Wimbledon could be cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak

wimbledon 2020-wimbledon tennis court with players and spectators


Wimbledon could be cancelled for the first time since WWII.There is also great chance of french open to be cancelled which are going to be start form may 24,due to rise of covid-19.

ATP and WTA tennis chiefs are expected to announce the six week break in their tours due to affect and rise of the coronavirus all over the world.

The fate of the tournament is going to be decided by the government.

The issue was discussed at a meeting of major sports governing bodies and broadcaster at the department of culture,media and sports.

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The all england club also attended the meeting,and there is great chance that the tournament will not go ahead due to covid-19 pandemic.

The all england club going to be comfortable with the decision if tournament not go ahead as they have the insurance provisions.

Wimbledon also have the insurance provisions,and they can refund the amount to the people who have bought the ticket in advance.

There are also doubts over the master events which are going to be held in miami due to coronavirus pandemic.

There are already lot of tennis events and matches cancelled due to covid-19 effect.

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Coronavirus pandemic already affected lot of events from other sports as well,including football,cricket and nba.

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