Difficult for european football to return before the season ends says Cannavaro

soccer news-fabio cannavaro in black formal jacket in afc champions league


Fabio cannavaro admits that it would be difficult for european football to return before season ends,due to covid-19 outbreak.

Coronavirus outbreak affected all the domestic and european competitions throughout the world including Premier league,La liga,Serie A,Bundesliga,Ligue 1.

Uefa champions league and Uefa europa league finals rescheduled on another date,Uefa euro to be postponed from 2020 to 2021.

Coronavirus affected 434,983 people from all over the world with total number of deaths is 19,607 and total number of people recovered from this virus are 111,870.

Fabio cannavaro believes that football will resume by may.

Fabio cannavaro told Cope “In less than a month it is not known what is going to happen in the world”.

“I think it will take a long time for this to end in Italy and Spain.It will be difficult for European football to return before the season ends.”

He further added “The virus in Guangzhou is under control and life is beginning to go back to normal,there are no more restrictions, only 14 days at home.

“In two days, I finish my quarantine. All of us who come back have to do it.

“Staying at home is essential because we do not give the virus the opportunity to infect more people.

“We have to learn from China, they have more experience in this situation.”

Right now Fabio cannavaro is in charge of one of the top teams in chinese super league Guangzhou evergrande taobao.

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