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10 Best Cache Plugins For WordPress 2023

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In this post, we will check out the top 10 Best Cache Plugins For WordPress in 2023.

If you’re running a WordPress website, one of the key factors that can impact your site’s speed and performance is the caching mechanism.

Caching plugins can significantly improve the speed and overall performance of your website by storing frequently accessed data in a cache, so it doesn’t have to be fetched from the server every time a user visits your site.

There are many caching plugins available for WordPress, each with its own set of features and benefits. In this article, we’ll take a look at the 10 best cache plugins for WordPress in 2023, based on their popularity, effectiveness, and ease of use.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, you’re sure to find a caching plugin that suits your needs and helps you optimize your site for faster loading times and a better user experience.

What is Caching?

Caching is a technique used in computer science to improve the performance and efficiency of software applications. At its core, caching involves storing frequently accessed data in a location that is more quickly accessible than the original source.

By doing so, the application can retrieve the data more quickly, reducing the time and resources required to perform the operation. Caching is used in a wide range of applications, from web browsing to database management, and it can significantly improve the user experience and reduce system load.

In web development, caching is often used to reduce the load on web servers and improve the speed of content delivery.

Web browsers and servers both use caching to store frequently accessed files, such as images and scripts, so they can be retrieved more quickly on subsequent requests.

Caching is especially useful for sites that receive a high volume of traffic, as it can reduce the number of requests made to the server, thereby improving the site’s responsiveness and overall performance.

In database management, caching is used to improve the speed of data retrieval and processing. By caching frequently accessed data in memory, the database can avoid having to repeatedly access data from the disk, which is a much slower operation.

This can significantly improve the speed of database queries and reduce the load on the database server, making it possible to handle more requests with the same resources.

Overall, caching is a powerful tool for improving the performance and efficiency of software applications. By reducing the need to repeatedly access frequently used data, caching can significantly improve the speed and responsiveness of applications, while also reducing system load and improving scalability.

How do you set up caching in WordPress?

Caching is a feature of WordPress that can dramatically increase the speed of your website.

When you use caching, your site will load faster because it stores static HTML files from the database instead of generating them dynamically every time a visitor requests them.

Caching is one of the most popular and powerful ways to improve the performance of your website. It can also reduce bandwidth usage, which reduces costs for hosting providers and helps keep your site online longer.

There are many different types of caching plugins available for WordPress, with varying levels of features and complexity.

Some plugins only provide basic page caching while others offer advanced options such as minification, object caching, and more. Our recommended plugin for caching is WP Rocket which has done a great job when it comes to WordPress.

10 Best Cache Plugins For WordPress 2023

1 WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a premium caching plugin that offers a robust range of features.

Unlike other plugins that may require extensive customization and configuration before they can be effective, WP Rocket starts working immediately after installation and activation.

Some of the standout features of WP Rocket include cache preloading, GZIP compression, minification and combination of CSS and JS files, lazy loading of images, elimination of render-blocking JavaScript resources, removal of unused CSS, and automatic scheduling of database cleanups.

These features are designed to improve Core Web Vitals grades and make websites faster and more responsive with just a few clicks.

One of the other key benefits of WP Rocket is that it’s optimized for ecommerce sites. The plugin automatically excludes “Cart,” “Checkout,” and “My Account” pages from the cache to prevent interference with the purchasing process.

This ensures that ecommerce sites can maintain their speed and performance without sacrificing the integrity of their sales process.

Overall, WP Rocket is an excellent choice for website owners looking for an easy-to-use, yet comprehensive solution for optimizing their website’s speed and performance.

With its intuitive interface and powerful features, WP Rocket can help even novice users improve their website’s speed and performance with minimal effort. WP Rocket is number 1 in our list of 10 best cache plugins for wordpress in 2023.

2 Breeze

Breeze is a caching plugin from Cloudways, a prevalent managed web host that lets you pick your own cloud hosting provider. It is fully compatible with WordPress, WooCommerce, and Multisite applications.

Developed by Cloudways, Breeze is a simple and easy-to-use plugin that is suitable for users of all levels, and it can be used across all hosting providers.

One of the best things about Breeze is its ease of use. Setting up and configuring the plugin is straightforward, and it comes with all the basic caching features that most website owners need.

In fact, after setting up a basic configuration, our speed test showed an impressive page load time of 2.8 seconds, a total page size of 961KB, and 38 requests in total.

However, there are a few drawbacks to using Breeze. One of the main issues is the lack of premium support.

While the plugin is free to use, there is no paid version that offers premium support. Additionally, support on the support forums can be hit or miss, with some questions being misread or overlooked.

Overall, Breeze is a solid caching plugin that is suitable for most website owners. It may not have all the bells and whistles of other premium plugins like WP Rocket, but it is an excellent choice for those who want a simple, easy-to-use solution for improving their website’s speed and performance.

Some of the core features of the plugins are:-

  • Gzip compression.
  • Browser caching.
  • Code minification and combination.
  • Database optimization.

3 WP Fastest cache

WP Fastest Cache is the highest-rated cache plugin in the official WordPress directory. It has an average of 4.9 of 5 stars with 1 million active installations.

The plugin offers a great set of features that strike a balance between functionality and ease of use. With over 1 million active installs and great reviews on, WP Fastest Cache is a popular choice among website owners.

One of the standout features of WP Fastest Cache is its easy setup process. Users can simply install and activate the plugin, run through the settings, and hit save to get started.

The plugin also offers one-click options to clear cache and minified CSS, making it easy to manage website caching.

Other features of WP Fastest Cache include the ability to minify CSS and HTML, set expiration times for posts and pages or certain URL strings, and exclude posts and pages from caching. The plugin also offers CDN integration and a premium version with extra features.

Overall, WP Fastest Cache is an excellent option for website owners who want a straightforward caching plugin that offers a good range of features.

Its easy setup process and one-click options make it an accessible choice for users of all levels, while its premium version offers advanced functionality for those who need it.

4 WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is an easy caching plugin from Automatic. It automatically generates static HTML files that serve as a much faster alternative to the standard WordPress page.

One of the main selling points of WP Super Cache is its three caching modes. The “Expert” mode is the fastest but requires users to modify the .htaccess file, which may not be ideal for all users, particularly those without technical experience. However, this mode is great for developers and advanced users who want more control over the caching process.

The “Simple” mode is a more accessible option for most users. In this mode, the plugin generates static HTML files that are served to most visitors. This helps to reduce server load and improve website speed.

WP Super Cache also includes a third mode called “WP-Cache,” which serves custom cached files tailored to visitors who are logged in, viewing password-protected pages, or have left comments.

Overall, WP Super Cache is a reliable and powerful caching plugin that offers multiple modes to suit different user needs. Its popularity and support from Automattic make it a solid choice for improving website performance. WP Super Cache is number 4 in our list of 10 best cache plugins for wordpress in 2023.

5 W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is an absolute mammoth of a plugin. In terms of the sheer number of caching features and configuration options you get, W3 Total Cache is definitely in the lead out of any caching plugin.

That said, it doesn’t always make things super easy to understand. In fact, some people might be a little scared off by the sheer number of options they have to wade through.

My take on W3 Total Cache is to just get the plugin installed, enable page caching, and set up some rules for when page caching should happen (for example, using Cloudflare instead of your web host).

W3 Total Cache does everything that we’ve already looked at and a whole bunch more. For example, it lets you configure different caching settings for different types of WordPress pages.

That’s right; you can configure CSS, JavaScript, and HTML caching to be different for your archive pages, category pages, and single post/page pages.

Because it supports a multitude of caching mechanisms, W3TC has a learning curve that some people might find off-putting.

There’s just so much you can do with it that it really should be the default choice for anyone looking for a ready-to-go caching plugin.

It probably is in many cases, it’s very popular but the sheer amount of options does mean that you need to be careful.

W3 Total Cache can easily become a huge performance bottleneck for your site if you’re not careful about what you enable if you’re not careful about how you configure it.

6 Litespeed cache

LiteSpeed Cache is another five-star cache plugin in the WordPress directory. It can minify and combine your CSS and JavaScript files, lazy load images, auto-optimize images, and more.

With over 3 million users and positive reviews, it is a top-performing plugin that works seamlessly with other commonly used plugins like WooCommerce and Yoast SEO.

One of the unique features of LiteSpeed Cache is server-level caching, which is the most optimized method of caching as it requires the least amount of processing power.

Additionally, the plugin offers an easy-to-use dashboard that allows users to toggle options for cache settings, making it a great option for those who want a free solution with a lot of features but aren’t necessarily caching experts.

Overall, if you’re looking for a powerful caching plugin that’s easy to use and free, LiteSpeed Cache is definitely worth considering.

7 WP-Optimize

best wordpress cache plugins

WP-Optimize is a performance plugin that started as just a database optimization tool. However, it’s since morphed into more of a full-service optimization plugin that also implements page caching, image optimization, CSS & JS modification.

The developer has put a lot of thought into the design of this plugin, and it shows. It’s very well implemented, fast, and has all the features I think are necessary for an optimization plugin.

There are a bunch of different options available in the settings, too. The idea here is that WP-Optimize does everything under the hood, so you don’t have to worry about optimizing your database.

It’s a full-featured plugin with very little in the way of negative side effects, so we think it’s worth consideration as part of any WordPress optimization strategy.

What we like:

  • WP-Optimize has no known issues that would break any existing WordPress sites.
  • Minification, and gzip compression.

The plugin automatically runs daily with a cron job, but if you want to run it manually you’ll find the optimize button in the main menu.

WP-Optimize will check for any database tables or rows that are no longer being used. These are nice features that are useful for every site.

8 Hummingbird

best wordpress cache plugins

Hummingbird is a WordPress caching and performance plugin from the  WPMU DEV. It is considered one of the best WordPress performance plugins because it really handles 5 out of the 6 areas I outlined above: Minifying, Caching, Database Optimization, Image Optimization, and other general performance tweaks.

It offers both a free and pro version and has received a coveted 5-star review on One of its key features is its ease of use, with an intuitive UI and in-app tips to help users get started with the caching system.

Hummingbird offers a range of features, including lazy loading of offscreen images, efficient caching, GZIP compression, minification, and asset optimization.

The dashboard is straightforward to navigate, and users can scan their site to receive optimization recommendations based on the results.

Overall, Hummingbird is an excellent option for those looking for a simple yet powerful caching plugin with additional optimization features.

Its ease of use and recommendation system make it an attractive option for beginners and those looking to quickly improve their site’s speed.

9 Autoptimize

best wordpress cache plugins

Autoptimize makes optimizing your site really straightforward. It can aggregate, minify and cache scripts and styles, move and defers scripts to the footer, and minifies HTML. 

Autoptimize is also used in conjunction with many other plugins. There is a great number of other features that improve performance, but there is no point in covering them all in this article.

What I like the most about Autoptimize is its flexibility. The “Extra” options allow you to async JavaScript, remove WordPress emoji, optimize Google Fonts, and more.

10 Cache Enabler

best wordpress cache plugins

Cache Enabler is a simple, lightweight performance plugin for WordPress. It allows users to set cached files to expire after a period of time, clear the site cache if the content has changed, pre-compress cached pages with GZIP, and minify the HTML in cached pages.

It creates static HTML files and stocks them on the server’s disk. The web server will produce the static HTML file and sidesteps the resource-intensive backend processes.

If you’re going to choose Cache Enabler, I suggest pairing it with the Autoptimize plugin for code and script optimization. Cache Enabler is number 10 in our list of 10 best cache plugins for wordpress in 2023.

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