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Best Guns In PUBG Mobile Ranked (2023)

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In this post, we will check out the best guns in Pubg mobile ranked in 2023.

In the exhilarating world of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile, arming yourself with the most potent weaponry is crucial to your survival and triumph.

The year 2023 has witnessed a continuous evolution in the game’s arsenal, with developers introducing new firearms and refining existing ones to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience.

With a wide range of firearms at your disposal, it becomes imperative to discern the best weapons that can give you the edge in your quest for victory.

But just as in classic solitaire – solitaire masters, where each card placement and move requires careful consideration, in PUBG Mobile, your choice of weaponry and tactics can make all the difference between victory and defeat.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the dynamic landscape of PUBG Mobile and present a ranking of the best guns available in the game as of 2023.

Whether you prefer long-range precision, close-quarters combat, or versatility in all scenarios, we will explore the top firearms across various categories to help you make well-informed decisions when assembling your virtual arsenal.

As the game continues to evolve, our ranking takes into account factors such as damage output, rate of fire, accuracy, attachments, and overall reliability to ensure that you stay ahead of the competition. So, strap on your virtual backpack, ready your trigger finger, and let’s dive into the enthralling world of PUBG Mobile’s best guns in 2023.

Most Powerful Guns In Pubg Mobile

1 Assault Rifles: Groza

Image Credit- Gameskinny

The top spot for guns in the assault rifles category in PUBG Mobile goes to Groza. The specialty of this Assault Rifle is that it has the second-highest fire rate among the other Assault Rifles available in PUBG Mobile. In terms of damage, it is head-to-head with AKM with 49.

The Groza has several advantages over other assault rifles. It has a high damage output, a high rate of fire, and a relatively low recoil. This makes it a very effective weapon at close to medium range. It can also be used at long range, but the recoil can make it difficult to control.

The Groza is not without its weaknesses. It has a small magazine capacity, so players will need to be careful not to run out of ammo. It also has a slow reload speed, so players will need to take cover when reloading.

Groza has been referred to as one of the most balanced assault rifles available in the game. Just wait for the enemies to snap with this assault Rifle and the rest will be done by the Groza itself. Just go with the Groza on the battlefield and you will not regret it.

2 Assault Rifles: AKM

Image Credit- Zilliongamer

The number 2 spot goes to AKM. In terms of damage, it is just behind the Groza. One of the advantages of AKM over Groza is that it is available almost everywhere on the battlefield.

The AKM has the defining feature of having the highest single-shot damage compared with the other assault rifles in the game. The players could strike the enemy in a single shot aiming at the head while on the other side, two shots are enough to kill any enemy with this awesome Assault Rifle. 

AKM is equally effective at close range and is one of the most reliable assault rifles in close-range encounters. The gun has a great spawn rate beyond all maps and is regularly available. For the best results equip this gun with a compensator and extended QuickDraw magazine. 

3 Assault Rifles: M416

Image Credit- Zilliongamer

The M416 is a highly dependable and completely autonomous weapon and a single shot is enough to kill any enemies on the battlefield.

M416 allows a slightly higher fire rate as compared to Scar-L and thus it is elevated above the others in this list.

The M416 is also my personal best in PUBG Mobile. M416 has a wider range of attachments and a good rate of fire which is very beneficial while playing PUBG battle royale mode.

One of the biggest advantages of M416 is that it is highly available in the maps of PUBG. This Assault Rifle is highly recommended and a favorite among all the players in the highly anticipated game(PUBG).

M416 also allows a lot of customization than any other weapon in the PUBG Mobile. Attachments are recommended if you want the best out of this gun.

The gun is a precise weapon for beginners and Pros in the game. The gun has a fair spawn rate and is freely available across all maps in PUBG Mobile.

4 Assault Rifles: M16A4

Image Credit- Zilliongamer

The M16A4 is an assault rifle well-suited for long-range kills. The attachments and the customization are not up to the mark as compared to M416.

It has a high damage output, a fast bullet velocity, and a relatively low recoil. However, it does have a slower rate of fire than some other assault rifles.

The M16A4 is best used in burst mode. This allows you to fire three accurate shots in quick succession, which is great for taking down enemies at medium to long range. You can also use the M16A4 in full auto mode, but the recoil can be difficult to control.

The M16A4 is a great all-around weapon, but it is not the best choice for every situation. If you are looking for a weapon with a high rate of fire, then the M416 or the AKM might be a better choice.

The best feature of this gun is the burst mode which is good and in the single-shot mode, it is still the best gun in PUBG MOBILE.

5 Assault Rifles: SCAR-L

Image Credit- Zilliongamer

The SCAR-L is not one of the hyped guns in PUBG MOBILE but there is no denying the fact that in the medium range is quite effective.

Though SCAR-L is not on the same level as compared to other Assault Rifles it is the safe choice to take one over many other weapons. 

1 Sniper Rifles: AWM

Image Credit- Zilliongamer

AWM is the best sniper rifle and the most dominant weapon available in PUBG Mobile. A single headshot is enough to knock out any enemy on the battlefield.

The AWM is renowned for its damage output but one of the cons of this weapon is that it’s only available via airdrop. Another disadvantage of this gun is not efficient at close range, but in the long-range, it is still a killer weapon.

This gun has the longest range compared with the other sniper rifles in the game and comes with notably high reload and animation times.

2 Sniper Rifles: M24

Image Credit- Zilliongamer

This gun can make any player fantastic. It is the advanced version of KAR98K because it has a higher range and damage.

The M24 is a bolt-action sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile that is effective at long and medium ranges. It has a slightly lower damage rating than the AWM, but it can still take out an enemy with a headshot or two. This rifle is more common than the AWM and can be found in loot crates or on the ground across the map.

The M24 has several advantages over other sniper rifles in PUBG Mobile. It has a faster rate of fire than other bolt-action rifles, making it easier to use in close-quarters combat. Additionally, it can be fitted with various attachments such as suppressors, extended mags, and scopes to enhance its performance.

The gun has a damage range of 79 which is higher than the Kar98. You can bet on this sniper rifle and it will not disappoint you.

3 Sniper Rifles: KAR98K

Image Credit- Zilliongamer

KAR98K is a close rival of M24. While M24 allows higher damage, Kar98K is more promptly available. Its popularity is mostly because of his availability in the game.

Comparing the range of this gun it is just behind M24 and AWM. The recoil of this gun is also good.

As far as damage is concerned, the Kar98k is by far the best sniper rifle in the game. Players can also extend the capability of this gun by adding a good scope.

1 Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR): MK14

Image Credit- Zilliongamer

The Mk14 is the most dependable weapon in this category. It has the most damage comparing it with others. The availability of this gun is only through air-dropped loot crates in the game which makes it a notably limited gun.

It has a damage range of 61 which is the highest compared with other DMRs. The recoil of the gun is also great which makes it a great choice for players. The normal magazine of the gun holds 10 bullets, and an extended mag can extend it to 20.

This gun can be used as an effective assault rifle and can outclass any major assault rifle in the game. This rifle can be treated as a multi-dimensional rifle in PUBG Mobile.

2 Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR): SKS

Image Credit- Zilliongamer

SKS is the most easily available rifle in PUBG Mobile. Another feature of this weapon is the lot of attachments available in this gun.

It has a high damage output, a rate of fire that is faster than most sniper rifles, and the ability to accept a variety of attachments. This makes it a versatile weapon that can be used in a variety of situations.

The SKS is particularly effective in medium-range combat. It can easily take down enemies with a few well-placed shots. However, it can also be used in close-quarters combat if the player is skilled enough to control the recoil.

Overall, the SKS is a great choice for players who are looking for a versatile DMR that can be used in a variety of situations. It is a powerful weapon that can take down enemies quickly and efficiently.

The fire rate and the damage of the gun aren’t up to the mark, but it is a great choice when a top-tier sniper rifle is not available close to you in the game. Just go for the SKS if you have a good scope it will make up for the top-level sniper rifle.

3 Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR): MINI 14

Image Credit- Zilliongamer

MINI 14 is one of the best rifles to bet on during the game. This rifle can be used for long and closed ranges due to its rapid-fire rate.

Though the damage isn’t up to the mark. This gun is mostly recommended when you just starting the game. So if you are not getting the top sniper you can go for MINI 14 which will do a decent job for you.

1 Submachine Gun (SMG): VECTOR

Vector is a king of Submachine guns. But I will recommend it to use an extended mag for best results. With the possible attachments and the extended mag, it’s almost become one of the lethal guns in close-range encounters. 

The Vector is a submachine gun (SMG) in PUBG Mobile that is known for its high damage output and fast fire rate. It is one of the best guns in the game and is often considered to be the best SMG.

The Vector is also relatively easy to control, even when fired in full auto. This is due to its low recoil and the fact that it can be equipped with a variety of attachments, such as a foregrip, compensator, and extended magazine.

However, the Vector does have a few drawbacks. It has a relatively small magazine capacity of 19 rounds, and it is not as effective at long range as some other SMGs. Additionally, the Vector is not as common as some other SMGs, so it may be more difficult to find.

Overall, the Vector is a powerful and versatile SMG that is well-suited for close-quarters combat. It is not the best choice for long-range engagements, but it is a great option for players who want a high-damage SMG that is easy to control.

2 Submachine Guns (SMGs): UZI

Image Credit- Zilliongamer

UZI is a fantastic weapon to have in this category. This gun is brilliant in short and mid-range conflicts due to its fast rate of fire. The only drawback of this Submachine gun is its range.

The UZI is a lightweight weapon with great firing speed. UZI is top-notch when it comes to one-on-one situations. Its damage rate is also good which makes it a good Submachine gun.

3 Submachine Guns (SMGs): UMP45

The UMP45 is number 3 on our list of Submachine Guns. This gun has very good recoil which makes it a good choice however the rate of fire is slow.

This gun is mostly recommended in mid-range encounters. The attachments will increase the capability of the gun so try to use it.

The UMP45 is best used in close to mid-range engagements. It can also be effective at longer ranges, but the bullet drop will make it more difficult to hit targets. The UMP45 is a great all-around SMG that is suitable for both beginners and experienced players.

1 Light Machine Gun (LMG): M249

best guns in pubg mobile
Image Credit- Zilliongamer

M249 is the best in the Light Machine Guns category. However, this gun is only available via airdrops. M249 has a very high fire rate and is one of the most reliable weapons in PUBG Mobile.

The gun is powerful in both long and short-range encounters. The magazine capacity of the gun is 100 bullets which is capable of providing damage of 45. It comes with no slots for a magazine or muzzle but a scope can be attached.

With the level of accuracy, it has, it’s easy to pick up kills at close and medium-range encounters.

2 Light Machine Guns (LMGs): DP-28

best guns in pubg mobile
Image Credit- Zilliongamer

DP28 is a light machine gun that could produce a great result when used correctly. One of the cons of this gun is that it doesn’t allow you to add any attachments other than sight. The recoil of the gun is fair which will make up for it.

This LMG can be best used for short-range scenarios. The DP-28 is a light machine gun (LMG) that is exclusive to the Erangel map in PUBG Mobile. It is a powerful weapon with a high damage output and a large magazine capacity. However, it also has a slow firing rate and a long reload time.

The DP-28 is best used for mid-to-long-range combat. It can be devastating against enemies who are not behind cover. However, it is not as effective in close-quarters combat, as its slow firing rate can make it difficult to hit moving targets.

The DP-28 is a great weapon for players who are looking for a powerful and versatile option. However, it is important to be aware of its weaknesses before using it. If you can master the DP-28, it can be a very deadly weapon.

1 Shotgun: S12K

best guns in pubg mobile
Image Credit- Zilliongamer

The S12K is the king of the shotguns in the game. Better recoil and good damage will make this shotgun worth a try.

One of the good features of this shotgun is that it has a rapid rate of fire that is insanely good. Extended mag can help you in duos and squads so try to use it.

2 Shotguns: S686

best guns in pubg mobile
Image Credit- Artstation

S686 is a double-barrelled shotgun that is effective at close range. But I will recommend you to use S12K when you are dealing with a lot of enemies at the same time.

It has a high damage output, making it a great choice for close-quarters combat. The S686 can only hold two shells at a time, but it has a very fast reload speed, so you can quickly fire off two shots and then reload.

The S686 is not as effective at range as other shotguns, but it is still a force to be reckoned with. If you can get close to your enemies, the S686 can easily take them down.

3 Shotguns: S1897

best guns in pubg mobile

The S1897 is a slow-firing shotgun but had a lot of damage. This shotgun can only be used at short range and can kill enemies in one or two shots.

Pistols: P18C

best guns in pubg mobile
Image Credit- Game Haus

Pistols are good until you can’t find a suitable weapon in the game. Once you have it you don’t need Pistols anymore. P18C is the only autofire pistol available in PUBG Mobile.

Extend the capability of the gun with an extended mag which is quite beneficial in some tricky situations.

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