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Robin Uthappa eyeing for T20Is comeback

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Robin Uthappa is out of indian team since 2015.Robin Uthappa has last played an international match against zimbabwe in 2015.

The Ramp shot at oval,hitting over the bowler’s head and his unorthodox cricket shots are the first few things which strike our mind,when we heard about Robin Uthappa.

Robin uthappa had played 46 ODI,13 T20I and 177 IPL matches in which he scored 934,249 and 4411 runs respectively.

Uthappa told ESPNcricinfo””Right now I just looking out to be competitive. I still have that fire within me, I really want to compete and do well. I believe that I have a World Cup left in me, so I’m pursuing that, especially the shortest format,”

He added”The blessings of lady luck or God or whatever you call it, plays a big factor. Especially in India, it becomes so much more evident. I don’t think it is as evident when you’re playing cricket outside of India,”.

“But in the subcontinent and India especially, with the amount of potential and the talented player that we have in our country, all of those aspects become evident.”

“You can never write yourself off. You would be unfair to yourself if you write yourself off. Especially if you think and believe in your talent and ability you always have chance it just needed right time to grab it,So I still believe in that outside chance”.

“I still believe that things can go well and I would be one of the player of that world cup winning team and play a massive role in that as well. Those dreams are still alive and I just have to keep playing cricket till that is alive.”

He further added”What I’ve been trying to do is to make sure that I’m well prepared. Opening the batting is something I can do at any given time. I’m trying to make sure I’m well prepared and ready to bat in the middle order as well,”

“One of the things that we need today in Indian cricket is a good finisher, and that’s something that I’m trying to do and preparing myself and working hard on. It’s something I’m looking forward to improving on a day to day basis.”

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