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Top 5 Sports Betting Countries In The World

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Unlike before, it is difficult to have a complete discussion on sports today without touching on betting. The two have become so that close it imagining one without the other seems an impossible task for most sports fans.

Football in particular has become so synced with betting that even the best online bookmakers won’t be in business if they did not have odds on football. Technically, betting and sports are more like bread and butter, given the extra taste that fans derive from combining the two.

A good football, basketball, tennis, golf, snooker, volleyball, or cricket match as bettors would often say, is that which has a bet running along as it unfolds.

In 2022, the sports betting market alone (that is, excluding casinos and lottery) was valued at about $80 billion.  

According to reports, almost every country in the world has bettors. The following countries, however, stand out when the question of numbers is asked.


As you must have known, India is the second most populated country in the world. It has a population of more than 1 billion. It is considered a prime market for most European and Asian bookmaking services.

Estimates have that more than 3.5 million Indians bet on sports. Although the country’s national sport is cricket, disciplines such as football, basketball, and tennis are said to be among the varied options that Indian punters enjoy.


This powerful African nation is said to be another massive sports betting hub. It has a popular of about 213 million inhabitants. Key betting establishments across the globe constantly strive for a share in the Nigerian betting industry.

Reports suggest that millions of Nigerians, age 18 to 40 actively bet not only on sports but equally on casino games. Nigeria is the most populated African country as well as the most viable economically.


China ranks first in terms of population. It is the highest in the world. This basketball-loving country has some of the toughest restrictions on betting. Generally, online betting in China is not legal. Yet, the country still manages to find its way to the list of top betting countries in the world.

Despite the restrictions, millions of Chinese citizens actively bet online through different betting sites. They love sports betting as much as they enjoy casino games.


This is another well-known sports betting powerhouse. With a population of over 59 million people, Italy is Europe’s most active betting country.

From sports betting to casinos, Italian bettors love them all. The country has quite limited restrictions on betting. As long as the betting firm has valid licenses, it is free to operate in the country. Betting is fully allowed. Billions of dollars are generated each year from sports betting in Italy and lots of European betting companies operate in Italy.


Brazil is often considered a complete package when it comes to football. Most of the world’s most excellent players are Brazilians. The country loves football and does not only play and watch but equally, enjoys betting on football as well as several other sports.

Brazilians enjoy betting on top sports alongside Lotteries and casino games. A 2022 Igamingbrazil report suggested that 1 out of 3 Brazilian bettors have sports betting as their main income source.

It has one of the largest sports betting populations in the world. Other top sports betting countries include Argentina, Poland, Canada, the UK, the USA, and Australia where more than 60% of adults are reported to be active bettors.

Online sports betting is a worldwide activity that continues to grow each year. The above names are but a few countries where gambling on sports is widely popular.

This intriguing activity that has become a somewhat integral part of sports appears to be one of the online businesses today with billions of dollars generated each year.

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