Kaka remembers an authentic relationship with Ac Milan Fans

ricardo kaka-ricardo kaka in red black ac milan jersey after scoring the goal


Kaka remembers the authentic relationship that he shared with the fans during his two spells at the club.

During his two spells at the club between 2003-09 and 2013-14, Kaka established himself as one of the greats of the club and the best player in the world when he won Serie A, Champions League and was crowned Ballon d’Or winner in December 2007, with almost twice the votes than Ronaldo who has been in second place.

In an interview with Ac Milan’s official app, the Ac Milan star recalled all those moments and love that he sent to the stand at San Siro.

Kaka said“What made it so great is how authentic it was,”

“I hadn’t planned it thinking ‘I want to do this to make the fans like me’, it was very natural.”

Kaka left Ac Milan in 2009 for a new challenge in La Liga and he joined Real Madrid, although the move for Real Madrid was not worth remembering for Kaka, he won the Spanish League La Liga, Copa Del Rey, and Spanish Super Cup during his tenure at Real Madrid.

Kaka played four seasons with Real Madrid and he left the club for one more season with the club that he loves the most(Ac Milan).

Kaka retired from the game that he admires a lot in 2017, but he says he still remembers the song that fans made for him and that songs bring all the emotions and affection of the best years of his footballing career during his spell at the club.

“My chant: ‘We came all this way, we came all this way, to see Kaka score’,” he remembered.

“Every time I hear that song when I return to San Siro and they sing it when I watch a video online and they’re singing it, it still gives me goosebumps because of all the emotions tied to it.”

Carlo Ancelotti is another person who is taking part in the interview.

Carlo Ancelotti was the coach under which Ac Milan had won the Champions League in 2007 taking the best revenge with Liverpool 2 years after losing the Champions League final in 2005 in Istanbul.

Carlo Ancelotti is a manager who is known for his passionate singing, and he has shown in recent years chanting fans to celebrate the victorious moments when he won at Real Madrid, Chelsea, and Bayern Munich.

Ancelotti said“I definitely sang somewhere, perhaps in some holiday resort with [former Milan CEO Adriano] Galliani, but I definitely sang,”

“It is something nobody can take from me after winning a title!

“I didn’t sing at the stadium because I seem to remember there not being a celebration, but I certainly sang.”

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