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A Look at Some of the Largest Cricket Stadiums in the World

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In this post, we will check out some of the largest cricket stadiums in the world.

In today’s digital age, it is very easy to watch cricket matches and tournaments. All fans need to watch live matches is a reliable Internet connection and a subscription to the OTT platform or channel with the broadcast rights.

Besides watching matches and following tournaments, hardcore fans love indulging in fantasy cricket matches using the fantasy cricket app.

This allows fans to earn exciting rewards, all while creating teams and making predictions by putting their knowledge of the game to the test.

Although watching matches on screens is fun and entertaining, traveling to cricket stadiums to witness players live allows fans to experience the sport on another level.

This is why thousands of people buy tickets and watch matches in stadiums. Thanks to the demand for watching matches live, large cricket stadiums host matches to ensure no fan misses out on the live action. Below are some of the largest cricket stadiums in the world:

Largest Cricket Stadiums in the World

1 Narendra Modi Stadium – Gujrat, India

The Narendra Modi Stadium, named after the current PM of India, is the biggest one in the world in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It was initially constructed three decades ago, in 1983.

However, in 2020, it was demolished and built again from the ground up. The world’s biggest stadium has the capacity to accommodate over 1,32,000 people. Besides its larger-than-life seating capacity, the stadium has several other standout features.

For starters, it is one of the few cricket stadiums around the globe to have modern-day LED lights as opposed to the orthodox tower floodlights.

Besides this, the roof of the stadium is a PTFE membrane, which is designed specially to be very lightweight and separate from the seating area, allowing it to be resistant to earthquakes and other calamities.

Moreover, as opposed to most other stadiums, which require architectural columns, the Narendra Modi Stadium is designed in such a way that it does not need columns of any sort.

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The stadium features different levels, the lowest of which can be used for smaller events. In addition to all these, it also features a skywalk connection, connecting the stadium to the nearest metro station to avoid jamming nearby roads.

2 Melbourne Cricket Ground – Melbourne, Australia

Also referred to as the “MCG,” the Melbourne Cricket Ground is another large stadium that can easily accommodate over 1,00,000 spectators.

Constructed in 1853, the top-tier cricket stadium has been used as a venue for other prestigious sports events like the Summer Olympics of 1956, the 2006 Commonwealth Games, etc.

Besides events of other sports, the MCG has also hosted prestigious cricket tournaments like the 1992 and 2015 ODI World Cups.

Besides featuring top-tier pitches, the stadium offers attendees a spectacular video of the city and its famous Yarra Park.

Coming to the stadium’s architecture, the MCG features a stunning roof made entirely using glass and metal. It is known for sheltering the stadium’s multiple, i.e., 3 to be precise, grand glass atriums, each leading to the ground’s entrances.

The stadium recently underwent a renovation which resulted in the Australian Gallery of Sports expansion.

3 Stadium Australia – Sydney, Australia

Known as the ANZ Stadium until 2020, Stadium Australia is another Australian Cricket Stadium is known for hosting top-tier cricket matches besides other events. With a seating capacity of approximately 83,500, it is one of the largest cricket stadiums globally.

The multipurpose stadium was designed specially to host the 2000 Sydney Games. Currently, besides cricket matches, the stadium hosts matches of other events or sports like Rugby, Soccer, etc. In fact, numerous concerts of singers and musicians have also been held in the stadium.

4 Eden Gardens – West Bengal, India

In addition to being the oldest cricket stadium in India, Eden Gardens is also one of the largest ones in the country in terms of seating capacity.

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Although it is comparatively smaller than the Narendra Modi Stadium and the Melbourne Cricket Ground, it can still seat a whopping 68,000 spectators. Under its list of hosted events, some notable names include the Asia Cup and the ODI World Cup.

The stadium was named after India’s then-Governor General, Lord Auckland’s Eden sisters. The stands or the stadium’s seating area are named after popular cricket players and Indian soldiers.

Besides hosting international tournaments and matches, Eden Gardens hosts numerous first-class and domestic tournament matches, including IPL ones.

5 Perth Stadium – Perth, Australia

Perth Stadium is another Australian name in the list of the largest cricket stadiums around the globe. Located in Perth, the multipurpose facility can seat up to 60,000 spectators.

Besides hosting top-tier cricket matches, the Perth Stadium has also been the venue for events of other sports as well as numerous cultural events, concerts, etc.

The location of the 2017-built stadium makes it worth the hype. It is located adjacent to the beautiful Fremantle Sea, which makes the atmosphere inside the stadium very breezy and cool even during scorching summers.

The place where the stadium is situated used to be a dumping ground, but thanks to top-notch construction efforts, the place has now become home to a lively stadium that also doubles as a venue for other events.


One of the main reasons cricket matches enjoy the hype they do is the visually appealing venues where they are held.

The aforementioned stadiums stand unrivaled when it comes to appearance as well as seating capacity. However, there is no telling when another larger stadium may get constructed in any part of the globe since cricket’s popularity is still exponentially rising. 

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