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What Is Win Percentage & How To Calculate It?

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In sports, the term Win Percentage is defined as

“The number of wins a team has secured by playing a series of matches”

You may use the free win percentage calculator by to calculate the percentage ratio of winning for a team.

Win Percentage Formula

The following equation allows you to calculate the winning percentage ratio f a team in a match series

Winnning Percentage=(Number of Winnings +0.5*Numerber of Ties)/Total Number of Games


Let us resolve an example that will help you clarify your concept regarding the term under discussion!


A cricket series was introduced by a college in which two teams had to play 20 matches in total. Now calculate the winning percentage for both teams if 

  • Team A won 6 matches
  • Team B won 2 matches
  • 12 matches got tied


As we know 

Winnning Percentage=(Number of Winnings +0.5*Numerber of Ties)/Total Number of Games

Winnning Percentage=(6 +0.5*12)/20

Winnning Percentage=(6 +6)/20

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Winnning Percentage=(12)/20

Winnning Percentage=0.6


Let us have a look at the best winning percentages for various International matches. The values have also been verified by the win percentage calculator.


Win %WinsLossesYearTeamComment
.79867171880Chicago White Stockingsbest pre-modern season
.763116361906Chicago Cubsbest 154-game NL season
.721111431954Cleveland Indiansbest 154-game AL season
.716116462001Seattle Marinersbest 162-game AL season
.685111512022Los Angeles Dodgersbest 162-game NL season
.265431192003Detroit Tigersworst 162-game AL season
.250401201962New York Metsworst 162-game NL season
.248381151935Boston Bravesworst 154-game NL season
.235361171916Philadelphia Athleticsworst 154-game AL season
.130201341899Cleveland Spidersworst pre-modern season


Win %WinsLossesSeasonTeamComment
.8907392015–16Golden State Warriorsbest 82-game season
.1109731972–73Philadelphia 76ersworst 82-game season
.1067592011–12Charlotte Bobcatsworst season statistically

Hockey League

Points %WinsLossesTiesPointsSeasonTeamComments
.825608121321976–77Montreal Canadiensbest points % in post-expansion NHL
.1318675211974–75Washington Capitalsworst points % in post-expansion NHL

Best Win Percentage Calculators In 2023

In a gaming tournament where a lot of games are played among various teams, calculating the winning percentage becomes very difficult. But there are many tools that are used to calculate this statistical parameter of teams. These include:

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This site has developed a free-to-use win percentage calculator that has reduced the calculations from minutes to seconds. Have you ever thought that what actually runs behind the scenes when instant tournament stats are displayed after the match ends? It is nothing but the use of this advanced tool.

Today, tournament administrations are relying on this swift tool to calculate the overall win ratios of all the teams in ICC, FIFA, and the Olympics. This authenticates the accuracy of the results calculated by this tool. 


This site has developed a smart tool that runs a reverse calculation scheme. It means that if you even know the winning percentage and number of wins, you can calculate how many matches a team lost during a tournament. This is a great initiative towards making stats sheets of the players in a matter of seconds.

Wrapping It Up

In the following article, we had a brief discussion regarding winning percent notation. Moreover, we also clarified how you can calculate this sports-related term either manually or by using the smart win percentage calculator.

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