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U.S Open fate to be decided in June

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US Open 2020 tennis tournament fate to be decided in June.

The Organizers of the US Open said on Thursday that they have intentions for the US Open to go ahead as scheduled but it’s not likely to happen without spectators that’s for sure.

United States Tennis Association chief executive Mike Dowse released a statement in which he said “nothing is off the table but the fate of the major event will be decided in June,we will try our best so the fans can enjoy the high action tennis event on the field.”

He added”Playing the tournament without fans is not likely to happen,that’s not in the spirit of celebration of tennis.”

As per reports the National Tennis center’s indoor courts in New York has been converted into hospitals to treat people who have been affected due to covid-19 pandemic.

As indoor tennis courts have been converted into hospitals,Louis Armstrong stadium has been used as an area for meal assembly so that it can be provided to other patients,volunteers and area school kids.

New York is the most affected city due to Coronavirus outbreak in United States.

According to reports,more than 500,000 people have been infected by the coronavirus in United States and 20,071 people have been died from the virus.

Dowse told that they are in touch with the couple of doctors and seeking their advise in making next moves.

Dowse said”We’re very lucky enough that we’re the fourth Grand Slam to go, so time is on our side at this point,Obviously our ambition is to run the tournament.”

“Having said that, it won’t be the motivating factor. The driving factor will be the health and well being of the players, the fans and our staff.”

He further added”We are looking at time frame of June to make that decision. We will approach it through a medical advisory group. We have couple of doctors to whom we are consulting with. Based on that guidance and consultation we will make the decision if it is safe to play the tournament or not.”

Wimbledon is one of those events which have been cancelled for the first time since WWII.U.S open will be the next major tennis event which will be going to scheduled from August 31 to September 13 and just after a week French Open will start from September 20.

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