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Best Apps for Weight Loss 

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In this post, we will check out the best apps for weight loss.

For many Americans, healthy living is no longer just a New Year’s resolution. The US CDC reports that a higher percentage of Americans are going on special diets to lose weight and improve their overall health, as compared to the statistics a decade ago.

Unfortunately, registered dietitian Becky Ramsing notes that most Americans follow dietary and lifestyle changes that are restrictive and difficult to sustain over time.

Indeed, many people struggle to keep up with lifestyle changes over a long period, even if they’re doing it for their weight and health goals.

To make healthy living much more manageable, you can use these tried and tested apps that can simplify your weight loss process:

Best Apps for Weight Loss

Nike+ Run Club

Running is one of the best workouts that can help you lose weight, and you can learn how to improve your running skills with the help of Nike+ Run Club.

The Nike+ Run Club is a great entry point for beginners who find running consistently tricky. You can get personalized coaching from the app to help you hit target runs and weight goals.

And if you’re struggling, you can also get encouragement from elite athletes, support from friends, and even an energy boost from the custom playlists from the app.


Peloton quickly rose to fame as a fitness membership program, and the company is continuing its expansion by providing equipment rental programs across the country.

If you’re on a budget, you can download the Peloton app to stream their online classes and work out anywhere you want to. You can further enhance these online workouts through Peloton’s rental program, where you can get a membership on their app and be able to rent an original Peloton Bike at the same time.

For $89 a month, you can access thousands of cardio workouts that fit your health goals, fitness levels, and even your exercise mood.


Recognizing that a healthy diet is essential for a better quality of life, WeightWatchers has created an app that makes diets simple yet effective.

Even people with medical conditions can benefit from this app because the weight loss programs on WeightWatchers are recommended by doctors and backed by nutritional and behavioral scientists.

This app can even provide safe and effective meal plans for people with diabetes because each plan is personalized based on your health goals and food preferences.

The app also makes it easier to overcome your obstacles with weight loss because it connects you with expert coaches and members that can provide advice or a listening ear.

Daily Blends Recipes

If you want a delicious drink that doesn’t pack a lot of calories, the Daily Blends Recipes app has got you covered with over 150 recipes.

Smoothies are fun and easy to make, but healthcare journalist Shereen Lehman warns that you have to be mindful of the components so that you can keep your drink nutritious, satisfying, and, of course, delicious.

Since sweeteners and ingredients can easily increase smoothies’ calorie content, you can download the Daily Blends Recipes app to find smoothies that can help you hit your health goals and enjoy the process.

The best-selling smoothie recipe app even provides ingredient alternatives, making it easy to personalize the drink based on your needs and preferences.

Maintaining your weight loss program will be easier if you have expert recommendations at your fingertips.

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