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FIFA 22 Best Formations – FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Best Formations

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In this post, we will check out and reveal the FIFA 22 best formations.

FIFA 22 gonna released on 1 October 2021 and the players are really excited to know the best formations. So here we are with another post revealing the best formations in FIFA 22 and FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

We have done some research and analysis to determine the best formations for the team. Formation always plays a vital role and will affect the strategy on the pitch.

Players are ready for FIFA 22, and helping them to find the right formation is our priority. I will always recommend you use a formation that accommodates your current team.

That ultimately helps to bring the best out of the player on the pitch. Different players prefer different playing styles so it’s mandatory to go with the formation that suits player abilities and strengths.

If you are making an Ultimate team it’s great to start with the formations. Always preferred to find a formation that suits your squad. The formation helps you with the guides of play and for sharing your gameplay.

FIFA 22 is packed with all kinds of best formations so ultimately players will gonna enjoy the experience. The best formations in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team will depend a lot on player availability and your style of play on the pitch. 

If you are more concerned about the defense then I will recommend you to go with 4-4-2 which provides you a strong defensive line with adequate midfielders to allow forwards to move freely in going forward.

Another thing that is very important is to consider Chemistry which helps you to get the most out of your best players. Once you’ve decided to go for a particular formation, blend it with the best players you have in your squad to get the most out of it.

Another thing that I want to add is that we are working hard to give you notions and opinions, but they may not certainly be comprehensive. So I want the players to experiment the things to a certain extent that will surely gonna work for you and your Players.

Always experiment with different formations and tactics and decide which one to go for. So without further delay let’s go ahead and check out FIFA 22 best formations.

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FIFA 22 Best Formations


4-2-3-1 is my personal favorite formation to go for in FIFA 22. This formation gives you a lot of stability when it comes to defense. This time FIFA gives you a lot of support to shut your opponents on the back.

With this formation, you will have 4 men shielding you at the defense with three midfield options in the middle. This formation will give you a lot when you have possession of the ball and want to lead it from the front.

If you are a fan of using attacking midfielders then this formation will not give you more width. So I will recommend you to go with fullbacks who have the speed that will make things easy on the pitch.

So if you want to create a bit of space from the center to the forwards and want more stability in the game with a good defensive line then surely go with this formation.

There will be some problems for the attacker however attacking midfielders surely gonna compensate for that by pushing forward or by holding their stand on the ground.


4-4-2 is another formation that is still been used in the modern game. This formation is very balanced in terms of defense and attack.

In this formation, fullbacks gonna stay back with wide midfielders going forward to complement the attack. It keeps balance while defending yourself from opposing vulnerabilities.

The formation is quite good for counterattacks due to the heavy defensive lineup and wide midfielders from the side. The wide midfielders gonna compass the pitch for lethal offensive play.

The 4-4-2 formation grants you defensive and offensive play. Having two CDMs is always a conservative approach, however, it is still a go-to formation for attacking demands.


The 3-1-4-2 formation is another formation that gives you a lot both defensively and offensively. It depends on what the situation demands, if you really need a goal in no time then you must push wingers leading up to the strike.

On the other side, the wide midfielder really helps the attackers to get going by crossing into the box to let them finish the job.

Another side of the story is when you are already leading the scoreboard with the ball and want the defensive line to be as a pack as possible you can do that by switching it to a more defensive formation.

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This can be done by letting your wingbacks drop back into defense. The 3-1-4-2 can be a remarkably adaptable formation, but it depends upon the situation in the game.

The players have the right to straighten it more towards attack or defense. This formation is one of the advanced and best formations in FIFA 22.


If you are a fan of possession-based games then a 4-3-1-2 formation is just for you. This formation uses your fullbacks to accommodate the width of both offensive and defensive operations.

The formation has two strikers upfront with an Attacking Midfielder joining them, which ultimately will create a lot of pressure for the opposing defense and may lead to a goal.

The midfield-centric formation will make the game more compact and let you have more mastery of the ball. Fullbacks and wingbacks will play a vital role in the game in the construction of crosses into the penalty box.

One of the cons of this formation is in the form of defense. As a fullback going forward to create chances for attackers however doing so can omit the defender’s receptivity in case of counter-attacks.


This formation is one of the most exciting formations in recent years of the FIFA series. The formation has solid four defensive players, with two midfielders from both sides, a defensive midfielder at the center, and an attacking midfielder joining the force at the top.

This formation allows the fullbacks to attack up the line offering valuable chances for the Strikers. However, the cons of this are that it will vulnerable to the situation when the players lose possession of the ball and the opposition is ready for counter-attacks.

We have outlined the best formations according to our analysis of the game however try different formations to match your style of play and the situation of the game. Enjoy playing!

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