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Top 5 Sports industry Trends to watch out for in 2020

top 5 sports industry trends with image of esports event with fans and players

Here are the Top 5 Sports industry trends to watch out for in 2020:-

1 Esports- The first industry trend which we going to discuss is Esports. Esports is one of the trending trends in the sports arena and also a hot topic to talk about for sports lovers. Esports is a type of sports competition using video games. Esports organized a lot of competition between professional players individually and as a team as well. Esports has the potential to change the way sports is perceived and this is one of the top 5 sports trends in 2020.

2 Technology trends in sports events around the world– There is always an improvement when we play modern games on play station or on a computer or in mobile. Technology arises a lot in recent games.Ai implementation in games is the best example. virtual reality is also one thing which will rule the hearts of sports games lovers.

3 New sports in Olympic – New sports or new events are always trending when we look up the sporting events around the world. That interest always excites us and helps us to pick those sports and make our name for ourselves. There are a lot of new events and sports that will be contested in the Tokyo Olympic 2020 is surfing, sport climbing, skateboarding, karate, baseball. A total of 18 new events will be going to held in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

4 Athletes and their brands– Athletes and their brands are going hand in hand these days. For the past couple of years, athletes started their own brands and started promoting those brands on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. These social sites helped the athletes for promoting the branding of their products. This is one of the best trends in sports in recent years.

5 Sports participation-sports participation also changed in recent years. In this modern era, we will look out how people are participating in sports events around the world. Sports apps, social media, and websites, and of course supporting the team in their stadium. This participation helps us to engage in the game. We always wanted to know about each and every sport and wanted to be updated each and every minute of live events. This is the last of the top 5 sports trends in 2020.

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I started my sports blog because I love sports and wanted to be updated about sports. Sports are very close to my heart, have a passion for different sports, and love to share the top and trending sports news and info from all over the world to all those crazy sports lovers... Be will not go anywhere... That's how we create content for you!


Best Sportswear Brand in the world

best sport brands in the world with lacoste t shirt and their logo

Best sport brands in the world:-There are lot of Sportswear Brand in the world but some brands are meant to be branded in this modern world.

Best attribute of branded sportswear are quality and they are worth buying that’s why people spend money to buy premium products.

Today i am giving review of one of the best Sportswear brand Lacoste.

Lacoste is one of those best sport brands in the world we all look up to,lacoste is a french brand and its widely popular in tennis arena.Lacoste gives us easy and soothing feel,their polos are widely popular because we have grown up watching the great tennis players like Djokovic and federer and their Brand logo is Crocodile.

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Upcoming Sporting Events in 2020

upcoming sporting events 2020

Check out the Upcoming Sports events in 2020.

As usual every year is a treat for Sports lovers,this year also gonna be action packed sporting events.

We will start with 2020 Tokyo Olympics and coming winter youth olympics.we will see some events for the first time in olympic:

1 Karate

2 Skateboarding

3 Sport climbing

WE will also see action packed football matches in euro 2020 and copa america 2020,one of the biggest surprise is also coning for cricket lovers both Men and Women T20 world cup is in 2020.

These are the major upcoming sporting events for 2020:

1 Jan9-22 – Winter Youth Olympics

2 Jan 20-feb 2- Australian open

3 Feb 21-8 mar- Icc world T20(Women)

4 May 23- Fa Cup final

5 May 24- Jun 7- French open

6 May 30- UEFA champions league (Final)

7 Jun 12- Jul 12- Copa America

8 Jun 29-Jul 12- Wimbledon

9 Aug 31- Sep 13- Us Open

10 Oct 18- Nov 15- ICC World T20

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Sports Gadgets 2020

sports gadgets 2020-ifit sleep hr

Sports Gadgets:-

When we talk about gadgets we talk about tech Gadgets but right now i will tell you about one of the best Sports gadgets of 2020 which will make you say “WOW”

The first gadget which i am going to review is Ifit Sleep HR:

We all know how much important is our sleep for our health ,as a person we must monitor our sleep to be healthy and this gadget is just for those person.This gadget not only track your sleep but its also help you to understand quality of your sleep by analyzing your sleep pattern and respiratory and heart rate.

There is an alarm function in the gadget which will wake you up with sleep causing headache.

you can also connect this gadget with smartphone with Ifit sleep app through bluetooth connection

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