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Warzone 2.0: Essential Tips and Tricks

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In this post, we will check out the warzone 2.0 tips and tricks.

Choose the appropriate loadout, find loot from caches, get perks, communicate with your team, etc., are some essential tips and tricks to get better at Warzone 2.

The game has been one of the most-played battle royales in the Call of Duty Series. As a tactical game, players must face tough decisions, situations, and close calls, making everything seemingly challenging. 

So, if you’re a beginner looking to enhance your skills in COD games, check out these best Warzone 2 cheats. They’re worth implementing in your gameplay. Also, utilize the tips and tricks below to make Warzone 2.0 a little easier. 

Warzone 2.0 tips and tricks

Essential Tips and Tricks to Get Better at Warzone 2

  1. Choose the Appropriate Loadout

Choosing the appropriate loadout in Warzone 2 can help improve your performance, irrespective of the map you’re playing.

For instance, Almazrah is a vast map with so many open areas. Thus, an LMG, long-range assault rifle or sniper rifle can be a great option here. 

Furthermore, Almazrah has some smaller locations with many builders you can enter for close-quarter combats. This means that you’ll need a weapon like the Fennec for close-range fights due to its rapid-fire rate. 

So, the kind of loadout you pick will determine whether your performance will have less death for your team or more kills on the enemies. 

  1. Loot from Caches

Caches are like small tubs buried around the Warzone map. Each cache holds incredible loot. But the problem is, finding them can be demanding. However, in Omasra, there are a few places where you can grab impulsive loot very quickly. 

One of the places you can find these caches is in the center of the pool in Hydroelectric. So, when dropping off the plane, landing in this pool is your best bet to getting tangible loot from the caches.

Turning off Auto deploy for your parachute will help you land directly into the pool. So keep it in mind. You don’t want to drop and land somewhere else.

The buy station is close to the pool. You must be careful as there are some people in that area. But, since you have your plates and a weapon, you can always beat anyone that comes your way. 

Another place to find caches is the outskirts of the airport. The six caches there will surely provide you with many things. This is one of the tricks to get you huge cash, weapons, killstreaks, plate carriers, and lots more. 

  1. Get Perks to boost your performance.

Perks are unique abilities you can equip in Warzone to make things easier and get more wins. It provides you with a massive opportunity to win rounds and battles in Warzone 2.

There’s a vast assortment to select from, each with unique benefits. Some tend to improve your agility or speed. Others may help you identify exactly where your enemies are attacking to take them out. 

Also, some perks reduce the damage you get from explosives, while some can cause massive damage to enemy players. You can experiment with a few extras and find the best that suits your Warzone 2 gameplay. 

In some cases where it takes a while to swap your weapon, one of the perks you can activate is the Fast Hands. It quickens your weapon swap time, giving you more time to take down approaching enemies. 

Other perks you can get in Warzone 2.0 include Overkill, Battle Hardened, Double Time, Scavenger, Bomb Squad, Strong Arm, Tracker, etc. These perks will boost your performance.

  1. Keep in Touch with your Teammates

One of the best tips to get better in Warzone 2 or any other Call of Duty series is communication. You will get new ideas to get things done faster in the game from one teammate to the other. 

By using the in-game chat or microphone, you and your team can share knowledge on how to make a tactical move, select the best weapon, when to launch an attack, etc. Also, if you get a trail on the enemy’s location, you can always share it with your teammates. 

Working together is your best bet to making the most of your Warzone 2 gameplay. 

  1. Work with the Minimap

The minimap in Warzone 2 provides a satellite view across the map you’re playing. By following the colorings on the minimap, you can know where loot is, the enemy player’s location, and possible routes around the map. 

In cases where you want to flank an enemy, the minimap is handy as it allows you to see possible shortcuts to the enemy’s position. 


Choosing the right loadout, looting from caches, communicating with teammates, and working with the minimap are essential tips to help you get better at Warzone 2.

Furthermore, get as many perks as possible to improve your performance in the game. You want to get better, so this is your chance.

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