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Real Madrid would be favorites against Man City with Ronaldo says Adebayor

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Emmanuel Adebayor believes that Real Madrid would have been favorites with Cristiano Ronaldo against Manchester City in the upcoming second leg of the UEFA Champions League.

Real Madrid lost 2-1 at the Santiago Bernabeu in the first leg of the last-16 against the former Premier League champions(Manchester City), and the second leg going to start from August 07.

Real Madrid was phenomenal after LaLiga resumed in June, they have won 10 matches consecutively and at last beaten Barcelona to the La Liga title.

Former Real Madrid striker Adebayor says that Los Blancos have the capable players who can turn the second leg but he believes that the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo would surely have a greater impact and increase their chances against Manchester City.

Adebayor told AS “If you had asked me that question two years ago, I would have said yes(Real Madrid can turn the second leg or not).

“Madrid would have been favorites with Cristiano. Back then, they had Cristiano, who is a goal machine. He can make the difference at any moment at any given time and he would give the team 50 goals a season.  

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“They lost the first leg at home and it’s going to be very difficult without the fans, against Manchester City, the city, the weather but it’s not impossible. 

“Madrid has players with a lot of qualities and experience like Marcelo, Benzema, Courtois and they are used to playing in big games like this one.”

Adebayor said that it would be very difficult to replace a player like Cristiano who scores a lot of goals at a very crucial stage, he is a prolific goal scorer for his team but Madrid has not appreciated a player like him.

Adebayor added, “Without Cristiano, Madrid know what they have lost, but maybe not what they could have won if he was still there,”.  

“I think they know they would not get any other player like Ronaldo but players like him only come along once every 200 years.” 

Karim Benzema has been phenomenal since Ronaldo leaves Madrid for Juventus and has scored 20 LaLiga goals in the last two seasons. 

Adebayor says that the French international is one of the important players for Madrid, “When Cristiano Ronaldo left, he had to take up the responsibility and I think he’s done really well.  

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“He’s scored a lot of goals, important goals so he’ll be a danger, no doubt about it.” 

Adebayor’s Real Madrid career was short under the coach Jose Mourinho, however, he told that he still remembers the memories of the Portuguese coach and rated him as the best ever. 

Adebayor said “I love Mourinho, we had a great relationship and he was the one who brought me to Madrid, although it wasn’t easy for him to find a place for me in the side,”   

“The only trophy I have ever won was at Madrid with him. Now he’s at Tottenham and I wish him the best of luck. He is the best coach in the history of football.”


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