Messi can’t be compared with anyone says, Valverde

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According to former Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde, Messi “can’t be compared with anyone”.He thinks the best player(Messi) in the world is a very easy player to coach.

Under Ernesto Valverde Barcelona played 163 games, winning 108, 35 draws, and 20 defeats. During that time as a coach, he has claimed four trophies: two La Liga titles, a Copa del Rey and a Spanish Super Cup.

Messi was one of the main reasons for Barcelona’s success during that tenure. Under Valverde’s leadership, Messi scored 96 goals throughout the two-season and he has been awarded the Ballon D’or sixth time in 2020.

Barcelona Champion’s League failure under Valverde leads the Barcelona to sack Valverde in 2020 with former Real Betis manager Quique Setién.

Ernesto Valverde said “Messi can’t be compared with anyone,” during a conference with the Basque Football Federation and the Basque Committee of Coaches.

“It’s very hard to tell him if you’ve seen this or another player when he does such amazing things in training that you haven’t seen yourself in football life.

“A lot of times, from the touchline, you’re always imagining what can be the best on the field in a particular situation and, ultimately, he sees it much better than you from on the pitch.

Messi is a very effortless player to coach because he also has a great desire with respect to the team that he is playing. He has a great ambition to win, he always feels such a responsibility to the game as for the club. He communicates that to the group and it forces everyone to be at a higher level so that it can be best for the team.

“Seeing him play at the highest level from last 10 years is impressive… but even more so from up close.”

“It’s about trying to be ahead to a rival and dominate in the game in the best possible way, which is having create more chances than your opposite team and they have fewer than you,” he added.

“There is the situation in the match when you have possession with the ball and not chances and without chances, you don’t have that superiority, but to have chances, you have to have the ball.

“I like being the master of the ball because that’s the only way you can take it off your opponent. The question then is if you’re deep or not with that ball. Each person has to see how they feel at ease to be able to get their message across.

“Ultimately, possession is a way to have full control of the game and to win a game. It’s a bit magnified by the media, but it’s nothing more than criteria. If you want to be aggressive with the ball, you also have to be aggressive without it.

“In my case, it’s about wanting to take the initiative and to have full control of the game and that happens because the opponent don’t want to play.”

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