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Virat Kohli says his elevation to captaincy happened because of MS Dhoni’s confidence in him

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Virat Kohli on Saturday said his elevation to captaincy has a lot to do with Mahendra Singh Dhoni keenly observing his cricket smarts for six-seven long years.

Virat Kohli on Instagram chat with teammate Ravichandran Ashwin spoke that he always want to take the responsibility and lead the team and becoming the captain for India is a part of that process.

Virat Kohli replied on the process of becoming the captain of the Indian team”I think a large portion of me becoming captain was a lot to do with him (MSD) observing and discovering my talent for a long period of time. It just can’t happen like he goes and selectors say ‘you become captain’,”

“The guy who is there for the team and takes responsibility and says okay I think this is the next guy who will lead the team and I will tell you how he is going and then slowly that transition is formed.”

Kohli further added”I think he played a big role in that and it takes six-seven years to build that trust, it just doesn’t happen overnight,”
The transition happened when Kohli started taking regular advice and understand Dhoni’s brains for all tactical moves while they are on the field.

“I think that is the transition that slowly happens, then with your entry in the game you start talking to the captain regularly.

“I was always in MS’s (Dhoni) ears, standing next to him, ‘yeh kar sakte ho, woh kar sakte ho (can we try these things), what do you think, he would deny a lot of things but he would discuss a lot of things as well, so he got a lot of confidence that I can do this (captain) after him,” Kohli said.

Taking responsibility is something that I really like and always wanted to lead by an example, Kohli said during the live chat on Instagram.

“I was inclined to taking responsibility. Becoming the Indian team captain was not even in my wildest dreams, to be honest. We all started playing at a similar time, I made my Test debut before you, you (Ashwin) made it just after in the next series.

“And after that it’s all about playing for the country, wanting to be in the XI regularly, wanting to put my foot down and say I didn’t play all the games but I wanted to be discussed whether this guy is good enough to play or not.”

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