Former England skipper Nasser Hussain calls for ICC to change ‘bad light’ laws in Test cricket

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England Great and former skipper Nasser Hussain wants the ICC to change rules and regulations related to bad light which has affected Test matches over the last couple of years.

England and the West Indies’ first test match was held on Wednesday and after 17.4 overs due to bad light and rain, the opening day was called off. Earlier there are a couple of matches which were called off due to bad lights and the former England skipper wants ICC to change bad lights laws so it does not affect the game of cricket.

ICC leaves the decision on-field umpires ” whether light is appropriate for the game to continue or it would be dangerous or unreasonable for play to take place”.

Hussain, who was former England captain and one of the greats of England Cricket feels that the umpires must keep the players on the ground for a longer duration even if light might be considered poor.

Nasser Hussain said on Sky Sports Cricket.”It’s one thing you have to try and explain to somebody new to the game. You spend a lot of money on lights, turn the lights on and go off for light. On this occasion, they’ve gone off for rain. It is something eventually that I’d like the ICC to change really,”

“They might say ‘You’re a retired player’ and stats, but look at that, the lights are on. If it wasn’t raining now, maybe the players could buy into the fact that the game needs to keep selling itself and if you can stay on, do stay on.”

The bad light laws have previously affected the game of cricket and many others criticized the rule in the past.

Previously First Test between India and Sri Lanka at the MA Chidambaram stadium in Chennai was stopped due to bad light during the fourth day of the test match.

In 2019 Bad light stopped play on the third day of the fourth and final Test between India and Australia on Saturday umpires called off play on the third day after ruling that light was poor to continue.

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