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Mbappe ready to make history with Champions League win

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Kylian Mbappe said he is ready for the showdown at Lisbon. Kylian Mbappe is an asset for PSG since he joined. Mbappe said he joined Paris Saint Germain to create history and by winning the Champions League against Bayern Munich he would fulfill his dream to become a European Champion.

PSG showed sizzling performance in the Semi-final and defeated RB Leipzig to reach their first Champions League final against the Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich.

Mbappe reached the Champions League semi-finals with Monaco in 2017 and Neymar won the Champions League in 2015 with Barcelona, since then both are looking for European glory with PSG. PSG will go head to head against Bayern Munich at Lisbon for the final showdown.

Mbappe seemed to be perfectly fit and looking sharp and comfortable after coming back from an ankle injury and is determined and confident enough to assure PSG win the biggest European Competition for the first time in history.

Mbappe told in a news conference.”This is exactly the reason I am here, I always said I wanted to write the history of French football. I have another opportunity to do that tomorrow.

“When I arrived in 2017, PSG had some flaws and difficulties, now we’re in the final, It shows we never gave up and it will be an amazing thing for a French team to win the Champions League. It’s why I signed.

“I have always dreamed of facing the best players. You want to face and beat the best. We need to play as we always do. We hope to go back to Paris with the cup. It’s the biggest club competition.

“Obviously it’s not easy to play behind closed doors. We would have wanted the fans to be there and support us but we know they will be supporting us. It’s still a Champions League final. It is a very special year.”

Mbappe said that he is in a comfortable mood ahead of Champions League final against Bayern Munich he also confirmed that he has fully redeemed himself from the injury that he got while playing in the final of Coupe de France.

He added “I feel even better the more days that pass. I’m good,”

“I think the games have helped me prepare for the final. Munich is in the form they showed that with recent performance but every team has flaws. We know they don’t like to change the game. We look forward to playing tomorrow.”

Thomas Tuchel’s are always under the radar for his work as a coach, but Mbappe believes that Tuchel has done a great job to help the team to reach the first Champions League final.

Mbappe further added when asked about the PSG’s squad and the coach “Yes, of course, Completely, the players are supporting the coach,”

“I heard myself, and I know a lot of people were criticizing the coach that he is not able to manage the big players.

“Honestly I think he’s managing the best season in his coaching career. We are in the Champions League final. He really pushed us and we are in a good state of mind.

“There were some exceptions during the season, it can happen in every team around the world, but we really have faith in him and we will play for him.”

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