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Top 10 Greatest Batsmen In Cricket History

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We have combined stats and figures to reveal the top 10 greatest batsmen in cricket history.

Cricket is a sport that has been enjoyed by millions of people around the world for centuries.

It is a sport that requires a combination of skill, technique, and mental strength to be successful. The batsman is one of the most important players in the game, as he is responsible for scoring runs and setting the tempo for the team.

Over the years, many great batsmen have graced the game and have left an indelible mark on the sport. In this article, we will be taking a look at the top 10 greatest batsmen in cricket history.

These players have achieved immense success and have set numerous records that will be remembered for generations to come.

Their contribution to the sport has earned them a place among the greatest of all time, and they will always be remembered as legends of the game 

Top 10 Greatest Batsmen In Cricket History

10 Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli needs no introduction to the cricket world. Virat Kohli is number 10 in our list of the top 10 greatest cricket batsmen in cricket history.

He is the modern cricketing legend. He is the best batsman in the world in all formats of the game. There is no one else in this era who is more dominant in every format other than Virat Kohli. He has proved his batting skills in every part of the world.

There have been many occasions on the field where he proved why he is still the best batsman of this generation.

Virat Kohli has the highest rating ever in ICC ODI ranking with 890 points. Earlier the best rating was 887 which was held by Sachin Tendulkar in 1998.

9 Jacques Kallis

Jacques Kallis is one of the best all-rounders of all time. Jacques Kallis’s contribution to the south African team can’t be ignored.

He is just exceptional with the bat and ball. He is in a league of his own. Jacques Kallis is the most consistent batsman and excellent all-rounder that the world has ever witnessed.

Kallis is a player with the most man-of-the-match awards in the history of Test cricket.

He remained one of the top players for the South African team for a very long period of time. He is the classical and traditional unsung hero, whose feats are not appreciated much in the midst of Ponting’s or Tendulkar’s records.

8 Kumar Sangakkara

Kumar Sangakkara is the most classiest and elegant batsman in the world of cricket. He is the third-highest run-getter in the history of the game of cricket.

Sangakkara leads the Sri Lankan team to the world cup final in 2011. He also won the T20 world cup in 2014. Sangakkara had a world record of scoring 4 consecutive hundreds in world cup cricket history.

7 Jack Hobbs

Jack Hobbs is the great servant of the game. He is known as the original ‘Master’ of cricket.

Hobbs was the first batsman in history to achieve an average over 50 in Test cricket and the first cricketer to be knighted by the Queen. 

He had 199 centuries in competitive cricket and a player with seven Test centuries after the age of forty which is quite exceptional.

Jack Hobbs remains a crucial and the most impactful player for modern-day batsmen. He is number 7 in our list of the top 10 greatest batsmen in cricket history.

6 Garfield Sobers

Garfield Sobers is known as the goat of the all-rounder. He is the biggest match-winner with the bat and the ball. He is one of a billion players.

Many legends regarded him as the best all-rounder and best cricketer of all time. Garfield Sobers is the first player ever to hit six sixes in an over.

He has been voted as one of the five Wisden Cricketers of the Century, which is one of his greatest achievements of him.

His number speaks a lot about him as a cricketer. Sobers had 8,000 Test match runs and 235 Test match wickets, linked with over 28,000 First-Class runs and more than 1,000 First-Class wickets.

5 Ricky Ponting

greatest cricket batsmen of all time

Ricky Ponting is one of the greatest batsmen of his time. He is in the 5th spot on the greatest cricket batsmen of the all-time list.

Under his leadership, Australia won the 2003 and 2007 world Cups. Many regarded him as the best batsman of all time. His rivalry with Tendulkar is just top-notch.

He is the most successful captain in the history of the game. The Australian team under the leadership of Ponting is said to be the greatest team ever in the history of cricket. He is one of the few batsmen to reach over 10,000 Test match runs.

Ponting is the only captain to WHITEWASH every single test-playing nation in his career and it would be very difficult for anyone to break these records in the near future.

4 Brian Lara

Brian Lara is the most technically gifted player in the game of Cricket. The best batsmen and the greatest Test batsmen of all time.

Brian Lara had 11,953 runs and is the legend of all time. He is a nightmare of the great bowlers including the spin wizard Shane Warne.

His 400 not out against England will remain the best knock in the history of this game. The west indies legend holds numerous cricketing records in his name. His style of play wowed crowds around the globe.

3 Vivian Richards

greatest cricket batsmen of all time

Viv Richards is the most fearsome cricketer the game has ever seen. He is known for his hitting and attacking game of cricket.

Richards is the kind of player who can tear apart any bowling attack singlehandedly. He registered his name as the most powerful and dominating batsman in Cricket.

With power-hitting tons of confidence, the Caribbean legend is still regarded as the best cricketer of all generations. He is number 3 in our list of the top 10 greatest batsmen in cricket history.

2 Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin is the greatest player of all time widely known as “The Little Master”. Many regarded him as the number one and the best of all time.

If we talk about the best player in ODI it would be no other than Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin is the best cricketer of all time in all formats of the game.

He is also knowns as the god of Cricket. He holds the record for the most runs in international cricket.

If we start counting the record of the little master it would take a long list. Tendulkar’s greatness lay beyond the record books and his consistency is unmatched in cricket history.

1 Don Bradman

greatest cricket batsmen of all time

The greatest batsmen of all time are none other than Sir Don Bradman. Bradman had a career that would never be replaced or broken in the game of cricket.

He had an average of 99.94 which is impossible and never be broken again. He just had to hit a four in his last innings to achieve an average of 100 however he got bowled for a duck.

After Don, the highest test average achieved by batsmen in the modern era is Steve Smith. Smith had an average of 62.8 in test cricket.

Bradman’s record is still the most dominating record in the history of cricket. Every great batsman had to go through these records to label himself on the list of greats. Bradman set a benchmark for modern-day cricketers.

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