Tottenham need to be ‘realistic’ over transfers – Mourinho


Jose Mourinho says he knows what required at Tottenham Hotspur what is realistic in the upcoming transfer window.

Tottenham Hotspurs will miss out on the Champions League qualification and in order to qualify for the Europa League Spurs need to finish sixth in the league table.

Tottenham is falling short by a point with the wolves. Tottenham won their last four games and with two games to go it still possible that they can finish sixth on the table.

Mourinho said that he clearly knows the situation at Tottenham, during a series of meetings with staff, Mourinho has been informed about the club’s financial means and he accepted the job.

Since then the club has reported that they will suffer £200million in losses in the next financial year due to the complete lockdown affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic.

when asked about signing the players without the lure of Champions League, Mourinho replied “For some clubs it’s easy, you break the rules, you spend the money and you get the players.

“For some, it’s more difficult. You follow the rules. For the club like Spurs, the situation is more complicated.

“I knew what Tottenham is before I signed my contract. I had meetings with different people in the club. I think at that time we were 10-15 points behind the Champions League positions, so there are no surprises for me.

“We need to be realistic. I know where the best players in the world are, if we sit and have a coffee I can give you a shortlist of the best players in the world by position.

“The most important thing is to be realistic, analyze the transfer market opportunities – the clubs that are willing to sell, the players in the last years of their contract. Clubs willing to have creative deals.

“I know exactly what we need and what we would like and I know how to be realistic.

“The club also knows me better than before, I think only Mr Levy(Chairman) can say, but I think it’s very easy to work with me.

“I am open, pragmatic. I like to do my reports to the club, project the future, so for me everything is written. It’s quite easy to work with me.

“And when I am respectful and realistic, I think we are fine because we understand each other.”

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