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FIFA 22 vs eFootball 2022: Which game will be better?

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In this post, we will check out which game is better. It’s FIFA 22 vs eFootball 2022.

FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer have been ruling the game of football since the 1990s. The only change we have seen this year is that the PES name is being withdrawn by Konami in the inclination of eFootball.

Other than that we gonna see the statistical comparison of both franchises and understand which will be better to play on for the fans and players around the world.

In this article, we gonna compare FIFA 22 and eFootball 2022 on different parameters and will decide which game is better to go for.

FIFA 22 is now available worldwide and it’s buzzing great around the players. EA title has been very well accepted over the years the only competition FIFA got is from PES.

eFootball 2022 is released on September 30th, it’s a free-play game from Konami’s franchise. So without wasting much time now let’s go ahead and check out which game is better FIFA 22 and eFootball 2022.

FIFA 22 Vs eFootball 2022

FIFA 22 is on roll while eFootball 2022, comes with infinite problems

We have to admit that the launch of eFootball 2022 is not up to the mark. Surely PES fans are not expecting a downfall from Konami. There are a ton of bugs found since the launch of the game and the internet is filled with lots of negative reviews.

The game is also the worst-rated title on Steam at the moment. However, Konami has already known about the feedback and announced that the autumn update will be coming soon in November.

The game elements include lighting, the detail of the players, the textures of the ball, and the grass animations, everything is lagging behind comparing it with the previous version of PES.

While on the other hand FIFA 22 is surely evolved from what we have seen in FIFA 21. FIFA 22 is surely a game-changer this year and will see extents of realism in the game.

FIFA 22 is officially released this October 1 on next-gen consoles PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, as well as Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia. 

While eFootball 2022 can be downloaded now on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X | S, Android, iOS, and PC.

I must recommend the players one thing it’s not over for eFootball 2022. Remember that it’s a free-to-play game like Fortnite and Apex Legends which gonna be updated regularly.

So you can’t write the script now, the official information suggests the game won’t be up in full pace until the winter.

An update is happening in October, crossplay appears in the coming weeks. So surely It’s not over for eFootball. But Konami has to do a lot as FIFA 22 is gaining attention from the gamers.

FIFA 22 vs eFootball 2022 Head-To-Head Differences

It’s true that the last few versions of PES dominated compared to FIFA. PES has been lauded for its realistic gameplay while FIFA is more arcade-style.

However, this year would be different for FIFA and the game would gonna win the hearts of the gamers.

Another major difference between both of the games is that eFootball is free to play whereas FIFA 22 comes with three different packages which range in different price tags.

FIFA 22 vs eFootball 2022 In Terms Of Graphics

FIFA has been the dominant side in terms of graphics this year. The eFootball update will gonna come in winter and we have to wait to see the results.

But for now, hands down FIFA 22 graphics ruling the world. eFootball will continue using Unreal Engine 4. However, in terms of graphics, this year is surely the year for FIFA.

FIFA 22 vs eFootball Modes

In terms of modes eFootball never gonna win the battle over FIFA. FIFA 22 has racked up all the licenses which include the competitions like Champions League.

A complete list of FIFA 22 modes is as follows:-

  • FIFA Ultimate Team
  • Career Mode
  • VOLTA Football
  • UEFA Champions League
  • Pro Clubs
  • Kick-Off
  • Tournaments
  • Skill Games
  • Practice Arena
  • Online Seasons
  • Co-op Seasons
  • Online Friendlies

While on the other side eFootball is surely lacking behind FIFA 22 in terms of modes. It’s true that Konami has done a fine job in recent years to bring realism to the game however when it comes to licenses players gonna prefer FIFA 22.

Another recent addition in the FIFA 22 in terms of modes is Volta Football. So it’s clear that FIFA is ahead when it comes to having different modes of the game.

FIFA 22 vs eFootball 2022 In Terms Of Players

This chart is also dominated by FIFA 22. When it comes to players FIFA 22 completely nailed it. FIFA has player sameness and names tied up for the broad majority of players.

While on the other side eFootball has not done justice to some of the big names which include Messi and Ronaldo.

So in terms of players’ likeliness FIFA wins the battle.

FIFA 22 vs eFootball 2022 In Terms Of Teams

This is another interesting chart and again no denying the fact that FIFA 22 is ways ahead when it comes to the licenses for teams.

eFootball is fully licensed with elite clubs like Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Manchester United, Arsenal, Corinthians, Flamengo, Sao Paulo, and River Plate.

while the other ‘Partner Clubs’ like Roma, Lazio, Napoli, Celtic, Rangers, and Schalke are supposed to be included in the coming months.

EA Sports extends one more year as the most comprehensive football title in terms of licenses. FIFA 22 covers 700+ teams with official licenses.


I already outlined the differences above and It seems that FIFA 22 is surely a quick pick for the gamers. However, I still rate eFootball highly when it comes to a soccer game.

But always remember that eFootball 2022 is free to play the game and the major updates will gonna solve a lot of problems in the future and the Konami is capable of doing so.

So judging both the games now is too early. Until then, enjoy playing both games!

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