.

The digital front is equally impressive, as evidenced by MLB.TV breaking viewership records in 2023, underscoring the league’s adaptability and widespread appeal. International fervor for baseball, particularly in countries like Cuba, Japan, and the Dominican Republic, further cement MLB’s global stature.

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Advertisers find a goldmine in MLB’s diverse fan base, which boasts a broader range of age and gender demographics than other major leagues.

Even amidst concerns over fluctuating attendance and viewership figures, MLB’s robust array of games and solid local fan support anchor its influential position in the sports world.

Through forward-thinking strategies such as the Play Ball initiative aimed at the youth, MLB is not just staying relevant but is setting the pace for how sports leagues can thrive by evolving with their audiences. MLB’s trajectory promises that it will continue to be a beloved pillar in the global sports community for generations to come.

7. Nippon Professional Baseball

Image Credit- LaTimes

Stepping into the exhilarating world of Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB), Japan’s premier league is like witnessing a global sports phenomenon firsthand.

Since its inception in 1950, NPB has captivated millions with its riveting blend of 12 teams across the Central and Pacific Leagues, culminating in the eagerly anticipated Japan Series each year.

The league’s magnetic appeal is undeniable, drawing an astonishing 22,047,491 fans in the 2013 season alone, a testament to its status as one of the most watched sports leagues worldwide.

Beyond its borders, NPB has carved out a prestigious niche in the international baseball scene, with its champions frequently showcasing their prowess in tournaments like the Asia Series.

NPB isn’t just a league; it’s a beacon of competitive spirit and history that enriches the global baseball tapestry.

6. Big Bash

Image Credit- TheCricketMonthly

The Big Bash League (BBL), Australia’s premier Twenty20 cricket league since its launch in 2011 by Cricket Australia, has transformed the landscape of the sport down under.

With eight dynamic city-based teams, the league, under the enduring sponsorship of KFC, has become a summer spectacle, captivating audiences with thrilling matches that promise edge-of-your-seat entertainment.

Its remarkable ability to draw massive crowds and secure high viewership rates has elevated it to the ranks of the world’s most attended domestic sports leagues, rivaling even the Indian Premier League in its 2016/17 season.

This surge in popularity challenges the traditional dominance of Test cricket, igniting discussions on the evolving preferences of Australian cricket fans.

The BBL’s impact extends beyond the pitch—it’s reshaping the professional sports paradigm, connecting with new audiences, and cultivating a fervent fan base, further solidifying its status among the top 10 global sports leagues.

This league is not just a cricket tournament; it’s a cultural phenomenon that’s redefining the future of the sport in Australia.

5. Indian Premier League

Image credit- GQ India

The Indian Premier League (IPL) stands as a colossus in the world of sports, captivating audiences globally and establishing itself as a titan among the most followed leagues on the planet since its inception in 2008.

With eight dynamic city-based teams, the IPL has not only captured the hearts of millions each season but has also redefined the essence of cricket, making it an absolute favorite among enthusiasts.

Its unrivaled popularity soared to new heights in 2014, positioning it as the sixth most attended league across all sports, a testament to its magnetic allure.

The 2023 IPL final shattered records, becoming the most streamed live event in history with a staggering 32 million viewers, showcasing the league’s unparalleled digital footprint and its knack for drawing in a global audience.

Beyond the electric matches and the galaxy of cricketing stars, the IPL resonates deeply with fans worldwide, boasting over 8 million international followers.

Its monumental contribution of ₹1,150 crores (US$140 million) to India’s GDP in 2015, alongside a brand value that skyrocketed to ₹90,038 crores (US$11 billion) in 2022, underscores the IPL’s immense economic impact and its pivotal role in shaping India’s standing on the global stage. The league’s enduring success and its expanding global fan base have firmly entrenched it among the top 10 most watched sports leagues, underlining the IPL’s indelible mark on the international sports arena.

4. Australian Football League

top 10 most watched sports leagues in the world
Image Credit- Fox Sports

The Australian Football League (AFL) captivatingly ranks among the globe’s top 10 most watched sports leagues, a testament to its enthralling appeal and wide-reaching fan base.

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This premier Australian professional league, featuring 18 dynamic teams, showcases a riveting season where each squad competes in 23 high-stakes games.

Played on sprawling oval pitches, with the unique challenge of four towering posts at each end and 18 players battling it out on each side, the AFL is a spectacle of athleticism and strategy.

Drawing an impressive average of 33,428 spectators per match, the AFL stands as a colossus in the world of professional sports leagues in Australia, rivaled only by the global juggernaut of soccer.

Despite the dominance of soccer leagues in worldwide viewership, the AFL distinguishes itself by securing a spot in the elite top 10, sharing the stage with giants like the English Premier League, NFL, and Bundesliga, showcasing its unparalleled popularity and the captivating allure of Australian football.

3. English Premier League 

top 10 most watched sports leagues in the world
Image Credit- Marca

The English Premier League (EPL) stands as a global colossus in the sports world, ranking as the third highest revenue-earning professional sports league, trailing just behind giants like the NFL, and Bundesliga.

Yet, when it comes to football, the Premier League is unrivaled, captivating over 643 million homes worldwide and reaching a staggering potential TV audience of 4.7 billion.

Broadcast across 212 territories, the league mesmerizes an average of 36,464 fans in stadiums every match. This financial and global powerhouse thrives on lucrative TV rights deals, widespread international appeal, robust merchandise sales, significant stadium revenues, and strategic commercial partnerships.

Featuring some of the world’s premier football talents and home to iconic clubs such as Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal, the EPL offers some of the most electrifying rivalries and passionate fan followings across the globe.

2. Bundesliga

Image Credit- Goal

Bundesliga, Germany’s elite soccer league, and a jewel in the crown of global sports.

Since its inception in 1963, the Bundesliga has ascended to global fame, captivating millions of fans across continents with its electrifying matches.

It stands as a beacon of top-tier football, boasting teams of the caliber of Bayern Munich, a name synonymous with excellence and Champions League triumphs.

This league isn’t just about the sport; it’s a powerhouse of entertainment, generating a staggering $2.84 billion in revenue. With an unparalleled average attendance of 43,458 and a global viewership in the millions, the Bundesliga’s allure lies in its dynamic, attack-driven gameplay, creating unforgettable moments and birthing football legends.

The rich heritage of German football and the dominance of clubs like Bayern Munich, with their 32 titles and a nine-year reign at the top, are testaments to the Bundesliga’s status as a cornerstone of international sports culture.

It’s more than a league; it’s a global phenomenon that continues to enchant and inspire legions of fans, ensuring the beautiful game’s legacy thrives across generations.

1. National Football League

top 10 most watched sports leagues in the world
Image credit- NFL

The NFL stands as a colossus in the sports world, captivating a global audience and firmly holding its place among the top 10 most watched sports leagues on the planet.

Since its inception in 1920, it has ascended to the pinnacle of sports entertainment in the United States, drawing an unparalleled average attendance of 69,564 fans per game and a staggering 9.2 million viewers tuning in on television.

The league’s journey from January to September reaches its zenith with the Super Bowl, an event that not only garners the highest viewership of any annual event in the U.S. but also holds the crown for the most watched program in the nation’s television history with Super Bowl XLIX.

Beyond American shores, the NFL’s influence stretches across continents, enchanting fans worldwide with its dynamic appeal and demonstrating the sport’s universal magnetism.

Alongside the NFL, other premier sports leagues like the English Premier League, NBA, La Liga, and more share the global stage, each contributing to a rich tapestry of athletic excellence and entertainment that captivates millions around the globe.

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