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NBA season is still uncertain due to Coronavirus says Silver

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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said that there is uncertainty to make any decision on ongoing NBA season due to Coronavirus outbreak.

Total Coronavirus cases encountered all over the world is 2,307,755 out of which 158,859 people died and 590,392 people recovered from this virus.

In United States there are 600,000 confirmed Coronavirus cases out of 28,300 people lost their life.

The NBA has been suspended since march 11 due to coronavirus outbreak and there is uncertainty for the ongoing season to be completed or not.

It is likely to be seen that NBA will resume or not as United States failed to stop the Coronavirus outbreak,however NBA remains committed to resume the play amid Covid-19 pandemic.

Adam Silver told the reporters there is no certain time or particular time-table to resume the season because of the situation going on around us.

Adam silver held a video conference call on Friday with the NBA’s 30 owners, a session that yielded more questions than answers.

He further added”According to reports that we gathered from varied outside officials, current public health officials … we are not in a position to make any decisions due to the fact that is happening around us,and it’s not clear when we will be going to resume the season.”

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Silver added: “There is a lot of data that all has to be melded together to help make these decisions. That is part of the uncertainty,we don’t have any clear view. We are not at a certain point where we can say if particular requirement has been met,then there is a clear path.

“I think there is still too much uncertainty at this point to say precisely how we move forward in a current situation.”

“I’ll add that the underlying principle remains the health and well-being of NBA players and everyone involved,that is more important than anything else.”

Silver said”We are looking at all those things right now. I’d say that in terms of bubble-like concepts, many of them advised to us and we’ve only listened.

“We are not seriously taking that concepts in consideration yet in that type of environment because I can’t answer what precisely would we need to see in order to feel that environment provided the needed health and safety for our players and everyone involved.

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“I know it’s frustrating for me and everyone involved to counter the question and provide a particular answer … There is still enormous uncertainty around the virus as well,we don’t know how situation will change.Now there is a lot that is changing quickly and we may be in a very different position some number of weeks from now.

“But it is why I initially released the statement at the beginning of April that I felt with confidence we would not be able to make any decisions in the month of April. I should clarify that I didn’t mean to suggest that on May 1 I would be in a position.”

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