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10 Best Platforms To Sell Digital Products 2023

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In this post, we will check out the top 10 best platforms to sell digital products in 2023.

If you’re a small business owner, chances are you sell digital products. But which platforms should you be using to do so? Here are 10 of the most popular platforms and what they have to offer businesses.

We live in a digital world where almost everything is consumed online. This has created a new market for businesses that sell digital products.

There are many different platforms available that businesses can use to sell their digital products. However, not all of them are equal.

This article will identify 10 of the most popular platforms and explain why they are valuable to businesses.

Selling digital products like online courses, software, graphic and digital arts, and ebooks has never been easier.

But which platform to choose when it comes to selling digital products I hard to examine. So if you are looking for the top 10 best platforms to sell digital products then this article is just for you.

In this post, we’re ranking the top 10 best platforms to sell digital products. Some of the platforms mentioned below can also help you sell memberships and physical products. Let’s get started!

10 Best Platforms To Sell Digital Products 2023

1 Sellfy

Sellfy is our recommended platform when it comes to selling digital products. It’s perfect for those who want advanced features to sell digital products.

The setup process is very simple, the added benefit is that you can sell both physical and digital products with Sellfy. 

You can sell any kind of digital product with Sellfy. It is one of the most robust platforms for selling digital products online.

Sellfy has feature-rich Landing pages which are customizable according to your needs. Some of the top marketing features of Sellfy are discount codes, upselling, pixel tracking, and email marketing.

Sellfy helps you earn more by allowing your customers to purchase numerous items at once with an online shopping cart.

Sellfy enables you to sell from your website, and social media as well. The pages are perfectly optimized for mobile devices for the best user experience.

Sellfy has a free trial and comes with three pricing plans i.e $29 per month, $79 per month, and $159 per month. The starter plan is the recommended one if you are looking to start your journey with digital products.

2 BigCommerce

BigCommerce does not need any introduction in this list. The platform can be used to sell digital products or physical products.

Big Commerce is well known for its scalability. The way your business moves with the time you can scale it accordingly with BigCommerce.

It also comes with mobile optimization so creating landing pages just becomes awesome as it caters to phone and tablet users.

BigCommerce comes with a lot of powerful tools which help your business to scale very well over time.

BigCommerce analytics allows you to Act with confidence by unlocking useful customer data and insights. Reports also help you to find out which of your products are ushering the most profitable revenue results for your organization.

There is no set dollar amount, as we provide pricing tailored to each merchant’s needs at any stage of growth. 

BigCommerce has a free trial and the starter plan starts at $29.95 which is great to start a digital store for your products.

3 Thinkific

Thinkific is a well-known platform for creating and selling online courses. Creating an online course in Thinkific is easy you just have to use its drag-and-drop elements.

There are a ton of templates available in Thinkific to see for your online courses. Create your perfect course with the help of quizzes, templates, and coupons.

With the help of the Thinkific App Store, you can integrate your course with industry leaders to automate emails, and convert leads.

If you’re looking for a top-notch platform that will let you sell eBooks online with powerful course-creation systems then Thinkific is your number one option.

Thinkific free plan is just for test drive however if you seriously considering a platform to sell online courses and digital products then the recommended plan to start with comes with $39 per month.

4 Payhip

When it comes to selling digital products Payhip is still in the top 5 list. You can use this platform to sell ebooks, courses, software, design assets, music, or any type of digital product straight to your customers.

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Customers who purchase your digital products via Payhip will be able to download them instantly. Payhip even sends emails to customers to find their downloads.

You can sell directly to the customer with websites, blogs, and social media. Social discounts and coupon offer will make your sale increase in a more efficient manner.

Payhip also makes it extremely easy to embed the checkout and shopping cart. Customize all aspects of your checkout to match your branding and make customers feel happy.

You can start with the free plan however the transaction fee is 5%, the plus plan starts at $29 per month with a +2% transaction fee, and the pro plan at $99 per month with 0 transaction fees. Payhip is number 4 in our list of 10 best platforms to sell digital products in 2023.

5 Podia

Podia is a one-stop destination for selling digital goods like online courses, Ebooks, webinars, coaching sessions, workshops, and more.

One of the key benefits of using Podia is that it authorizes you to upload unlimited files and videos. It also enables you to set up different payment plans, does upsell, and offer quizzes.

There are no transaction fees on Podia however you still have to pay Stripe and PayPal’s processing fees.

If you are an expert on some things that may be formatted in digital forms then Podia is just for you.

You can also add images, videos, and a lot more to your campaigns to make them interactive. Podia has a free plan and the recommended mover plan of Podia starts at $39 per month, $89 for the “Shaker” option and $199 for the “Earthquaker”.

6 Sendowl

SendOwl is a platform particularly designed for selling digital goods, subscriptions, memberships, and more.

The platform comes with every tool for selling, marketing, and analyzing the products and revenue.

Sendowl helps creators successfully sell and offer audiobooks, ebooks, photography, software, memberships, event tickets, online courses, and much more.

One of the main features is that it Integrates SendOwl with your current website or blog, the team with Shopify, and sells anywhere with payment links.

You can also stay connected with customers who abandoned checkout via automated email marketing. Sendowl really comes with top-notch service and features.

The pricing plan of SendOwl starts at $15 which caters to only 30 products, you can upgrade to Premium at $24 per month for 100 products and Business at $39 per month for 250 products. There’s a basic plan of $9 per month which is too limited.

7 Gumroad

Talking about digital products and not mentioning Gumroad would not be good for anyone. Gumroad is surely a game-changer for lot o creators.

Gumroad is a platform where people come to discover and buy digital products, its discover function surely helps creators to make huge sales.

If you’d like to share your audios, music and sound designs, software, animations, photography, and designs then Gumroad is the platform for you.

You can also power up your page by easily embedding your payment platform and ‘follow’ button on your existing site.

Plunge deeper into your sales with the help of powerful analytics that can assist you to improve your products.

You can start free with Gumroad, and if you sell more, you pay less in transaction fees.

8 Teachable

top 10 best platforms to sell digital products

Teachable excels when it comes to selling online courses, and coaching services. The platform has more than 100,000 creators who’ve sold over $1 billion in courses and coaching.

You can sell digital products on your own terms which include price, descriptions, categories, etc.

Teachable provides you with everything you could ever need to build and sell online courses and coaching.

Teachable is surely one of the top names when it comes to selling online courses and coaching services.

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Pricing of Teachable starts at $39 per month, however, you have to pay only $29 per month if you pick the annual payment options. This plan helps you to create unlimited courses.

9 ClickFunnels

top 10 best platforms to sell digital products

ClickFunnels lets anyone build sales funnels that transform leads into customers. you can create effective sales funnels in minutes and sell digital products in the blink of an eye.

What is unique about this platform is that they give you everything you need to draw visitors.

A sales funnel is just like a specialist salesperson that recognizes passing customers, shows them the exact product they needed, and sells them after cultivating their trust.

The basic Clickfunnel plans start with $97/mo which helps you to create 20 funnels and then come to the platinum plan with $297/mo which allows for creating unlimited funnels for your business. ClickFunnels is number 9 in our list of 10 best platforms to sell digital products in 2023.

10 Easy Digital Downloads

top 10 best platforms to sell digital products

Easy Digital Downloads is the best plugin to sell any kind of digital goods on your website. For digital products, it is the number one plugin in WordPress.

Zero transaction fees and a setup process are very seamless. If you are Selling products like eBooks, software, videos, music, and courses Easy Digital Downloads is a trusted solution.

It has a ton of features that give you finer control over your online store. EDD comes up with payment flexibility, discount codes, unlimited file downloads, and a lot more.

It also provides third-party integrations with popular services like MailChimp, Dropbox, Stripe, PayPal, AWeber, Zapier, and Slack.

Its pricing starts with the Personal Pass plan of $99/year, Extended Pass of $199/year, Professional Pass of $299/year, and All-Access Pass of $499/year.

11 Memberpress

top 10 best platforms to sell digital products

This is another top plugin like EDD that is suitable for selling digital products. Memberpress already has thousands of creators who have together accumulated over $1 billion in revenue.

You can Sell more and hold your customers with easy-to-customize coupons. MemberPress also incorporates with WooCommerce, so you can sweeten the features of your online store efficiently.

The Pricing starts at $15/month, the other plans come with added functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best platform to sell digital products is the one that you are most comfortable with. If you are comfortable with Sellfy, then you should use Sellfy. If you are comfortable with BigCommerce, then use BigCommerce.

The thing is, there are many platforms out there that allow you to sell digital products as well as physical products. So, if you’re looking to sell just digital products then Sellfy and BigCommerce are the two best options.

As a digital product creator, you may be wondering where to sell your products. The answer is simple: there are many places to sell your digital products online.

Here are some of the best places to sell your digital products:






Selling digital products is a great way to make money online. It’s an easy way to start a business without having to worry about inventory or shipping. You can sell your product from the comfort of your own home and make money instantly.

The best way to sell digital products is through e-commerce platforms like Sellfy or BigCommerce. These sites allow you to set up your own shop, sell your product and make money with little effort on your part. You can also create your own website and sell directly from there if you want more control over how things are done.

Some of the most popular ways to sell digital products include Digital goods such as ebooks, music files, and software programs.

Digital products are any product that is delivered digitally. This includes, but is not limited to:



Online courses/programs


Memberships (video training, mentoring, etc.)

Online courses/programs (usually delivered via email or other online platforms)

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