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Muttiah Muralitharan reveals why he stopped Ravichandran Ashwin from bowling leg-spin during CSK days

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Muttiah Muralitharan was one of the top bowlers in IPL for CSK, Muralitharan reveals why he stopped R Ashwin from bowling leg-spin during CSK days.

During a chat on Instagram, the spin wizard of India Ravichandran Ashwin revealed why all-time great Muttiah Muralitharan stopped him not to bowl leg-spin when both the players were playing together for Chennai Super Kings in the early seasons of Indian Premier League.

while interacting on Instagram chat Murali revealed that he used to bowl leg-spin in his early school days, he revealed that Ruwan Kalpage, who was also a Sri Lanka cricketer, was an off-spinner for his team and there was another Test spinner in the same age-group. Murali revealed that there are two spinners playing for the team and there was no chance for him to get a place in the Srilankan cricket team. So to get a chance and secure place in the team he bowled leg-spin for a few days and at last selected for a season.

Ashwin further added and said that the words from Murali refresh my memory of U-19 days when Murali had told him. “Why are you bowling leg-spin? Bowl off-spin, you do that very well.”

Murali added, “Me bowling leg-spin was to get selected in the U-19 side. Now you are going to try and play for India and the selectors say they only want leg spinners, the onus is on experience. Taking wicket will give you great confidence, It’s about proving yourself. Not just proving yourself by bowling leg-spin. Instead, take more wickets by bowling off-spin that’s a challenge.”

He further added that he has been dropped from the one day side but he never bowled leg-spin to get selected onto the team.

Murali added “I challenged them with the talent that I have and I keep on bowling off-spin and took wickets. So I thought that it’s got off from your mind, that’s why I said it,”

Muralitharan has always been under problems due to his bowling action on the field he has been restricted to bowl on multiple times due to his action. The all-time great spinner(Muttiah Muralitharan) revealed on Instagram chat that he always wants to do fast bowling as a youngster rather than to become a spinner. However, when he was playing in U13 levels his coach advised him not to pursue fast bowling as he was not going to get any taller, so fast bowling is not something that was meant for him.

Murali added “Bowl off-spin instead, he said and taught me. The first ball I bowled spun because I automatically put my wrist into it,”

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