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Semrush Review 2023: Pros and Cons, Features

In this post, we will check out a complete review of Semrush in 2023.

Semrush is the number one online marketing tool available to get the desired results. We have been using this tool since we started this blog. Since then we have never replaced it with any other tool. One of the biggest advantages of this tool is its features.

With the use of this one tool, we have replaced the other tools which include tools like SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing. That’s why we called Semrush a multitasking tool. So if you are seriously looking to improve your SEO, content marketing, social media management, and competitive research then Semrush is just for you.

This Semrush review will be going to be as elaborate as possible because today I am outlining all the features which Semrush has and will discuss whether it will be worth investing your time and money in this tool in 2023.

Let’s talk about one of the most searched words in google i.e SEO. We all know how difficult is for everyone to optimize their content for search engines. Having a ton of traffic in your blog is not a single-day process. It’s always a marathon process than sprinting.

However one of the tools that can help you to speed up the process is Semrush. We have already big fans of Semrush as it helped us a lot to reach heights over the years. So we gonna review all the features of Semrush in detail to help our users to make better decisions. Let’s check out the Semrush review outlining the pros, and cons of using it in 2023, and does it really worth it.

Semrush Review 2023

Semrush Features

1 SEO & Local SEO

Competitive Research
Image Credit – Semrush

Domain Overview – Domain Overview is a tool to get instant insights into any domain. If you really want to know what competitors are doing, and what are their strengths and weaknesses then a domain overview is the best tool for it.

You will get a complete analysis of the domain and its online visibility, you can also track the domain growth over a period of time. The most important benefit of domain overview is that you can track the top keywords for that particular domain that are bringing traffic to their websites.

Image Credit – Semrush

Traffic Analytics – Traffic Analytics tool will help you to analyze the traffic of your competitors. The added advantage of this tool is you can compare several website traffic in a side-by-side manner. That helps you to analyze the traffic data of multiple websites in a single shot.

Now let’s talk about the different metrics you can track about a website. The metrics that you can track include the number of visits, unique visitors, mobile vs desktop traffic ratio, referral, social, and paid traffic.

Another feature that comes with it is audience insights which reveal the websites your competitor site visitors are visiting. Other than that it can also let you know the traffic journey, top pages, and geographical location.

Organic Research – This tool will help you to reach the top of the search engine ranking by just analyzing what works best for your competitors.

With the help of this tool, you can track down the top keywords of your competitor. You can also track down where your site stands with the other top domains. It will also help you to observe domain position changes.

Image Credit – Semrush

Keyword Gap – The basic feature of this tool is to analyze where our keyword stands with the keywords of the competitor.

The work process of the tool is straightforward, enter up to 5 competitors’ domains or exact URLs, and get a list of all common and unique keywords they are ranking for. Then choose keyword types (Organic, Paid, and PLA keywords).

After doing the process you will get an insight into the most important keywords. What you have to do is to outline the keywords which work best for you and beat the competitors.

Keyword Research
Image Credit- Semrush

Keyword Overview – Choosing the right keyword is always been crucial for SEO. It can make or break things. So we have to target the keyword which will produce quality traffic to our website. This can be easily done with the keyword overview report.

What you have to do is just target the right volume of keywords, and check out the difficulty score, and CPC. I highly recommend targeting the long tail keyword for better results. Lastly, you can also track the position of the target keyword with position-tracking features.

image credit- Semrush

Keyword Magic Tool – Keyword magic tool is really a magic tool when it comes to keyword research Get complete stats of your SEO and PPC campaigns. You will get a detailed report of any keyword which includes metrics like keyword difficulty. search volume, SERP features, and much more.

The difficulty tab helps you to decide whether to compete for a particular keyword or not. The tool will also help you auto-group the long-tail semantic keywords with just a few clicks. This is one of the best features Semrush has.

The tool will also help you to get related keywords, phrase matches, and questions that people constantly search for. These metrics will definitely help you to grow your business by targeting the right keyword.

Again I will highly recommend you target long-tail keywords as they are usually more efficient when it comes to search engine optimization.

Position Tracking – The position Tracking tool helps you track your keyword position in the SERP. It’s important to know where your keyword stands out, that’s how you can work on your content to stand out from the rest. The above image will give you a glimpse of the position tracking of our site.

It will track down the result of your content. What you have to do is just open the Position Tracking tool, select your projects and you will come up with a detailed report on your positioning.

This tool analyzes the keyword ranking of your website. You will also get a report of all keywords your website is ranking for. You can also check out your website visibility, estimated traffic, average position, top keywords, and cannibalization health.

Organic Traffic Insights – This is One of the best tools that shows some valuable insights from Semrush, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console data. In the above image, you can easily check out our organic search traffic data which includes users, sessions, avg sessions, and bounce rate.

The tool also shows you the top landing pages of your site by combining data from Semrush and Google Search Console.

You can track all the valuable data of your website in a single place. You can also check out all the top keywords which are bringing organic traffic to your site.

Link Building

Backlink Analytics – It provides data on your website’s authority score, the total number of backlinks, the type and quality of referring domains, and a lot more.

Take a look at our website’s backlink analytics in the above image. With this tool you can track down your authority score, the number of backlinks, referring domains, and overall toxicity score.

This is just an overview and there are numerous tabs and reports that you can explore. Semrush provides one of the advanced tools when it comes to analyzing your competitor’s backlinks.

Backlink Audit – Backlink Audit is an auditing tool for your backlinks. we do a regular analysis of our backlinks to find out and disavow our toxic backlinks and which in turn improves our site in SERP.

If you can check out the above image you will find that the overall toxicity score of our site is zero. Thus, in turn, it helps our site to avoid getting any Google penalties for having backlinks from toxic sites.

As I mentioned earlier you can easily disavow toxic backlinks by just going to the disavow tab in the Backlink Audit tool.

Semrush is also a link-building tool, yes you heard it right. It quickly identifies the relevant prospects for your site to get backlinks from. You just have to explore the list of prospects and just outreach to get backlinks from them.

There is another added feature of Bulk Backlink Analysis which helps you to analyze multiple domains at once. Just add up to 200 domains and get a complete backlink overview in one place.

On Page & Tech Seo

Site Audit – A site audit is basically a tool for auditing the website. It just crawls your site and lets you know the site’s health, errors, warnings, and notices.

The process of doing a site audit is easy you just have to click on the new site audit button which was located at the top right corner. After that enter your website domain and select the project name. You can set up the limit of checked pages.

You can also further customize by allowing or disallowing URLs in a site audit. Now lastly just select a schedule for your site audit and click the on-site audit button to start the audit.

You can also check out the site performance, internal linking, and markup report by just clicking on the view details.

One of the recent additions to the site audit report is the core web vital tab. You can check out how your website is doing in terms of speed. Address all issues and try to correct them for a better website health score.

Image Credit- Semrush

SEO Content Template – This tool is used to craft your content in a way that in turn gets higher SERP rankings and more organic traffic.

The process is simple just enter your target keyword, select the country if you want to target a particular country, and after that click on create SEO template.

Now the tool will start analyzing the content in the top 10 results and will be started giving you recommendations on how to create SEO-optimized content for those keywords.

On-Page SEO Checker – This tool is when it comes to improving your on-page SEO. You will get optimization ideas to improve your on-page SEO. The ideas include strategy, backlinks, technical SEO, Semantics, and content.

You will get access to the top pages that you must optimize to improve your search engine ranking. This tool compares your website to your top ten websites for your target keywords and then it will provide you the useful insights which will help your site to grow.

This tool will analyze all the SEO factors are strategies of pages that are ranking ahead of you in search results.

Listing Management – This tool is a complete solution for your local SEO. You can use this tool to list your business on the most authoritative directories in your region.

the best part is that you can edit all of your business information in one place and get consistent and correct business data in all directories at once. Another added advantage is Your business will become voice search ready, with automatic allocation of the information to Amazon Alexa, Apple, Bing, and Google.

It also suppresses your duplicates in one click and helps to keep the right business data without duplicates across the web. You will get accurate information about how your business works on a local level and how easily users find it. You can also manage reviews and user suggestions.

Rank Tracking

Semrush Sensor – Semrush sensor is a very exciting feature that tracks Google volatility in search results, tracking down almost 20+ categories on mobile and desktop and highlighting possible Google Updates.

It will play a vital role to be updated with the algorithm changes by Google. You can also check out the volatility of your niche more than the others.

2 Advertising

Market Analysis

Advertising Research – This tool will help you to track the advertising strategies of your competitors which will ultimately help us to improve our own strategy.

The process will start by just entering the competitor’s domain and Semrush will do the rest and provide you the details about their advertising campaigns and strategy. the benefits of having advertising research are that you can find their search rankings, ad history, and a lot more than that.

Display Advertising – The Display Advertising tool will help you to find all the display ads for your competitors. This will give you an idea for your own ad campaigns.

The process is simple just enter a competitor domain and it will give you a complete overview of ads that it is currently running.

Adapt their best ads for your own campaign by just exporting them to your Adwords campaigns.

Keyword Research
Image Credit- Semrush

PPC Keyword Tool – This tool will help you to create a list of perfect keywords which will be valuable for the SEA campaign.

The process will start with collecting keywords for your paid campaigns. You can also filter out the irrelevant keywords based on CPC, volume, and difficulty level.

Lastly, the best feature that comes with this tool is to remove conflicting keywords which helps you to remove keywords that are repeated in your ad groups. You can also export keyword lists to AdWords-compatible CSV and XLS files.

Image Credit- Semrush

AD History – Ad history will help you to track the trends of all the ads on a particular keyword.

This trend data analyzes past ad performance and helps you evaluate what is working for you and what doesn’t. The work of evaluating your ad performance will give a boost to your ad campaigns.

3 Social Media

Social Media Poster

You can clearly see in the above image we have been using social media posters for a while now. It helps us to schedule our posts on social media accounts without any hassle.

You just have to upload your posts, preview them and schedule them at preferred dates and times. The rest is been done automatically by Social Media posters.

You can also schedule multiple posts at different dates and times and the rest will be done by this amazing tool. You don’t have to manually take care of everything.

One of the most exciting features of this tool is that it suggests the best times for your social media posts which in turn increase your engagement rate.

Social Media Tracker

The Social Media Tracker tool helps you to track your social channels which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, and Pinterest.

This tool will highlight your social channel followers, post activity, and engagement rate. It will also highlight your top post across different social channels.

Social Media Ads

This is the latest addition in Semrush but is still in the beta phase. This tool will help you to create and manage ads for Facebook and Instagram.

So if you are looking to increase engagement or create ads for your brands in social media, this could be done and easily managed by the Social Media Ads tool.

4 Content Marketing

Topic Research

Topic research tool helps you to generate a ton of topics by just typing a particular keyword. In the above image, you can clearly see that we have typed football in the topic research tool and it generated a ton of content ideas to write on.

So if you are looking for the best content idea this will be going to be the best tool. We have been using this tool to generate content ideas for our blog. Over the years we just experienced it’s very important to focus on content rather than keywords for the long run.

The tool is very easy to use. Just enter a keyword and it will generate a lot of content around that keyword. You will also get a related topic related to the main keyword.

Seo Writing Assistant
semrush review 2021

SEO Writing Assistant is the icing on the cake. It is one of the best tools when it comes to writing optimized content. The tool worked like an editor which helps you to correct grammatical errors and improve your content.

It gives you the overall score to help you to determine how effective the content is and how you can improve it.

This tool is very helpful when it comes to SEO. It makes sure that the content would be of top-notch quality. It also easily integrates with platforms like Google Docs and WordPress. A WordPress plugin(Semrush SEO Writing Assistant) is also available that can ultimately help you to optimize your content on the go.

Brand Monitoring
semrush review 2021

Brand Monitoring Tool helps you to track and analyze your brand performance. Monitor what people are saying about your brand or product on Twitter or across the entire web.

Create ideally relevant content based on your research, utilizing the language and ways people are used to it. This tool will track down your total mentions, positive mentions, total estimated reach, and a lot more.

Post Tracking

This tool will help you to track each post’s performance over a period of time. It will measure the post-performance by outlining its backlinks, keyword rankings, and social shares.

Just add the URL of your or your competitor’s post and it will give you all the metrics needed for SEO growth. Check out all the stats of the URL and evaluate how they are performing.

Content Audit
semrush review 2021

The content audit gives you a glimpse of your content performance. With the help of visualization, you can easily check out what needs to be done to improve your content performance.

This tool will help you to analyze multiple posts and provide insights that will ultimately improve the performance. It will give you suggestions on which posts need to be rewritten and updated.

These data are very useful to improve your content which in turn helps you to improve SEO.

5 Semrush App Center

semrush review 2021

Semrush App Center is basically a place for multiple apps which work for multiple purposes.

Semrush App consists of different categories at reasonable prices:-

Agency Growth Kit – Land new customers, customize and brand your reports

E-Commerce Keyword Analytics – Get insights on E-Commerce keywords

Instant Banner Generator – Generate social media banners in seconds

Mobile App Insights – Insights to maximize mobile app’s visibility

Semrush.Trends – Get market insights into any website

Semrush Local – Boost your local SEO

Video Rank Tracker – Check Youtube rankings of your top keywords

6 Extra Tools

semrush review 2021

A Semrush Marketplace is a place where Semrush offers on-demand service at a reasonable price. It offers articles for your blog, well-written product descriptions, SEO-optimized content for your site, infographics, media stocks, and press release.

You can get these offerings at different prices or you can also subscribe to their monthly or annual subscription plans to get lowered rates.

semrush review 2021
Image Credit – Semrush

ImpactHero is an artificial intelligence tool that breaks down your content according to the buyer’s journey. Tacking the buyer’s journey ultimately helps you to strengthen your efforts.

The tool completely scans the whole content and gives you recommendations according to artificial intelligence.

The process is simple just input your domain, install the code using tag manager, give some time for some valuable insights and lastly explore the insight and improve your campaigns.

semrush review 2021

Prowly is a PR tool that helps to find relevant media contacts. Businesses need to have relevant contact with others in the same niche and that’s how Prowly comes into play.

There are more than 1000 worldwide brands using Prowly for their businesses which includes Vimeo, Asus, LG, and a lot more. Prowly is one of the best PR software available in the market.

semrush review 2021

Splitsignal tools are still in the beta phase, but we are really excited about this tool. This tool will improve your SEO performance by doing A/B split testing.

With this tool, you can track your SEO changes and increase your traffic in a matter of seconds. The added advantage of this tool is it does not affect your page load speed and has no impact on your core web vital scores.

You can set up this tool by connecting the google search console and google analytics to split the signal and then installing a javascript code with the help of a tag manager. Now select the group of pages you want to test and lastly analyze the result and identify winning and losing variations.

Semrush Pros

  • Technical Audits
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Building
  • Ease of Use
  • Analyze Multiple Sites
  • Provides a Free Trial Option

Semrush Cons

  • Too Many Features Can Be Confusing
  • Requires Technical Knowledge
  • No SERP Analysis Feature

Semrush Review 2023 – Pricing

semrush review 2021

The above image shows the price of different Semrush plans when you go monthly but the price will be different when you opt for any of the plans annually.

Just check out the Semrush plans in the below image when you go annually. It will save you 16% of the cost when you opt for the annual plan.

semrush review 2021

Why We Like Semrush?

We already mentioned we are in love with this tool. It has a set of comprehensive features which make our life easy. That’s why we have outlined and done a Semrush review of every feature, its pros, and its cons to help our viewers better understand this tool.

It’s a multitasking tool for all your needs. So if you are using a particular tool for a particular work just replace it with Semrush, it will do everything for you.

No tool comes closer when it comes to the feature which Semrush provides. This Semrush review is one of the most comprehensive reviews and I hope it will help you to understand what Semrush is.

You can also opt-out and check out the available features by trying the plan for free.

Semrush Review 2023 – Conclusion

Basically, we have not done this review for any verdict or any conclusion. This Semrush review is just to help our viewers and let them know that Semrush is still one of the best tools in 2023. we have already outlined every feature of Semrush, its pros, and cons to give possible clarity about the tool.

In our opinion, we highly recommend the tool as we himself use this tool for our site growth. You can choose the plan according to your business needs or contact Semrush for a customized plan created particularly for your organization.

You can opt for a free trial option or upgrade to the plan that suits your needs.

Semrush Review 2023 FAQ

What is Semrush?

SemRush is a useful tool that can help you find the right keywords to use in your SEO campaign. It’s also great for getting detailed data on your competitors’ organic search performance so you can outrank them. The tool provides tons of information about the keywords that are driving traffic to your competitor’s website, including the number of searches per month, the cost per click, and more.

What Can You Do With Semrush?

The number one benefit of using Semrush is that it can help you find profitable keywords with low competition so that you can get more traffic from search engines. It will also give you detailed information about your competitors so that you can see which keywords they’re using and how much it costs them to rank for those keywords.

How Do I Use SemRush?

Getting started with Semrush is easy: first, sign up for an account by entering your email address and creating a password. Once logged in, start using it for all digital marketing needs.

Yes, you can use Semrush for free with limited functionalities, for detailed statistics and reports you have to upgrade to the pro plan.

No, you don’t. In fact, anyone can use this tool to learn more about the online world they live in. It’s not just for professionals but also for those who want to learn more about how the internet works.

Semrush is a powerful and user-friendly tool that can help you learn more about the products or services you offer or the ones your competitors are promoting. You can also use it to learn more about your audience and their interests so that you can better cater to them.

If you have any further questions about our software, feel free to contact us.

When it comes to delivering data no tool can beat Semrush. However, Ahrefs would be a tool that is similar to Semrush in terms of functionalities.

Moz is not able to compete with Ahrefs And Semrush in terms of data and functionalities. However, all three tools are the top 3 recommended tools for digital marketing needs.

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