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Ronaldo warns Juventus are ready to conquer ‘Italy, and Europe’ in 2020-21

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Cristiano Ronaldo has used social networking sites, Instagram to transmit a warning to their rival clubs, he expressed with the post on Instagram that he aims to “conquer Italy Europe and the world” with Juventus in 2020-21.

Juventus were not at its best in the 2019-20 season and that can be seen in their performance. Despite winning back to back Serie A title as a team they failed to win the Copa Italia which they have won 13 times before which is the most for any Italian club. Juventus were also knocked out of the Champions League in the last 16 against Lyon.

Ronaldo was usually at its best scoring 37 goals in all competitions for Juventus but despite that he lost the European golden shoe to Ciro Immobile and now he has totally focussed himself on conquering the world with Juventus in 2020/21 campaign.

The Champions League defeat to Lyon was the great embarrassment for the club as they are favourite to go through to the next round and that ultimately cost Maurizio Sarri his job at Juventus with Andrea Pirlo taking the role as his replacement.

Ronaldo posted on his official Instagram account, “As I’m getting ready for my third season as a Bianconero, my spirit and ambition are as high as ever,”

“Goals. Victories. Commitment. Dedication. Professionalism. With all my strength and with the precious help from my team-mates and all of the Juventus staff, we work once again to conquer Italy, Europe, and the world!

Breaking records. Overcoming obstacles. Winning titles and achieving personal goals. To do more and better once and again. To reach higher and to succeed in all challenges that may come our way.

“Making every year into an adventure better than the one before and winning everything for our fans and supporters. To be the bearers of this amazing and unique passion that is Juventus, and to live up to its history, elevating our name, our values and our standards as high as possible.”

Ronaldo ended up the post with strong emoji at the end.

Ronaldo wrote: “We are Juventus! We are the champions! We are back and stronger than ever! We are counting on you! All together! Fino Alla Fine!”

The new Serie A season will start soon on September 19 with a unique record in line. Juventus could become the first team ever to win the Italian title 10 times consecutively, with Inter and AC Milan are the only team in Italian league who have won the Italian title more than 10 times in their entire history.

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