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eFootball 2023 Best Defenders – the best CB, LB, and RB

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Defenders are the root element of any football game. In this post, we will check out eFootball 2023(23) best defenders.

In the ever-evolving world of virtual soccer, defensive prowess remains a cornerstone of success. As eFootball 2023 takes the gaming community by storm, identifying the best defenders is paramount for players seeking to build impenetrable squads.

Today, we unveil the standout central defender (CB), left-back (LB), and right-back (RB) who are set to dominate the digital pitch, providing a solid foundation for any team’s aspirations.

So, grab your controllers and join us as we dive into the virtual trenches, where these defenders excel in keeping the opposition at bay.

eFootball 2023(23) Best Defenders – the best CB, LB, and RB

Best Center-backs for eFootball 2023

efootball 2022 best defenders

eFootball 2023, the beloved football simulation game, has captured the hearts of players worldwide as they strive to assemble formidable teams for competitive play.

Within the game’s dynamic framework, the center-back position emerges as a linchpin, responsible for guarding the goal and thwarting opponents’ scoring attempts.

Drawing from various sources, a roster of elite center-backs has surfaced as the go-to choices for gamers seeking defensive excellence.

At the forefront of this digital defensive hierarchy is Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk, commanding the highest eFootball 2023 rating among center-backs, making him a preferred pick for countless players.

Joining him in the upper echelons is Paris Saint-Germain’s Sergio Ramos, another top-rated center-back boasting formidable in-game credentials. The Parisian defense further showcases Marquinhos, a fellow PSG defender, who enjoys widespread popularity in the virtual arena.

Not to be overlooked is Napoli’s Kalidou Koulibaly, celebrated for his physical prowess and defensive acumen, a valuable asset for any squad. The Manchester City contingent is well-represented, with Ruben Dias and Aymeric Laporte, both revered for their defensive prowess.

Rounding out the lineup of top-tier center-backs are Manchester United’s Raphael Varane, and Juventus’s De Ligt, all holding high eFootball 2023 ratings and showcasing their defensive mastery.

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However, it’s essential to remember that the best center-back for any eFootball 2023 team can vary, contingent upon a player’s unique style of play and formation preferences. As such, strategic selection based on a team’s specific needs remains a key consideration for gamers navigating the virtual pitch.

We have ranked the player below. We have expanded this list to the top 7.

eFootball 23 best Centre Backs (CB)

1Virgil Van DijkLiverpool90
2Sergio RamosPSG89
4M De LigtJuventus87
5Ruben DiasManchester City87
6Raphael VaraneManchester United87
7k KoulibalyNapoli87

Best Left-Backs for eFootball 2023

When it comes to finding the cream of the crop among left-backs in eFootball 2023, an array of resources can guide your selection process.

According to eFootball Ratings, Lucas Hernandez, representing FC Bayern München, reigns supreme as the top-rated left-back in the game.

Close on his heels is Andrew Robertson, securing the second-highest rating for left-backs in eFootball 2023, as per the same source.

Jordi Alba of FC Barcelona rounds out the top three, cementing his status as one of the elite left-backs in the virtual soccer universe.

Additional left-back talents to keep an eye on include Atalanta’s Robin Gosens and the ever-reliable Alphonso Davies. Given that rankings may vary slightly across different sources, prudent gamers are advised to consult multiple references to form a comprehensive perspective on the standout left-backs available in the game.

eFootball 23 best Left Backs

1Lucas HernandezBayern Munich85
2Andrew RobertsonLiverpool85
3Jordi AlbaBarcelona85
4Robin GosensAtalanta84
5Raphael GuerreiroFree84
6Luke ShawManchester United84
7Alphonso DaviesBayern Munich84

Best Right-Backs for eFootball 2023

efootball 2022 best defenders

In the dynamic world of eFootball 2023, the right-back position is essential, and several standout players have emerged to dominate the virtual pitch.

Trent Alexander-Arnold takes center stage with the highest eFootball 2023 rating among right-backs, renowned for his attacking prowess and pinpoint crosses that create scoring opportunities.

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Following closely is João Cancelo, the second-highest-rated right-back, showcasing versatility as he excels in multiple positions, including left-back and defensive midfield.

Dani Carvajal claims the third spot in the rankings, celebrated for his defensive acumen and tactical awareness, a player who anticipates the game with precision.

Achraf Hakimi, rated at 84 in eFootball 2023, presents a dynamic option, combining speed and skill while effortlessly switching between right-back and right-winger roles. Kyle Walker, also rated at 84, offers a solid defensive presence, renowned for his lightning pace and physicality.

Kieran Trippier, rated at 83, stands out with technical finesse and a knack for delivering precision crosses.

eFootball 23 best Right Backs

1Trent Alexander-ArnoldLiverpool86
2Joao CanceloManchester City86
3Dani CarvajalReal Madrid85
4Achraf HakimiPSG84
5Kyle WalkerManchester City84
6Kieran TrippierAtletico Madrid84
7Keylor NavasSevilla84

Things to consider for picking the best Defenders in eFootball 2023:-

In the world of eFootball 2023, assembling a robust defensive lineup is a strategic art, demanding careful consideration of various crucial factors.

Interception skills take center stage, defining a defender’s ability to read the game and predict passes, a pivotal attribute for intercepting the ball and disrupting opposing plays.

Man-marking prowess follows closely, enabling defenders to shadow opposing players closely, thwarting their attempts to receive passes or make incisive runs.

Aerial superiority becomes paramount, measuring a player’s capacity to dominate in the air and emerge triumphant in header duels.

This skill not only clears crosses and long balls but also elevates defenders into potential threats during set-piece situations. Heading proficiency adds another layer to a defender’s toolkit, influencing both defensive clearances and offensive contributions during set plays.

The art of acrobatic clearance emerges as a game-changer, showcasing a defender’s knack for making challenging clearances in precarious situations, from awkward bounces to off-balance scenarios.

Blocker skills play a pivotal role in denying opposing shots and crosses, a crucial line of defense in eFootball 2023. Meanwhile, speed and acceleration, though less pivotal than defensive skills, still hold significance, enabling defenders to recover swiftly when caught out of position.

When crafting your defensive roster, meticulous consideration of these attributes is paramount. Tailor your choices to align with your unique play style, ensuring that your chosen defenders excel in areas that complement your tactical approach.

Additionally, harmonizing the strengths and weaknesses of different defenders as a cohesive unit is integral, promoting a formidable defense that can withstand the challenges of the digital pitch.

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