You are currently viewing Virat Kohli’s passion and drive to score runs is different to steve smith’s, says David Warner

Virat Kohli’s passion and drive to score runs is different to steve smith’s, says David Warner

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Australian dashing opener David Warner says, they have a similar impact and influence on their teams but Virat Kohli is driven by the sheer passion for the game while Steve Smith just enjoys batting.

Indian superstar cricketer Virat Kohli and Australia top-order batsmen Steve Smith are always been compared to each other. There are always been a debate on who is the best player in the world.

Both are breaking records and achieving milestones and they are considered as the best players of their generation.

Warner said while speaking to Harsha Bhogle on ‘Cricbuzz in Conversation’.”Virat’s passion and drive to score runs are just on another level and is different from what Steve’s would be,”

“Steve is going out there for a hit in the middle, that’s how he sees things and plan everything on the field. He’s hitting them out in the middle, he’s having fun, he’s enjoying himself on the field, just does not want to get out.”

Warner feels, while Kohli is totally aware of the situations and he just wants to stick around the middle and his team will be on top of the proceedings.

“Virat obviously doesn’t want to get out and has a hunger to score runs but he knows if he spends a certain amount of time on the field out there, he’s going to score plenty of runs for the team and eventually help the team to win. He’s going to get on top of you. That allows the guys coming in, especially in the Indian team you’ve got a lot of players who can be flamboyant as well.”

David Warner further added that both men are mentally strong and a great knock by them to enhance the morale of the entire team.

“When it comes to cricket, they both have a strong mind and got the mental strength and technically gifted players, they both love spending time in the middle.

He further added.”They stabilize, they boost morale – if they score runs, team morale is started growing up. If they are out cheaply the other players know they have to step up for the game and you almost sense that on the field that everyone is (down on morale and thinking).

when asked about the similarities between himself and Kohli, who are both important players on the field for the team, Warner said the passion to do better than the opponent keeps him going.

“I can’t speak for Virat, obviously, but it’s almost common in both of us when we go (out to the middle) we need to prove people wrong, prove someone wrong.”

“If you’re in that contest, and if I’m going at him for example, you’re thinking, ‘Alright, I’m going to score more runs than him, I’m going to take a quick single on him’. You are trying to be better than a person in that game. That’s where the passion comes from.”

“Obviously you want to win the game but you almost break it down to If I can score more runs than Virat, or if Pujara scores more runs than Steve Smith, you have these little contests that are very helpful to keep us going and outshine our opponent on the field, and that’s how you try to narrow the game in the sense that if we do these little things, we can be ahead of the opponent in the game or we can be behind the game.

“The passion is driven by…I know my sense – one, the will to win and two, wanting to do better than that person in the opposition,” said Warner.

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