Ronaldo pens emotional letter to fans amid coronavirus pandemic

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One of the greats of football Ronaldo Nazario penned a heartfelt message to the fans and the supporters of Real Valladolid, the club he owns in La Liga.

Clubs have taken different ways to send the message to fans to keep the spirit high in a situation where there is no activity and people stuck at home due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Brazilian legend praised fans and the supporters for keeping each other safe from the Coronavirus pandemic by staying at home and he also compared the challenge of overcoming this pandemic with his struggles of overcoming serious injuries that he has faced during his career.

Ronaldo wrote an emotional open letter on the club’s website.

“For weeks I have been thinking about how to connect or contact you in these delicate moments(Coronavirus Pandemic) of confinement and bad news.

“Finally, I have decided to send you this letter, and I hope you can feel the love and reflection with which I have written it.

“From my house to yours. From my family to your family.

“We are split by physical distance, but I am assured that we have never been so close. Empathy is what unites and bonds us together. The collective spirit, responsibility, humanity.

“We are inside our houses for ourselves, for those we love a lot, for all whom we do not know and for those as well who can no longer be with us. We are trying to help each other by enhancing this solidarity in multiple ways.

“Football has taught me a lot of things in life. The biggest was how to overcome things.”

“When I suffered from the worst serious knee injury in my life, there were people who said that I would never play football again in my life and that I could never even walk again.”

“I felt like my own life was being taken from me. It was one of those moments in my life that my limits were tested, and I fought to change those judgments of all the people who think that I could not play football again and show everyone that I could do what I wanted most in my life(Football).”

“In the end, the best moment came in my life, perhaps the most iconic moment of my entire football career: in 2002, in Japan, playing a World Cup final with Brazil. Scoring two goals against the top international team Germany in the world cup final. For my country, the title of a five-time champion; for me, the consecration of my return.”

“They were three very hard years of reestablishment, motivated by the desire to feel all that I could only feel on the field, with the ball at my feet.”

“I am sure that you too, when you look back at your life, you will remember how many times you failed and got up, of all your battles, and how many times you managed to overcome the difficulties, throughout your life, to make the impossible possible and get to where you are being who you are.”

Ronaldo concluded by advising fans to keep the faith in yourself and come out stronger than before from all of this.

“Off the field, I am still motivated to overcome every challenge that I will face in my life in the future. And personally, that I have come after you to this family, I thank you for being with me.”

“Stay strong. We are together and we will come out stronger from all this.”

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