Jadon Sancho won’t be leaving Dortmund for 100m after coronavirus pandemic hits finances says Merson

jadon sancho-jadon sancho after celebrating the goal in yellow home jersey of borussia dortmund


Jadon sancho is one of the most promising young talents in world football,but according to paul merson he won’t be leaving Borussia dortmund for a record breaking fee in summer window as coronavirus pandemic hits the finances.

Jadon Sancho has been linked with manchester united with astronomical transfer fees of 100m to 125m,a deal that will break many previous transfer records and Sancho would become one of the most expensive english player of all time.

However the coronovirus pandemic affected lot of clubs from all over the world,as the game stops and major leagues and european competition has been halted for a while.

Covid-19 outbreak putting a significant amount of financial pressure to all the clubs around the world and that’s the reason Merson believes that record breaking transfers are not possible in such scenario for a while now.

Merson said in his weekly column for Daily Star”All the talk about Jadon Sancho shattering transfer fee of £100m-plus has been blown out of the water if you ask me,”

“Borussia Dortmund are said to be demanding in excess amount of figure for one of Europe’s most promising young talents, but they can forget it.

“There’s no way that this transfer gonna happen. It’s gone – over and out.

“Top clubs can’t be putting staff on furlough and then start forking out that kind of money the minute the transfer window opens.

“It’s not just the transfer fee, but with players with that price tag comes a pay packet of around £300,000 a week and that’s just not going to happen for a while now”

“The environment has been changed not just for everyone on the planet but for football as well.

“Really expensive transfer moves may be off the table for a while now.

“With the financial situation as it is, how would it look for clubs struggling to pay their staff and then transfer deadline day arrives and it flashes up on the screen that £900m splashed out on players? There would be uproar.”

Jadon sancho has been a hot topic in football.He is one of the best young player of his generation.Jadon Sancho already made a lot of headlines and achievement in his career.

The young sensation(Jadon Sancho) has attracted a lot of attentions from top clubs in europe,including top premier league clubs Liverpool,chelsea and Manchester United.

Jadon Sancho has also been linked to Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich and Ligue 1 top club paris Saint germain.

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