Ben Simmons Gives Sixers New Life With Position Switch

ben simmons position-ben simmons in blue philadelphia 76ers jersey


Ben Simmons is a star player for his team. Simmons carries himself as a forward with great potential for the team. A phenomenal ballhandler and a killer passer, Sixers coach Brett Brown set up Simmons as his starting point guard but with the NBA season going to resume we can see Simmons in a new Avatar as a power forward for his team.

Simmons said “I haven’t really been looking at the position, “When I’m put in different situations, I’m able to succeed. These past two, I’ve been doing well. I can always do better. There’s a lot I need to work on. Overall, I’m getting that flow back and I’m feeling really good.”

NBA is very close to returning, the Sixers were not in great mode and struggling before the pandemic. Ben Simmons had been suffering from a back injury since late February, threatening to end his season.

The Pandemic gave Simmons a chance to heal and make himself available for the team once the NBA resumes. We will see Ben Simmons in a new position when the NBA will return. Brown revealed earlier this month that Simmons would change his position to power forward, making room for Shake Milton—who was been excellent in Simmons’s absence.

Ben Simmons has been optimistic about his early return. Simmons came out with nine assists for Philadelphia’s exhibition game against Memphis. Simmons shows his sizzling performance with two three-pointers against the Grizzlies.

Brown says Simmons has been working hard for a three-point shooter in practice, before Philadelphia’s match against Oklahoma City, Simmons has been warming up and spent a substantial amount of time taking three’s from the corners.

No doubt the Simmon’s performance shows he is still Philadelphia’s best player by a great margin. Simmons against the thunder finished with one assist and triple-double. He attacked Darius Bazely when Oklahoma City went against him. He acted as a playmaker in transition.

It shows that the Sixers are going to be more dangerous now than they were back in March before the Pandemic. Milton has connected well playing alongside Simmons. Horford isn’t thrilled about moving to the bench, but Philadelphia planned to squad Horford with Joel Embiid in most games.

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