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eFootball 2023 Best Players By Position

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In this post, we will talk about the eFootball 2023(23) best players by position.

Welcome to the world of virtual soccer excellence! As eFootball 2023 takes the gaming world by storm, fans and enthusiasts alike are eager to discover the standout players in each position.

In this exclusive report, we delve into the top performers who are dominating the digital pitch. From agile goalkeepers to prolific strikers, we’ve scoured the virtual turf to bring you a comprehensive guide to the best players in eFootball 2023, ensuring you’re well-equipped to build your ultimate dream team.

So, lace up your virtual cleats and get ready to explore the exceptional talents that are redefining the beautiful game in the digital realm.

eFootball 2023(23) Best Players By Position

eFootball 2023 Best Centre Forward: Robert Lewandowski (Rating 100)

Image Credit- PES Master

Robert Lewandowski reigns supreme as the top center forward in eFootball 2023, boasting an enviable rating of 100.

In the digital world of soccer, he’s closely pursued by legends Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappé.

This 33-year-old Polish maestro plies his trade as a Center Forward (CF) for FC Bayern München in the German 1. Bundesliga, showcasing his real-world football pedigree in the virtual arena.

Lewandowski’s virtual repertoire is equally awe-inspiring, with skills like Acrobatic Finishing, Chip Shot Control, and Penalty Specialist in his arsenal.

Additionally, eFootball 2023 Mobile presents packs that allow enthusiasts to obtain this formidable 100-rated Lewandowski, ensuring that virtual soccer glory is within reach for all.

eFootball 2023 Best Second Striker: Phil Foden (Rating 97)

Image Credit – PESMASTER

Meet Phil Foden, the 21-year-old English sensation setting eFootball 2023 ablaze as a Left Wing Forward (LWF) for Manchester City in the English Premier League.

Remarkably, diligent gamers can elevate Foden’s rating to an impressive 97, according to reliable sources.

Foden’s digital prowess is underlined by his remarkable skill set, featuring the likes of Cut Behind Turn, Double Touch, and Through Passing.

In eFootball 2023, he’s not just another player; he’s hailed as the premier second striker with that coveted rating of 97.

His versatility shines through as he seamlessly transitions between left-wing forward, attacking midfielder, and second-striker roles, making him an invaluable asset for any virtual squad.

Whether it’s in the real world or the digital realm, Foden’s skills and abilities have made him a popular choice for gamers looking to assemble a formidable team.

In sum, Phil Foden is a rising star whose talents transcend the boundaries of both soccer realities, and his eFootball 2023 rating of 97 firmly cements his status as the game’s finest second striker.

Best Right Wing Forward: Mohamed Salah (Rating 100)

Image Credit – PESMASTER

In the digital realm of eFootball 2023, Mohamed Salah reigns supreme as the ultimate right-wing forward, boasting a perfect rating of 100.

A familiar face on the real-world stage, Salah is a Liverpool star celebrated for his blistering speed, impeccable movement, clinical finishing, and mesmerizing dribbling skills.

His ability to blend pace and flair to outmaneuver opponents and create goal-scoring opportunities is nothing short of legendary, making him a sought-after asset for gamers.

In eFootball 2023, Salah is not just a standout player; he’s an overpowered goal-poacher with an unbeatable rating.

Whether it’s the actual pitch or the virtual one, Mohamed Salah is undeniably one of the world’s finest, and in eFootball 2023, his perfect rating of 100 solidifies his reign as the preeminent right-wing forward in the game.

Best Left Wing Forward: Neymar Jr (Rating 98)

Image Credit – PESMASTER

Neymar Jr. takes the coveted title of the best Left Wing Forward, flaunting an impressive rating of 98.

Known for his graceful playing style and masterful playmaking abilities, the Brazilian sensation has earned his place as a household name in the beautiful game.

According to insights from a Bleacher Report article, Neymar’s strengths and weaknesses point to the left forward position as his ideal role.

While he may lack defensive prowess and physicality in aerial duels, his dribbling wizardry and knack for evading defenders make him a formidable offensive threat.

In eFootball 2023, Neymar Jr.’s stellar 98 rating and skill set make him the prime choice for the Left Wing Forward position, solidifying his status as a virtual soccer virtuoso.

Best Attacking Midfielder: Kevin De Bruyne (Rating 99)

Image Credit- PES Master

Kevin De Bruyne reigns supreme as the premier attacking midfielder, boasting an impressive rating of 99.

Hailing from Belgium, De Bruyne is a brilliant midfielder renowned for his exceptional skills, including the elusive Cut Behind Turn and pinpoint Long Ball Expertise.

He faces competition from Bruno Fernandes and Bernardo Silva, but De Bruyne’s prowess is undeniable.

Best Central Midfielder: Nicola Barella (Rating 96)

Image Credit – PES Master

Nicolò Barella, the Italian midfield maestro plying his trade for Serie A giants Inter Milan and the Italian national team, has become a standout figure in the world of digital soccer.

Revered by European sports media for his intelligence, promising skills, and composed playing style.

On the virtual pitch of eFootball 2023, Barella shines brightly with a formidable rating of 96, establishing himself as the game’s premier central midfielder.

Best Right Midfielder: Bukayo Saka (Rating 95)

Image Credit- PES Master

Bukayo Saka emerges as a standout figure in the digital soccer realm of eFootball 2023, holding a commendable rating of 82, with the potential for a maximum overall rating of 95.

His notable skills include gamesmanship and the elusive heel trick, making him a dynamic presence on the virtual pitch.

.In the grand tapestry of eFootball 2023, Bukayo Saka shines as a highly-rated player with a diverse skill set that positions him as a prized asset for any virtual squad.

With the right blend of training and strategy, Saka holds the potential to evolve into a top-tier performer with a lofty overall rating, adding an element of excitement and unpredictability to the ever-evolving digital soccer landscape.

eFootball 2023 Best Left Midfielder: Mikel Oyarzabal (Rating 96)

Image Credit- PES Master

In the digital soccer universe of eFootball 2023, Mikel Oyarzabal commands attention as one of the premier left midfielders, boasting a highly respectable rating of 96.

Oyarzabal’s virtual prowess extends beyond the pitch, as he’s renowned for his captaincy and the deft cut behind turn skill, which adds a layer of finesse to his gameplay.

His real-world football excellence also shines through, solidifying his status as a top player in the highly competitive La Liga.

As per efhub, Oyarzabal’s attributes are well-rounded, underlining his unwavering form and ensuring that he remains a coveted choice for eFootball 2023 enthusiasts seeking a versatile left midfielder.

Best Defensive Midfielder: Joshua Kimmich (Rating 98)

eFootball 2022 best players in each position
Image Credit- PES Master

Joshua Kimmich emerges as the undisputed kingpin of defensive midfielders, boasting an impressive rating of 98 according to the game’s official ratings.

His virtual persona is distinguished by notable skills like the Acrobatic Clear and Captaincy, which add an extra layer of finesse to his defensive prowess.

In the world of digital soccer, defensive midfielders play a pivotal role in bolstering their team’s defense, and Kimmich exemplifies this role with excellence.

eFootball 2023 Best Right Back: T Arnold (Rating 97)

eFootball 2022 best players in each position
Image Credit – PES Master

Trent Alexander-Arnold takes center stage as the highest-rated right back, boasting an impressive rating of 97, a distinction recognized by eFootballRatings.

Renowned globally, he’s hailed as one of the finest right-backs in the real-world sport. As a defensive playmaker for Liverpool, Alexander-Arnold has been instrumental in his team’s success in recent years, solidifying his reputation as a key player.

In sum, Trent Alexander-Arnold stands tall as a highly-rated right back in eFootball 2023, and his exceptional skills and abilities make him an invaluable asset for gamers looking to assemble a formidable squad in the digital realm of soccer.

eFootball 2023 Best Left Back: Joao Cancelo (Rating 97)

efootball 2023 best players in each position
Image Credit- PES Master

Joao Cancelo earns the distinction of being the best left back, boasting a formidable rating of 97, a testament to his sought-after status in the game.

Renowned for his remarkable finishing skills, Cancelo adds a layer of offensive prowess to his role.

Notable skills such as the Double Touch and Flip Flap underscore his versatility on the virtual pitch.


eFootball 2023 Best Center-back: Virgil Van Dijk (Rating 97)

efootball 2023 best players in each position
Image Credit- PES Master

Virgil Van Dijk stands tall as the premier center-back, boasting an imposing rating of 97 that cements his status as the best in the business.

He’s trailed by the likes of Sergio Ramos in second place and Marquinhos in third, making his virtual dominance unquestionable.

Van Dijk, hailing from the Netherlands, showcases not just his virtual prowess but also his real-world credentials as a center-back for Liverpool and the Netherlands national team.

Known for his commanding physicality, aerial prowess, and exceptional leadership skills, he’s a force to be reckoned with on the digital pitch.

eFootball 2023 Best Goalkeeper: Alisson (Rating 98)

efootball 2023 best players in each position
Image Credit- PES Master

Alisson Becker stands tall as one of the premier goalkeepers, boasting an impressive rating of 98.

Alisson’s card in the game can reach up to level 98, adorned with standout attributes such as 85+ GK Awareness, Parrying, and Reach, along with 80+ GK Diving and Reflexes, ensuring that he remains a formidable presence between the virtual goalposts.

In the dynamic world of soccer, Alisson has etched his name in the annals of history, leaving an indelible mark as the guardian of the goal.

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