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Top 10 Greatest Snooker Players Of All Time

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In this post, we will check out the top 10 greatest snooker players of all time.

Snooker, a game of precision, strategy, and unparalleled skill, has seen many greats grace its green baize. From the silent whispers of the audience to the clinking of balls, legends are made and remembered.

In this post, we dive into the pantheon of snooker greats, exploring the careers, achievements, and unique styles of the top 10 greatest snooker players of all time.

Whether you’re a seasoned follower of the sport or new to the world of snooker, join us as we pay homage to the masters who have defined and redefined what it means to be a champion in the world of snooker.

Top 10 Greatest Snooker Players Of All Time

10 Dennis Taylor

top 10 greatest snooker players of all time
Image Credit- Eurosport

Dennis Taylor stands as an unforgettable icon in the annals of snooker history, immortalized by his breathtaking victory at the 1985 World Snooker Championship.

In a finale that held millions spellbound, Taylor’s triumph over Steve Davis wasn’t just a win; it was a moment that transcended the sport.

Known for his trademark oversized glasses and a charisma that captivated audiences, Taylor brought an unparalleled zest to snooker.

His career, flourishing from the 1970s through to 2000, was marked by a series of illustrious victories, including clinching the Grand Prix in 1984 and mastering the Masters in 1987.

Although he never secured the world number one spot, Taylor’s enduring spirit and the affection he garnered from fans etched his name indelibly into the heart of the snooker world.

9 Joe Davis

top 10 greatest snooker players of all time
Image Credit- Eurosport

Joe Davis is an unrivaled titan in the realm of snooker, whose legacy as a pioneering figure and the sport’s first supreme champion is unparalleled.

Emerging from Whitewell, Derbyshire, England, on April 15, 1901, Davis embarked on his storied journey in snooker at the tender age of eleven, swiftly ascending to the ranks of the sport’s elite and securing his status among the all-time greats.

His instrumental role in founding the World Snooker Championship in 1927, and his subsequent victory in its inaugural event, marked the beginning of a fifteen-year reign of unmatched dominance, culminating in a trove of records that remain unbroken to this day, including the most consecutive titles and the longest winning streak in World Championship history.

Davis wasn’t just a player; he was a visionary whose innovative strategies and techniques—like prioritizing breaks around the black spot and masterful red ball splits—have become fundamental to the game’s modern strategy.

Beyond his snooker prowess, Davis also dominated the world of billiards, securing four World Billiards Championships, and further cemented his legacy through contributions to coaching and literature on snooker strategy.

Even after his retirement from World Championship play in 1946, Davis continued to leave his mark, capturing three more News of the World Championship titles before retiring in 1964.

His enduring legacy and influence on snooker’s tactical evolution solidify his position not just as a participant in the sport’s history, but as its architect, shaping the game into what it is today.

Joe Davis isn’t merely a figure in the history of snooker; he is the bedrock upon which the sport was built and continues to thrive.

8 Ray Reardon

top 10 greatest snooker players of all time
Image Credit- Eurosport

Ray Reardon, the Welsh wizard of the snooker world, stands immortalized as a titan of the sport, captivating audiences with his mastery throughout the 1970s.

With a birthdate marking 1932, Reardon’s legacy was built on a foundation of unparalleled skill, clinching the World Championships title six times from 1970 to 1978.

His prowess wasn’t just in his victories but in the style with which he dominated the green baize—his tactical genius and unshakeable calm under the most intense pressures were his hallmarks.

Beyond the World Championships, Reardon’s trophy cabinet boasts three UK Championships and six Masters titles, a testament to his extraordinary cue ball control and the effortless grace with which he executed the most challenging shots.

Though he hung up his professional cue in 1991, Ray Reardon’s influence reverberates through the snooker halls, inspiring generations to chase the greatness that he embodied.

7 Mark Selby

Image Credit- Ingenio Virtual

Mark Selby, known as “The Jester from Leicester,” stands as a titan in the snooker world. Born in 1983, his journey from a budding talent to a snooker legend is a testament to his skill, determination, and strategic prowess.

His career is studded with remarkable achievements, including being a four-time World Snooker Champion, a three-time Masters Champion, and a two-time UK Championship winner.

These accomplishments have rightfully placed him eighth on the all-time list of tournament winners. Beyond these titles, Selby’s knack for making the cue ball dance to his tune is evidenced by his staggering 600+ centuries and three maximum breaks, an achievement that includes scoring a maximum break in a World Championship final—a first in the history of snooker in 2023.

While he may not hold as many World Championship titles as some, his exceptional consistency and mastery over the snooker table affirm his legacy as one of the all-time greats.

Still competing with the best in 2023, Selby’s unwavering spirit and unparalleled skill continue to captivate and inspire.

6 Jimmy White

Image Credit- Daily Mail

Jimmy White, affectionately nicknamed “The Whirlwind” for his exhilarating style of play, is an iconic figure in snooker whose legacy transcends the boundaries of championship titles.

While the elusive World Championship may have skirted his grasp, White’s remarkable journey through six World Championship finals has etched his name into the annals of snooker history as one of its most formidable and beloved competitors.

His flair, coupled with an impressive array of accolades, not only showcases his extraordinary talent but also his enduring influence and contribution to the sport.

Jimmy White’s indelible mark on the sport, characterized by both his dynamic prowess and deep reverence for its history, cements his status as a true legend in the snooker world.

5 John Higgins

Image Credit- Daily Record

John Higgins, the celebrated maestro of the snooker world, is not just a player but a legend woven into the very fabric of the sport.

Emerging from the heart of Scotland, Higgins embarked on his professional journey at a mere 16, showcasing a prodigious talent that would soon dominate the global stage.

With a trophy cabinet boasting four World Championship titles, three UK Championships, and two Masters victories, Higgins’s career is a testament to his unparalleled skill and tenacity.

Known affectionately as “The Wizard of Wishaw,” his game is a blend of art and precision, making him a formidable opponent across all aspects of snooker.

His adaptability and strategic genius have not only won him matches but have led him to break records, notably becoming the oldest UK champion in history in 2023.

Despite the ever-evolving competition, Higgins’s consistent presence in the top ranks from 1996 to 2012 underscores a legacy of excellence and resilience.

His instinctive play, combined with a flawless technique, has not only earned him respect and admiration worldwide but has solidified his position as a towering figure in the annals of snooker history.

4 Alex Higgins

Image Credit- Eurosport

Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins stands as a towering figure in the world of snooker, captivating audiences with his unrivaled skill and magnetic charisma.

His groundbreaking achievements, including two World Championships, a UK Championship, and two Masters titles, not only earned him the prestigious Triple Crown but also played a pivotal role in elevating snooker’s global appeal during the 1980s.

Higgins was more than just a brilliant player; his flamboyant personality and spirited lifestyle off the table endeared him to fans worldwide, making his contributions to the sport unforgettable.

Though we lost Higgins in 2010 at the age of 61, his legacy as one of snooker’s most extraordinary talents remains indelible, forever etching his name in the annals of snooker history.

3 Steve Davis

Image Credit- Wikimedia Commons

Steve Davis’s name shines brightly, marking an era of unparalleled dominance in the 1980s.

Hailing from Plumstead, London, Davis wasn’t just a player; he was a phenomenon that redefined the sport. With six World Championships and a presence in eight finals, his journey from a young enthusiast to a global icon is nothing short of inspirational.

His impact transcends mere titles, influencing the game in ways that are felt to this day.

This is echoed by Jimmy White, himself a snooker luminary, who places Davis among the top echelons of the sport. White’s admiration for Davis isn’t just for his trophy cabinet but for the sheer brilliance of his play, his mental fortitude, and his ability to thrive under the brightest of spotlights.

Despite the fierce competition, Davis’s era-defining presence, marked by a seven-year reign as the world’s number one and a collection of prestigious titles, cements his legacy as one of the all-time greats in snooker history.

2 Stephen Hendry

Image Credit- Insidethegames

Stephen Hendry’s illustrious career in the realm of snooker firmly places him among the pantheon of the sport’s greatest legends.

Ascending to the pinnacle of success as the youngest World Champion at the tender age of 21 in 1990, Hendry’s dominance was unparalleled, maintaining the number one spot in the world rankings for an impressive eight consecutive seasons.

Throughout his 27 years of competing, he amassed an enviable collection of titles, including seven World Championships, six Masters, and five UK Championships.

Despite the debate surrounding the greatest snooker player of all time, with Ronnie O’Sullivan’s remarkable achievements making a compelling case for him, Hendry’s legacy is indisputable.

Hendry’s groundbreaking achievements at such a young age and his sustained excellence over nearly three decades mark him as a true icon of the sport.

1 Ronnie O’Sullivan

Image Credit- Guinness World Records

Ronnie O’Sullivan, often hailed as the sport’s luminary, transcends the boundaries of snooker greatness, firmly securing his place among the top 10 legends of all time.

Known affectionately as “The Rocket” for his unparalleled speed and agility on the table, O’Sullivan’s natural prowess has captivated audiences and connoisseurs alike.

With an impressive tally of seven World Championships, six Masters titles, and five UK Championships, his trophy cabinet is a testament to a career defined by sheer dominance and skill.

Not just content with victories, O’Sullivan has shattered records, being the youngest to clinch the Masters, achieving the highest number of competitive maximum breaks (13), and executing the fastest ever 147 break, all of which underscore his exceptional talent and contribution to the sport.

His influence extends beyond the baize; as a modern icon, O’Sullivan has redefined snooker’s appeal, blending unparalleled skill with a charismatic, albeit unorthodox, persona that has endeared him to fans worldwide.

Acknowledged with entry into the Snooker Hall of Fame and honored with an OBE by King Charles for his contributions, his legacy is immortalized, setting a benchmark for excellence and innovation in snooker that will inspire generations.

O’Sullivan isn’t just a player; he’s the embodiment of snooker’s greatest aspirations, widely revered as the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) by aficionados and peers alike. Ronnie O’Sullivan tops the list of top 10 greatest snooker players of all time.

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