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Are you an advertiser or company that wants to discover a great audience? No need to worry we are here for you.

We can help you bring your product in front of the right people. You can advertise on our website Sportshubnet, mail us sponsored posts that we will feature on our page, or put ads on our blog (Sportshubnet)


  • Over 400 articles
  • 100k Pageviews Monthly
  • The majority of page viewers are in the 18-35 demographics

You can advertise on our website in the form of sponsored posts or sidebar ads.

Website Demographics:

  • US & UK- 40%
  • Male – 75%


  • Product Reviews
  • Display Ads
  • Sponsored Posts

What kinds of ad formats do you accept?

Presently, we endorse the following types of ad formats:

  • Product Review:  Product reviews are an essential part of Sporthubnet. We not only write extensive reviews, but we also share tutorials and guides to using your product.
  • Contextual Images:  An image that will be linked to an article.  For example, a product with an image and that image links to a site where the product may be bought.
  • Non-contextual Images:  An image that is positioned outside of an article (ex: in the footer, sidebar, etc).
  • Sponsored Post:  You feed us with an article and we publish it. The article must obey our editorial policy, please contact us for any queries.
  • Sponsored Post (written by us):  We write an article about your product or service.  The article, along with its content (text, images).

Before contesting, please revisit the notes below to see if your advertisements are a good fit for the site and its audience.

What kind of products/websites can I advertise?

First priority is always to link to a product and website which is of top quality and is related to our niche and audience.

We will not link out to websites or products that are averse to our principles. In general, links to sports, gaming, and tech products & websites.

What are your rates?

Our rates are very adaptable and competitive. so please contact us below for any inquiries.

As a known rule, I’m a firm believer in the concept that “one price doesn’t fit all” and that’s why, counting upon the specific product, and banner ads we will hash out a custom quote for the review. For sponsored posts, rates are adjustable based on article length.

Please contact us below for more inquiries:-





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