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FIFA 21 Fastest Players: Attackers, midfielders & defenders

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Speed always plays an important factor in FIFA 21. One attribute that we always want players to have is the speed to outclass any defenders in FIFA 21. So, it’s important to know the fastest players at each position to create the best possible squad.

Pace always plays a vital role when building a squad on FIFA. The game becomes much more manageable when we have the fastest players in the wings and the fastest defenders to defend. So it’s obvious to build the team around the players who have speed.

As I said earlier speed is equally important for the players who are in the attacking, midfield, or defending position. That’s why we’ve created this article to list down the fastest attackers, defenders, and midfielders in FIFA 21.

So if you’re a person who likes to build the team around fast players, this post is just for you. It looks like speed continues to play an important factor in the upcoming series of FIFA.

Now let’s check out the top 10 fastest players in FIFA 21:-

FIFA 21 Fastest Players

Adama Traore

The fastest man in the Premier League tops our list, and he totally deserves it. A pace of 96 and dribbling of 86 is enough to scare any defenders in FIFA 21. The added attribute is his physicality of 80 which makes him impossible to beat in one on one situations.

Traore can amaze you in two ways, the Winger is capable to outpace any player with his speed and his class dribbling. Just configure him in the squad and he will not disappoint you.

Kylian Mbappe

Mbappe is currently the best player in FIFA 21. Kylian Mbappe’s stats are just insane. He is one of the fastest players in FIFA 21. A pace of 96 and a dribbling of 91 are one of the best you will get in any player in FIFA 21. He is just impossible to chase and makes life difficult for any defenders in the game.

The most wanted man in the game and the joint-fastest player available in FIFA 21. His stats are improving year after year and he is likely to hold it in the upcoming series of FIFA.

Kylian Mbappe is just unbelievable to watch. He can pass any world-class defender with ease. Having Mbappe in the squad makes life easy for players in FIFA 21. Just go with Mbappe and everything will be fine.

Alphonso Davies

What a start he has. A Bayern Munich star player Alphonso Davies does not need any introduction to this list. Davies has a speed of 96 and a dribbling of 82 makes him number 3 on our list of fastest players. His performance will help him to get better stats in the upcoming series of FIFA.

When you talk about the most talented full-back you have to place Alphonso Davies at the top of the list. Davies played a vital role in helping Bayern win the sextuple. The biggest threat to the defenders is his speed. He uses his speed both defensively and offensively to create chances in the game.

There is no denying the fact that Davies is the best Full-Back in the world right now. Alphonso has great stats in the game thanks to his sizzling performance for Bayern Munich. Every player wants him in the team as nobody is better than him in his respective position.

Daniel James

Daniel James secures his place as one of the quickest players in the Premier League. His pace of 95 is something that you will find rare in any player. he is number 4 on our list of fastest players in FIFA 21.

Daniel James may not be the best player with his performance but he also creates chances with his quick feet. His speed always creates a problem for the opposition team.

Daniel James could be a great boost to the team. The teenager has shown signs of improvement and there is no doubt he is here to stay. When building the squad you must go with James, definitely worth having on the team.

Vinicius Jr

Vinicius Jr is another player with a great pace. His speed of 95 makes him one of the best players with high-speed ratings. The teenager has the potential to become one of the best in the future.

The player has a mixed start to his career at Real Madrid but he is definitely the hot property in the future for Madrid. Vinicius is known for his skillful move, dribbling, and most importantly his peed.

The important thing to remember he is still very young and improving year after year. The Left-Winger can make things difficult with his speed. He is a multidimensional player who can do a lot of things on the pitch. Vinícius Jr. has a lot to offer if he continues playing for Real Madrid.

Kensuke Nagai

Kensuke Nagai is not a household name in football FIFA has rated him high on the list of fastest players in the game. He is symbolizing the J-League in FIFA 21 with a speed of 95 he is capable of doing wonders in the game.

Japan international has shown no sign of stopping even at the age of 31. He is number 6 on our list of fastest players. So if you are looking for a player with high speed and quick moves, definitely worth adding him to the squad.

Anibal Chala

Anibal Chala is a talented full-back with high-octane speed. He has a speed of 95 which is too good for any fullback in the game.

Though Chala’s speed is an advantage for any team while his overall rating is not a great thing to consider. Chala’s overall rating in the game is 69. Chala plays for the french team Dijon.

Ismaila Sarr

Ismail Sarr is a player worth having when you are building the team around speed. He has a speed of 94, it just takes him a second to pass any defenders in FIFA 21.

The Watford player is capable enough to create danger for any team in the Premier League. His pace and finishing is a notable things to consider. He is number 8 on our list of fastest players in FIFA 21.

Achraf Hakimi

Achraf Hakimi has already shown the world what he is capable of at a very early age. Hakimi’s speed of 94 and his performance throughout the year proved why he is one of the impactful players for Inter Milan. He is still a young player and lot to offer to his team.

The extraordinary wing-back is Inter Milan’s main man for any game. Achraf Hakimi continues to show what he is capable of with his electrifying pace. He is number 9 on our list of fastest players in FIFA 21.

Leon Bailey

Leon Bailer plays for Bayer Leverkusen with a speed rating of 94. Bailey would be a perfect fit on the wing and marking him is impossible for defenders due to his high speed.

The young sensation is a star performer for his team Bayer Leverkusen stars and has been consistent in the Bundesliga for the last couple of years.

The overall rating of the players is 80 which is quite good. He is number 10 on our list of fastest players in FIFA 21.

Fastest Attackers in FIFA 21

Looking for the fastest attackers in FIFA 21 we have got you covered. The ability to beat world-class defenders with speed is a dream for every attacker in the game. We have listed down the top 10 fastest attackers in FIFA 21.

PlayerSpeedOverall RatingClub
Adama Traore9679Wolverhampton Wanderers
Kylian Mbappe9690PSG
Frank Acheampong9476Tianjin Tigers
Vinicius Jr9580Real Madrid
Kensuke Nagai 9570Fc Tokyo
Ismaila Sarr9478Watford
Leon Bailey9480Bayer Leverkusen
Kim In Seong 9471Ulsan Hyundai
Tom Barkhuizen9472Preston North End Fc
Sadio Mane9490Liverpool

Fastest Midfielders in FIFA 21

Midfielders play an important role in creating chances and playmaking. Having a creative midfielder with speed is too good for any team. Let’s check out the fastest midfielders in FIFA 21.

PlayerSpeedOverall RatingClub
Arvin Appiah 9364CD Lugo
Daniel James9577Manchester United
Mathis Bolly9367Molde FK
Achraf Hakimi9583Inter Milan
Igor Madinha9472Sao Paulo
Przemyslaw Placheta9469Norwich City
Nikola Mileusnic9464Randers
Rafa Ferreira Silva9483Benfica
Kim In Seong9471Ulsan Hyundai
Rafa9483Istanbul Basaksehir

Fastest Defenders in FIFA 21

Having defenders with quick feet is just amazing. To tackle the speedy attackers we need defenders With fast speed. This is especially important when the opposition team has pacy wingers. Let’s find out the top 10 fastest defenders in FIFA 21.

PlayerSpeedOverall RatingClub
Alphonso Davies 9681Liverpool
Anibal Chala9669Dijon
Luis Advincula9374Rayo Vallecano
Aurelio Buta9476Royal Antwerp Fc
Falaye Sacko9478Vitoria S.C
Kyle Walker9285Manchester City
DeAndre Yedlin9276Galatasaray
Nelson Semedo9283Wolverhampton Wanderers
Ryan Fredericks9276West Ham United F.C
Ferland Mendy9283Real Madrid

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