WWE great champion got the major award from Arnold Schwarzenegger

Former wwe champion receives major award


Arnold Schwarzenegger is an american actor.Arnold is a professional bodybulider.Arnold is also 38th governor of california from the period 2003 to 2011.Arnold also gained reputation as an Hollywood action hero.

Arnold also had a great involvement in the history of wwe.Arnold had a lot of connection in wwe.Arnold had a strong bond and relationship with wwe legend Bruno Sammartino.Arnold also featured in the wwe hall of fame.

Arnold also had great relations with the former great champion and world heavyweight champion Triple h.Triple h is the current wwe executive.

Triple h is also been a fan of Arnold since very long time and he likes the dedication and commitment of Arnold in his work.

He is even a great admirer of his work ethics.

Arnold presented the lifetime achievement award to the former wwe champion,hall of famer and world heavyweight champion triple h during his annual bodybuilding event “Arnold Classic”.

After receiving award the former champion said”Turn your dreams into goals and work hard to achieve them…and whenever possible.inspire,whenever possible,give back.

Previous winners of lifetime achievement award in “Arnold classic” are Dr. Rafael Santonja,Jim Manion,John Malik,Rich Gaspari,Robert kennedy,lou ferrigno,Sylvester stallone,Franco Columbu,Ben Weider,Cory Everson,lee Haney,Jack Lalanne,Bill Pearl,Frank Zane,Jim Lorimer,Reg Park,Joe Weider.

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