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‘No problems’, says Misbah-ul-Haq on the prospect of matches being held in empty stadiums with safety protocols

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Pakistan head coach, chief selector and former Pakistan great Misbah-ul-Haq said it’s quite depressing to be at home due to coronavirus lockdown and he wants cricket activities to be started soon even though matches will take place behind the closed doors with proper safety measures.

There are reports and claims that England Cricket Board want to reschedule and reorganize the three test match against Pakistan behind the closed doors with all the safety protocols to be in mind. The matches are going to take place in three different venues, Manchester, Old Trafford, and Southampton.

On Coronavirus lockdown, Misbah said that he would love to see some cricket activities on the field and has no problems playing without the fans and spectators in a situation like this.

he said.”It is not a perfect situation to play the game for anyone because of this coronavirus pandemic which halted the sports league and tournament all over the world and obviously the health and well being of everyone is always been a top priority in such a situation. But if matches can be held even in empty stadiums with the right safety measures … I would have no problems,”

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The former Pakistani great said that the players have nothing to do except staying at home for the last two months since the Pakistan Super League (PSL) was called off due to the global Coronavirus Pandemic in March.

Misbah further said”Everyone is constricted and I just think that if there is a possibility that we can bring some live cricket action to all of the Cricket fans sitting at home it would do them a lot of good,”

“It becomes disheartening when you have nothing to do at home except listening to all those COVID-19 news. In this situation, if sports can be resumed and if cricket can be started and telecasted live, at least that will allow the cricket fans to watch cricket at home.”

Misbah, who took the charge as a chief selector and head coach of Pakistan, said if the right safety measures and precautions are taken place for players, match officials, and other stakeholders, cricket boards can move forward.

He, however, reminded that boards will have to work accordingly and follow all the government instructions on the coronavirus pandemic.

German football league Bundesliga is set to resume on 16 May amid coronavirus pandemic and Misbah said it was a piece of positive news for all the fans around the world.

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He said”the way they got the clearance from their government. Cricket boards also have to do the same which will bring some positivity,”

Misbah said the players were responsible for maintaining the fitness standards during these tough times and he expects them to be in great shape and form whenever cricket resumes after the lockdown.

He further added”I told them as cricket professionals that it is their individual responsibility to be in a good shape, maintain fitness and take care of themselves. Because they can be called on duty anytime,”

He said he had told the players that fitness is the most important aspect and are very essential nowadays because if they are fit they can get back to form and match fitness quickly.

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