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Philadelphia 76ers’ injured star Ben Simmons ready to return

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Philadelphia 76ers:-

Philadelphia 76ers star player Ben Simmons ready to play once Nba resumes amid Coronavirus Pandemic. Ben Simmons Has been suffering from his lower back before 2019-20 campaign.

Simmons missed eight games due to Nerve Impingement in his lower back.

The point guard was at that time set to be re-examined in three weeks and thus the accessibility of the player for the late-season playoff is in doubt.

According to Sixers general manager Elton Brand, Simmons will be completely fit and ready to play the game once Nba resumes.

Elton Brand said on a conference call on Tuesday.”I’m very confident and hopeful he’ll be able to play the game, if and when, we’re given that green light to resume,”

The NBA leader in steals with 115, Simmons has been granted to rehab at the 76ers’ practice facility and Brand has been inspired and encouraged by his progress and he hopes he will be fit and ready to play.

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The next step is for Simmons to move on to three-on-three and five-on-five work, but those will not be allowed until social distancing restrictions are lifted due to coronavirus pandemic.

Brand said”I give Ben and our medical staff a lot of praise and acknowledgment of their hard work and dedication throughout his recovery,” 

“I give Ben so much credit for him working so hard throughout this unknown time. Fortunately, we’re able to arrange everything that we could for him to continue to get the best treatment and rehab he needs during this hiatus. 

”When I FaceTime him during his workouts and his treatments and I see him, I’d be highly encouraged.”

A two-time all-star and Philadelphia 76ers star player Simmons has been phenomenal throughout the 2019-20season.

Simmons played 54 games in 2019-20 season averaging 16.7 points,7.8 total rebounds, and 8.2 assists.

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Simmons has shown significant performance throughout the season and he is very influential to Philadelphia’s success, with Simmons 76ers are 33-21 and without his 6-5, this shows the impact of a player in a team.

The Sixers were tied with the Indiana Pacers for fifth place in the Eastern Conference when the season was halted by the global coronavirus pandemic, and Simmons’ return would be very instrumental to a playoff run. 

‘Brand further added”We’ve taken our time, we’ve been well planned and positive about his recovery and rehab, just to make sure, because we weren’t in a rush,”

”It’s hard to speculate. He’s been working hard and I know he’d be close or ready.” 

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