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Green Man Gaming Review – A Gamers’ Paradise

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In this post, we will do a Green Man Gaming review and find out if Green Man Gaming is legit.

Steam is the biggest video game digital distribution service in the town. After a great launch in 2003, Steam now became the most popular game digital distribution service.

Steam is packed with features combined with an extended library of games. Today we will review Green Man Gaming, the biggest alternative to steam.

Green Man Gaming is an online marketplace bundled with the newest and biggest PC games. Green Man Gaming could be the best place to find your next game, especially if you’re looking for a top-notch deal.

If you are looking for a Green Man Gaming review and want to be sure of whether or not you should purchase games from them, this ultimate post will help you out.

The internet opens the digital world for all users and it is more prevalent than it was a decade ago. But Users are still required to be careful, especially when buying any product from unknown storefronts for the first time.

Today, we will take a deep look into Green Man Gaming and will provide a conclusive answer to whether the digital platform is indeed legit or not.

Green Man Gaming Review

What is Green Man Gaming?

Green Man Gaming was Established in 2009. It is a UK-based digital video game retailer that deals with digital versions of PC, Nintendo 3DS, and PlayStation 4 titles.

It does business in 195 countries and in 16 different currencies. Green Man Gaming is available in different language portals including English, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese.

It mainly concentrates on in-game keys with the majority of keys being redeemable on the biggest platform like Steam including other gaming platforms like Ubisoft’s Uplay.

Green Man gaming initially sold physical versions of PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games. They were also active in selling other Peripherals like controllers.

Green Man Gaming has official partnerships with Nintendo and Sony Interactive Entertainment.

They also give a VIP membership to faithful customers who’ve bought a large number of games on the site.

This membership can’t be bought it was available for loyal customers by invite-only. VIP membership has some additional perks it gives access to a special VIP area on the site. Membership also provides users with free games and exclusive discounts.

Green Man Gaming website also has an active forum where users can join in the discussion about different video game topics.

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Green Man Gaming Legit or Not?

The most annoying thing that happens when someone purchases digital games is that the code does not work.

There is a large number of online storefronts that sell keys for digital games. But deciding which one to choose is a tedious task.

Someone dealing with Steam and Origin storefronts in the past, may not have faced any issues while purchasing keys for digital games.

The game key is a 15-letter or number code that helps you to redeem the game. It might have happened when you are searching for great deals for video games, a large number of websites pop up and provide you with huge discounts for the game that you’re interested in.

Once you pay the money and receive the key, you may face a situation where the key is already been redeemed and there is no way for a refund.

However, Green Man Gaming has proven its worth as a legit site for purchasing game keys as every game comes directly from publishers. If the keys have any problem you can immediately refund or replace them with Green Man Gaming.

Green Man Gaming is a safe online storefront to buy from. The customer support is great you will receive a quick reply when you face any problem with your keys.

One of the biggest advantages of Green Man Gaming is that it sells games at a nominal price if you compared it with the other platforms.

You can also pre-order a huge catalog of upcoming games at a very low price, saving you a large amount of money.

Green Man Gaming also offers an amazing service called Lucky Dip. Users just have to pay the nominal fee of 99 pence and the game would be chosen randomly from a list of 45 titles. So it’s just like a surprise you never know what you will receive until you buy it.

Green Man Gaming always runs huge discounted sales throughout the year. Always check out the website for great deals.

Green Man Gaming Deals

Green Man Gaming offers a large number of discounts on different video games that they offer. Provide a large number of deals and sales throughout the year.

Green man gaming host a Holiday and winter sale in which they offer huge discounts on a large number of games across multiple platforms.

They have an extensive library of blockbuster games on their storefront. Purchasing a large number of games with Green man Gaming gives you a huge discount and it would be a bargain offer for you.

They sell third-party game keys, but you will be amazed to know that they are partnered with big platforms including Steam, Sony, Ubisoft, Bethesda, and Capcom. So if you are planning to purchase any games do it confidently.

Green Man Gaming Pros and Cons


  • Extensive library with newest releases.
  • Frequent and huge discounts.
  • Every game comes directly from publishers
  • Refund or replace the keys if having a problem


  • Sometimes issues with redeeming the keys
  • The library doesn’t stand out when compared to the competitors.

Final Verdict: Green Man Gaming is legit

We have done a detailed review of Green Man Gaming highlighting its Pros and Cons. This post helps you decide and better understand the legitimacy of Green Man Gaming.

Overall Green Man Gaming is trustworthy and safe to buy from. Deals are always running on different time frames so always check out the site for huge discounts.

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