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Best strikers in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Prolific and cheap strikers to buy

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This ultimate post is about FIFA 21 ultimate team. We will check out the best strikers in FIFA 21 ultimate team.

FIFA 21 is growing as usual and players around the world are really excited as some of the big players coming to the game.

Whether you’re playing Career Mode, Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, or Volta there is a lot of things added to FIFA 21 to make the user experience at the highest level.

EA has officially shared the player ratings and the data of the best strikers and today we will check out that.

We all know choosing the right striker and especially signing the best striker for FIFA Ultimate Team is not an easy task. We have already gone through all the stats and created this article which will help you to pick the best value strikers in FIFA 21.

There is no more satisfying feeling than signing the best striker who will suit your ultimate team and help you to score a multitude of goals and win matches.

That is why having the best striker for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team is going to be important as you seem to execute your team successfully.

So let’s check out which strikers to pick up in FIFA 21. We have compiled and created a top 10 list of the best strikers in the FIFA 21 Ultimate team.

Here are the best strikers in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team:-

FIFA 21 best strikers Ultimate Team

Cristiano Ronaldo

Image Credit- EA Sports

Cristiano Ronaldo Overall Rating – 92

Robert Lewandowski

Image Credit- EA Sports

Robert Lewandowski Overall Rating – 91

Kylian Mbappe

Image Credit- EA Sports

Kylian Mbappe Overall Rating – 90

Sergio Aguero

Image Credit- EA Sports

Sergio Aguero Overall Rating – 89

Karim Benzema

Image Credit- EA Sports

Karim Benzema Overall Rating – 89

Harry Kane

fifa 21 best strikers ultimate team
Image Credit- EA Sports

Harry Kane Overall Rating – 88

Paulo Dybala

fifa 21 best strikers ultimate team
Image Credit – EA Sports

Paulo Dybala Overall Rating – 88

Ciro Immobile

fifa 21 best strikers ultimate team
Image Credit- EA Sports

Ciro Immobile Overall Rating – 87

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang

fifa 21 best strikers ultimate team
Image Credit – EA Sports

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang Overall Rating – 87

Luis Suarez

fifa 21 best strikers ultimate team

Luis Suarez Overall Rating – 87

Now if you are thinking about which player to bet on while making the ultimate team, let me make it easy for you.

Let’s check out the top strikers and their prices on different platforms including Xbox, Playstation, and PC(Updated Stats)

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  • Cristiano Ronaldo – Price: Xbox – 649000 coins, Playstation – 894000 coins, Pc – 1298000 coins
  • Robert Lewandowski – Price: Xbox – 145000 coins, Playstation – 137000 coins, Pc – 160000 coins
  • Kylian Mbappe – Price: Xbox – 518000 coins, Playstation – 894000 coins
  • Sergio Aguero – Price: Xbox – 78000 coins, Playstation – 95000 coins, Pc – 96500 coins
  • Karim Benzema – Price: Xbox – 649000 coins, Playstation – 894000 coins
  • Harry Kane – Price: Xbox – 54000 coins, Playstation – 65000 coins
  • Paulo Dybala – Price: Xbox – 58500 coins, Playstation – 63000 coins, Pc – 76000 coins
  • Ciro Immobile – Price: Xbox – 49750 coins, Playstation – 53000 coins, Pc – 69000 coins
  • Pierre Emerick Aubameyang – Price: Xbox – 42500 coins, Playstation – 50000 coins, Pc – 59500 coins
  • Luis Suarez – Price: Xbox – 82000 coins, Playstation – 270000 coins

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Best cheap strikers FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

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Gabriel Jesus

Price: Xbox- 5000 coins, Playstation- 5500 coins

The number one on this list is Gabriel Jesus. Jesus is one of the best bargain deals for strikers. If you are building a Premier League team and tight on budget you must consider adding Jesus to the squad. He is one of the most highly-rated players with an overall rating of 88.

His dribbling and finishing are high enough to break any defensive line. I recommend going for Jesus due to its low price tag.

Lautaro Martinez

Price: Xbox- 8900 coins

Lautaro Martinez is number 2 on our list. I highly recommend going for Martinez, as in my view one of the best cheap strikers available in the FIFA 21 ultimate team. When you talk about speed, effectiveness, and finishing you have to consider Martinez at the top of the list.

He had a four-star skill and weak foot rating, which makes it equally effective when it comes to scoring with his weaker foot.

Martinez has 86 agility, 84 ball control with 93 paces, and 88 shooting. These stats are good enough to consider him the best striker in Ultimate Team on a budget.

Iago Aspas

Price: Xbox- 11750 coins, Playstation- 12750 coins, Pc- 13250 coins

Iago Aspas is phenomenal. Just go with it and it will not disappoint you. Aspas is a top striker and you must consider it while making an ultimate team that too on a budget.

Just Keep using him and the more you will appreciate it. He had a finishing of 99 and 97 dribbling. A quick footballer who can create danger while going forward.

Memphis Depay

Price: Xbox- 16500 coins, Playstation- 18250 coins, Pc- 21000 coins

Memphis Depay is just a dream striker to have in a budget-friendly situation. He is one of the most skillful and designated players in the Ultimate team.

He had a five-star rating for his weak foot which is just impossible to find in any striker in FIFA. Players who love skills and always try to humiliate defenders with the skills go for Depay at the front.

Depay has 5-star skills with 98 finishing, 97 shot power, and 99 dribblings. Depay is very effective in creating chances and passing. he is a complete package to consider as a striker in the ultimate team.

Romelu Lukaku

Price: Xbox- 17000 coins, Playstation- 21750 coins, Pc- 21000 coins

The last on our list is Lukaku. Lukaku does not need any introduction in this list. He is a powerful striker full of strength, speed, and power. There are only a few players in FIFA 21 who have a strength of 95.

For a perfect combination, play Lukaku with the pacy footballer in the attack, and the rest will be assured. He is 89 rated striker with 99 finishing and these stats could be a nightmare for any defenders in FIFA 21 Ultimate team.

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