Barcelona must improve before Napoli game, admits Setien

barcelona vs napoli ucl-quique setien wearing full grey t shirt with heads down


Barcelona boss Quique Setien has admitted that Lionel Messi was correct on his view about the recent performance of the team and that the Balugaran will not progress in the Champions League if they continue their poor run of form

Barcelona’s defeat against Osasuna in La Liga finally handed the trophy to Los Blancos.

The Argentine international exploded the Barcelona performance after La Liga slips away he also warned that Barcelona will be out of the UCL at the last-16 stage if they continue their recent poor form, Barcelona’s aggregate score is 1-1 against Napoli in following the first-leg draw.

The second leg going to be scheduled in early August, Barcelona head coach agreed that there must be a drastic change and improve in the performance if the Serie A side is to be crushed.

Setien said “We need to change a lot, otherwise we will also lose against Napoli.

“I already said before that playing like this we won’t be able to fight for the Champions League and you see, we could not even fight for the league. We need to be self-critical.

“We are all aware that there are many things to improve, we must be more consistent and more reliable.

“If we manage to play a match as we did against Villareal in La Liga where everything went well, it surely gives us what we need to win the Champions League. 

“We must be more reliable during the 90 minutes and convince ourselves that if we give our best level, of course, we can win the Champions League.”

He then replied to the question when asked about whether he felt Messi’s words were a direct attack on his managerial role and his authority in the team.

he said. “No, not at all, “We all say things that are misinterpreted and others well, we experience it daily. I do not give it much importance. We all need a break to clear our minds. We will try to think in this regard.”

He added “The day I arrived I said that I would enjoy until the last day of my managerial role at Barca. I continue to enjoy despite the situation and the things going on and I never thought that this would be easy,”

“Defeat is always something to be overcome. I’m not experiencing anything I haven’t before and at no time have I felt like I want to leave.”

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