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Ligue 1 to be suspended until mid june

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Premiere Ligue president Bernard Caiazzo said that Ligue 1 will be suspended until mid june.

Due to covid-19 outbreak,the season was suspended since march 13.

Bernard Caiazzo,who is a president of union representing ligue 1,is desperate to start and resume the season,but said it was not possible to start and resume the season for another three months due to covid-19 pandemic and its affect on world health crisis.

Bernard Caiazzo told FRANCE Bleu “It is necessary to finish the championship at all costs, even if it means ending it in July-August and resuming in stride,”

“Currently, all the clubs are losing around €250 million a month and we cannot play until the curve is reversed. That is to say in July-August, at best on June 15.”

He further added”I am very, very, very worried about all the clubs. Without state aid, within six months half of the pro clubs will file for bankruptcy,” he said.

“The five major European championships have already lost €4 billion, the French championship between €500-600m.”

Currently paris saint germain is top of the Ligue 1 table with 68 points,with 12 points clear than olympique de marseille,who is on 56 points in ligue 1 table.

France have been affected a lot due to covid-19 pandemic.Reports claims 16018 cases with 674 deaths till now.

Major European and domestic competitions also affected by the coronavirus outbreak.Uefa champions league has been postponed,Uefa Euro has been postponed from 2020 to 2021.Domestic leagues including premier league,La Liga,Bundesliga,Serie A,Ligue 1 all have been postponed until this outbreak(coronavirus) stops or slows down.

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