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Best PES 2021 formations – the best managers in PES 2021 revealed

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In this post, we will discuss the best PES 2021 formations and the managers.

Formations are an important part of the football game. It can make or break the game. So choosing the game formation is equally important in PES 21.

First of all, we will discuss the top 10 formations in PES 21. I highly recommend players choose formation according to their style of play.

Every player has their own preferences so it depends. However, below is the list of formations in PES 2021 with their description which will help the players to make choices.

Players must enable the Fluid Formation that will help the formations to automatically switch between kick-off, When in Possession, and When out of possession during matches.

Best PES 2021 Formations List


This formation has everything. It has a solid defense with four men defending from the back. The formation is very influential for playing possession football. The midfield plays an important role in build-up play and attacks from out wide.


This formation is very influential for attacking. The two wingers with a center forward are the best lineup for any team. This formation can be considered the most balanced formation in PES 21.

For counter-attacking this formation can be used.


A formation with a lot of depth in midfield. This formation requires midfielders with an attacking mindset who can score and also set up the strikers for goals.


This is another formation suitable for players who like counter-attack football. Players have to assemble quality midfielders for better results during the game.


This formation has the most balanced squad. This formation will be well suited for the players who like to attack from the middle and wide areas. It’s a very versatile formation with a solid defensive line with 4 defenders and 2 defensive midfielders.


This formation is suitable for players who prefer build-up play with short passes in the middle of the pitch. If playing from a wide area is not an option then the players must go for this great formation.


A formation with defensive strength requires a great midfielder to run the game for the attacking trio.


This formation has a strong defensive line but lacks in midfield. This formation can be used for its attacking strength.


A formation is known for its core strength in midfield. The players who love possession football will surely love this formation.


This formation requires complete midfielders in the center to create chances for the two players going forward. The defensive line is not so strong so any errors done by the midfielders can cost the game team.

Best Managers in PES 2021

Finding the best manager in PES 21 is always been exciting for the players. Every manager comes with a formation.

Here we will discuss the best managers with the formation and management skills. I have ranked the managers in a way that will suit every player.

So just go with the rankings below without any hesitation while choosing the best manager with the best formation.

Every player has their priorities that’s why we have created this ultimate guide which will help you to find the best manager and the best formation in PES 21.

We have made the top 10 list of the best managers in PES 21. Let’s check out the full manager list for PES 2021.

Image Credit – RealGaming101

PES 21 best managers

RankManagerFormationManagement Skill
1Pep Guardiola4-1-2-3920
2Jurgen Klopp4-3-3920
3Zinedine Zidane4-3-3900
4Diego Simeone4-2-2-2880
5Didier Deschamps4-3-2-1890
6Joachim Low4-3-2-1870
7Jose Mourinho4-2-3-1870
8Luis Enrique4-3-3860
9Thomas Tuchel4-2-2-2860
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