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10 Best Affiliate Platforms and Networks 2023

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In this post, we will check out the 10 best affiliate platforms and networks in 2023.

Affiliate marketing has become an essential part of online businesses as it is a cost-effective way to drive traffic, increase sales and generate revenue.

By promoting other businesses products or services, affiliates can earn commissions for every successful sale or lead they generate.

However, finding the right affiliate platform or network can be overwhelming as there are numerous options available in the market.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best affiliate platforms and networks for 2023, based on their reputation, user-friendliness, commission rates, and the number of merchants and affiliates.

These platforms provide a vast range of products and services, from digital products to physical goods, and allow affiliates to promote them through various marketing channels.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced affiliate marketer, these platforms offer something for everyone. So, let’s dive into the top 10 affiliate platforms and networks for 2023.

What is an Affiliate Network?

An affiliate network is a platform that connects advertisers or merchants with publishers or affiliates who promote their products or services.

Affiliate networks act as intermediaries between advertisers and publishers, managing the tracking, reporting, and payment of commissions for successful referrals.

Advertisers benefit from increased exposure and sales through the promotion of their products or services, while publishers earn commissions for driving traffic and sales to advertisers’ websites.

Affiliate networks offer a wide range of benefits for both advertisers and publishers. Advertisers can access a large pool of publishers and leverage their marketing expertise to drive traffic and sales to their websites.

By working with an affiliate network, advertisers can also track the performance of their campaigns and optimize them for better results.

Publishers, on the other hand, can monetize their websites or blog by promoting relevant products or services to their audience.

They can earn commissions on every sale or lead generated through their affiliate links, providing a new revenue stream for their business.

In addition to connecting advertisers and publishers, affiliate networks also provide a range of tools and resources to help both parties succeed.

These can include tracking and reporting tools to monitor performance, promotional materials such as banners and landing pages, and educational resources to help publishers improve their marketing skills.

Affiliate networks also ensure that commissions are paid accurately and on time, reducing the administrative burden for advertisers and publishers alike.

Overall, affiliate networks are a powerful tool for businesses looking to grow their online sales and for publishers seeking to monetize their online presence.

By connecting advertisers and publishers, providing valuable resources, and managing the tracking and payment of commissions, affiliate networks make it easier than ever for businesses and publishers to collaborate and succeed together in the digital marketplace.

10 Best Affiliate Platforms and Networks 2023

1 Impact Radius

Impact Radius is a leading affiliate platform that has consistently been recognized as one of the best affiliate networks.

In 2023, it has been named one of the top 10 best affiliate platforms and networks due to its innovative features, excellent user experience, and reliable tracking capabilities.

It offers a range of tools and solutions to help publishers and advertisers create successful partnerships and maximize their profits.

One of the key strengths of Impact Radius is its advanced tracking technology, which allows advertisers to accurately measure and optimize their affiliate programs.

The platform provides real-time reporting and analytics that help advertisers track the performance of their campaigns and identify opportunities for growth.

With the ability to track impressions, clicks, conversions, and revenue, Impact Radius enables advertisers to make data-driven decisions that drive results.

Impact Radius also offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for advertisers to manage their campaigns and track their performance.

Its intuitive dashboard allows advertisers to view their earnings, commissions, and metrics in one place, providing a comprehensive overview of their affiliate program’s health.

The platform also offers a range of customization options, including the ability to create personalized landing pages and promotional materials, allowing advertisers to tailor their campaigns to their audience and maximize their conversion rates.

In addition to its tracking and reporting capabilities, Impact Radius also offers a range of features designed to help publishers and advertisers succeed.

Its marketplace provides a range of products and services to promote, and its flexible commission structure allows advertisers to choose the best payout model for their needs.

2 Partnerstack

PartnerStack is an affiliate network that specializes in B2B technology partnerships. This platform offers access to some of the top-paying and reputable B2B affiliate’s marketing programs, such as Notion,, and Webflow.

B2B affiliate marketing is similar to B2C marketing, but commissions are usually higher and paid out for a more extended period, sometimes even for the lifetime of the customer you helped create.

PartnerStack provides an in-app dashboard that allows users to monitor their performance across all the programs they participate in.

The platform also has built-in partner engagement features like challenges, in-app messaging, and learning materials, which help to facilitate more connectivity and engagement between partners and program managers.

To join a partner program, users need to apply individually, but they receive payments altogether once a month via Paypal or Stripe when they reach the network’s $5 payout threshold. The network accepts only B2B SaaS and tech products and digital-first products.

PartnerStack’s average commission rate varies depending on the specific merchant you sign up with.

Commissions include cost-per-action and percentage structures, and the cookie duration can last up to 90 days, depending on the merchant you sign up with.

If you’re looking to partner with top-tier B2B companies that offer higher commission and conversion rates, PartnerStack is an excellent platform to start your search for affiliate marketing programs.

3 ShareASale

ShareASale is a popular affiliate network that provides a vast range of affiliate programs for both physical and digital products.

With over 4,500 merchants, including big brands like Reebok and Wayfair, ShareASale offers affiliates the opportunity to promote products and earn commissions on successful sales or leads.

One of the significant advantages of ShareASale is the ability to find offers in almost any niche, making it an ideal platform for bloggers and website owners in various industries.

Additionally, ShareASale has been around for many years and has established trust with lots of big brands, making it a reliable choice for affiliates.

However, the platform’s dashboard design can be a little clunky, which can make it challenging for some users to navigate.

Nonetheless, ShareASale offers a bookmarklet that makes it easy to generate custom affiliate links and provides many exclusive merchants that only work with the network.

The average commission rate and cookie duration depend on the specific merchant you sign up with, and the minimum payout is $50.

Overall, ShareASale is a great option for affiliates looking to promote a wide range of products and earn commissions.

While the dashboard design may not be the best, the platform’s range of exclusive merchants and offers make it an attractive choice for affiliate marketers.

4 CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is an affiliate network that has been in the industry for over two decades, giving it a wealth of experience.

The platform gives users access to over 3,000 merchants, making it an excellent choice for affiliate marketers looking for a wide range of products to promote.

CJ Affiliate is part of Alliance Data Systems, a Fortune 500 company, and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, making it a reliable and trustworthy platform.

One of the key features of CJ Affiliate is that it offers real-time reporting, allowing users to monitor their affiliate dashboard as activity happens.

This feature is especially helpful for those who want to stay on top of their performance without having to refresh their browser constantly.

CJ Affiliate is a great choice for those with an established audience who are looking for a feature-rich affiliate network.

However, it may not be the best option for beginners since accounts are deactivated if users don’t earn commissions for six months, and merchants are known to be selective about who they accept as affiliate publishers. Therefore, it is best suited for those who have steady traffic to their websites.

In summary, CJ Affiliate is a reliable and experienced platform that offers a wide range of merchants and features for established affiliate marketers. If you already have a modest-sized and engaged audience, CJ Affiliate is a great option to consider.

5 Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is a popular affiliate marketing program that works like an affiliate network, although it is only for one retailer – Amazon.

It offers a vast range of products that affiliates can promote on their sites, and they can earn commissions on any purchases made by people referred by them, not just the specific product advertised.

However, Amazon has strict rules and requirements that affiliates must meet to join the program, including making at least three sales in the first 180 days and having original content on their websites or other channels.

While affiliates can promote products on various channels, including mobile apps and social networks, the commission fees are relatively small, often as low as 4 or 5%.

6 Clickbank

ClickBank is an affiliate network that has been operating for over 20 years and offers more than 6 million digital products created by entrepreneurs worldwide.

One of the main differences between ClickBank is that it offers some of the highest-paying affiliate opportunities, many of which cannot be found elsewhere.

ClickBank has a flexible payment schedule and a variety of payment options, but some of the products offered by the ClickBank affiliate merchants on this network can be questionable.

Therefore, it is essential to do your research to avoid promoting subpar products to your audience.

ClickBank is best for those who want to exclusively promote digital products and have the patience to research and select high-quality products to promote.

7 Awin

10 best affiliate platforms and networks

Awin is a popular affiliate network that provides access to more than 13,000 merchants, offering both physical and digital products.

It acquired ShareASale in 2017 but still operates as a separate entity with its own set of merchants. Some of the notable merchants on Awin include Etsy, AliExpress, HP, XE (money transfer), StubHub, Under Armour, and Gymshark, among others.

Although Awin was founded in Germany, it has a global presence and offers merchants from around the world.

Affiliates must apply to individual merchants within the network, after which they can generate links and track statistics.

The commission rates and cookie duration depend on the specific merchant, and the minimum payout is $20.

8 Rakuten Marketing

10 best affiliate platforms and networks

Rakuten Marketing, previously known as LinkShare, is a well-known affiliate network that provides access to many prominent merchants such as Walmart, Best Buy, Macy’s, and Papa Johns’s, as well as some smaller merchants.

Although Rakuten Marketing’s network is not as extensive as ShareASale, CJ, or Awin, with around 1,000 merchants, it is still a good option to get access to the big brands.

The network offers some helpful features, such as the ability to rotate ads without the need for an external solution.

The commission rates and cookie duration depend on the specific merchant, and the minimum payout is $50.

9 Flexoffers

10 best affiliate platforms and networks

FlexOffers is a newer affiliate program that has quickly grown to offer over 12,000 merchants in 25+ categories across 27 countries.

While it doesn’t have the long track record of some of its competitors, it offers quick payments and a dedicated affiliate manager to help you navigate the affiliate marketing world.

FlexOffers may be a good choice for both beginners and experienced affiliates looking for a wide range of options and fast payment turnaround.

10 Refersion

10 best affiliate platforms and networks

Refersion is an affiliate and influencer marketing network that focuses on eCommerce brands. It offers ready-made integrations with popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce, as well as a custom API integration for other platforms.

After integration, you can add your existing affiliates and use the Refersion marketplace to create offers with specific requirements, including trackable links, coupon codes, email addresses, and product SKUs.

You have the flexibility to set payment details for your offers, including flat-rate or performance-based commission structures.

Refersion tracks sales through links and codes and checks that they meet your requirements before issuing payments.

Payments can be made via PayPal or integrated with Payment Rails for ACH payments, and you can also issue digital gift cards or use other payment methods. Refersion is number 10 in our list of 10 best affiliate platforms and networks.

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