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Top 10 Strongest WWE Wrestlers 202111 min read

top 10 strongest wwe wrestlers 2021- brock lesnar and braun strowman

In this post, we will check out the top 10 strongest WWE wrestlers in 2021.

One of the obvious questions that were asked repeatedly by the WWE fans is who is the strongest wrestler. We will check out the stats and figures to outline the top 10 strongest WWE wrestlers in 2021.

In this article, we will come up with a conclusion by determining different factors to understand who is actually the strongest and the toughest WWE wrestlers in 2021.

So without a further delay, let’s check out this article to know about the top 10 strongest WWE wrestlers in 2021.

Top 10 Strongest WWE Wrestlers 2021

10 Triple H

Image Credit- Wrestling World

Triple H is a powerhouse of energy. He is one of the top 10 toughest wrestlers to face on. Triple H has won a number of championships during his career in WWE. He is a five-time Intercontinental Champion, a three-time world tag team champion, and a fourteen-time world champion.

He is also a two-time Royal Rumble match winner and a King of the Ring tournament winner. Triple H has faced some of the greatest wrestlers which include Rock, Steve Austin, Randy Orton, Batista, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, and The Undertaker. He is referred to as one of the greatest entertainers in WWE.

His performance in the ring, levels of stamina, strength, and power really worth appreciation. His finishing move pedigree is emphatic, that can cause problem to some big names which include Big Show, Khali, and even the mighty Undertaker.

9 Roman Reigns

Image Credit- Swing of Things

Roman Reigns is the current superstar of WWE. He is one of the most fearsome wrestlers of the current WWE era. He is often regarded as one of the strongest and unbeatable wrestlers. His superman punch and spear are enough to knock down any wrestler in no time.

Reigns is a prolific champion in WWE, having owned the WWE Championship three times and the WWE Universal Championship twice. He is also a one-time WWE United States Champion, a one-time WWE Intercontinental Champion.

He also owns the record of eliminating the highest number of wrestlers in a single Royal Rumble match. The match happened in 2014 and “The Big Dog” eliminated 12 participants.

Roman has proved his legacy in the professional wrestling industry. He is said to be the next big thing in WWE. Apart from his performance, he is equally known for his powerful wrestling moves.

In his wrestling career in WWE, Reigns has lifted several powerful wrestlers like Kane, Braun Strowman, Mark Henry, Big show, Undertaker, and many more for a Samoan drop. He is truly the ultimate warrior. Roman is number 9 in our list of top 10 strongest WWE wrestlers in 2021.

8 Titus O’ Neil

Image Credit- Female First

Titus O’Neil has always been one of the most powerful wrestlers in WWE. However, the man does not get the attention that he needed. The 6’6″ monster is gruesome in the ring. His powerful stature is enough to scare anyone in the wrestling industry.

Titus without a doubt one of the strongest athletes. He is Defined as “one of the most philanthropic Superstars in WWE history,”. Titus is the recipient of the WWE Hall of Fame 2020 Warrior Award.

His finisher move Clash Of The Titus is a sit-out spinebuster that is not easy to execute and requires immense strength. His moves show that he is a powerhouse character.

He has been reported saying that he has bench pressed 545 pounds. This shows his strength and power. It feels so sad why this WWE superstar unable to reach the heights comparing with the other individuals on this list.

His stature and his power are really appreciable. Titus is number 8 in our list of top 10 strongest WWE wrestlers in 2021.

7 Big Show

Image Credit- SI

Big Show is one of the strongest and biggest personalities in WWE history. Just look at the stature(7-foot 485 pounder) of this man, and you will understand how strong and a big giant he is. He can knock out any powerful wrestlers with his powerful punch in just a matter of seconds.

He is knowns as the World’s Largest Athlete due to his personality. The fans know him for his powerful strength. He is a seven-time world champion, two-time WCW World Heavyweight Championship, two times WWF/WWE Championship, two times WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship, and the ECW World Heavyweight Championship once.

The Big Show’s size alone implies how strong he is. over the years Big Show proved why he is one of the best in the wrestling industry with his superhuman strength. He is number 7 in our list of top 10 strongest WWE wrestlers in 2021.

6 Kane

top 10 strongest wwe wrestlers 2021
Image Credit- WWE

Kane is one of the destructive wrestlers in WWE history. He is known as the “Big Red Machine”. Kane is the most dominant athlete in WWE. He is one of the top performers and one of the strongest athletes in WWE.

It’s not gonna be an easy match for other wrestlers when they come up against the Monster(Kane). He teams up with his brother “The Undertaker” as the Brothers of Destruction. The personality, power, and strength that he possesses are unmatchable.

Kane is a three-time world champion (having held the WWF Championship, ECW Championship, and World Heavyweight Championship). He also holds the record for the most appearances in a Royal Rumble match at 20 as well as the highest cumulative total eliminations at 46.

Kane has also been reported to deadlift most of any wrestler and maxed out on the bench press at 670 back in his prime. Even Brock Lesnar once stated that Kane was the strongest wrestler in the WWE. He is number 6 in our list of top 10 strongest WWE wrestlers in 2021.

5 Goldberg

top 10 strongest wwe wrestlers 2021
Image Credit- Twelfth Man

Goldberg means the showcase of sheer power and dominant strength. The man is responsible for the destruction in the ring. Even the mighty Brock Lesnar knows his strength when they previously faced each other for a high voltage match-up.

Goldberg’s power made a million followers to his loyal fans around the world. The former Universal Champion can easily Gorilla Pressed some of the powerful wrestlers which include Brock Lesnar, Batista, Triple H, Big Show, and many more.

He has even Jack Hammered the world’s strongest man Mark Henry. One of the jackhammers also came against the world’s largest athlete The Big Show.

He was also inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2018 the weekend of WrestleMania 34. Goldberg is a 4-time world champion in his professional wrestling throughout his career. He is the only wrestler in history to held WCW World Heavyweight, (WWE) World Heavyweight, and WWE Universal Champion.

4 Big E

top 10 strongest wwe wrestlers 2021
Image Credit- PickyTop

Big E is a powerful wrestler, Prior to having a career in WWE, Big E is known for his powerlifting. When it comes to strength and power this man is just insane. He also smashed records in the super heavyweight division of powerlifting, growing into a top heavyweight from 2010 to 2011.

Big E has wrestled some of the big names in the industry which includes Big show, Great Khali, and Mark henry. Big E has also lifted up Mark Henry without any hassle that shows the sheer force and power of this man.

Without a question, Big E is one of the strongest wrestlers of this current era. The man is weighing around 300 pounds and he is here to stay. His finishing move “The Big Ending” demands huge power to perform.

He has stunned many wrestlers like Mark Hendy, Kane, and Ryback with his finishing moves. He is number 4 in our list of top 10 strongest WWE wrestlers in 2021.

3 John Cena

top 10 strongest wwe wrestlers 2021
Image Credit- Muscle & Fitness

John Cena is one of the biggest superstars of WWE. His power and strength do not need any introduction. He has been one of the strongest men in WWE history. His never-give-up attitude made him the fan-favorite around the globe.

He has lifted some of the big names in WWE which include Kane, Great Khali, Big Show, Ryback, Brock Lesnar, or Mark Henry with ease to deliver his finishing moves, Without a doubt Cena’s strength and power in something to cherish.

Nobody has forgotten the moment when John Cena carries Big Show and Edge on his shoulders for a finishing move at WrestleMania 25. It’s just impossible to create a list of the strongest wrestlers without John Cena.

Cena is referred to as the greatest wrestler of all time. Cena is a five-time United States Champion, four-time world tag team champion, and a 16-time world champion. He is tied with one of the iconic wrestlers Ric Flair, for the most world championship reigns in WWE history.

2 Braun Strowman

top 10 strongest wwe wrestlers 2021
Image Credit- Sportskeeda

When it comes to power no one comes close to the monster Braun Strowman. Prior to becoming a sensation in WWE, he was a professional strongman competitor and won many championships.

One of the highlights of his career is winning the Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championship. his lifting records speak for themselves. He can lift up cars and other heavy objects with ease which shows Strowman’s overall power.

He is a one-time Universal Champion, a one-time Intercontinental Champion, and a two-time Raw Tag Team Champion. Braun has already handled some of the big names in the industry which includes Big show, The Great Khali, Mark Henry.

There are some bunch of wrestlers who are strong and then there is Braun Strowman. He is number 2 in our list of top 10 strongest WWE wrestlers in 2021.

1 Brock Lesnar

top 10 strongest wwe wrestlers 2021
Image Credit- The Comeback

Brock Lesnar is a retired mixed martial artist. He is also known for his performance in UFC and WWE. He is the longest-reigning WWE Universal Champion.

Lesnar is an eight-time world champion in WWE, a one-time heavyweight champion in the UFC, and a one-time heavyweight wrestling champion in the NCAA. In summation, Lesnar has also won some of the major tournament which includes the 2002 King of the Ring tournament, the 2003 Royal Rumble, and the 2019 Money in the Bank.

He is a wrestler who can smash any guy at any point in time. Lesnar is one of the fearless superstars in WWE history. His ruthless wrestling with sheer power and strength helped him to gain a lot of fans around the world.

He has already lifted some of the big superstars like Big Show to Mark Henry. Lesnar can destroy any other wrestler who comes in his way with comfort. He is a man with a bundle of strength and speed. He is too dangerous to handle for any opponents.

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