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Icardi would be the best signing for Ac Milan says Simone

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Marco Simone thinks that one of the top Italian club Ac Milan should sign Mauro Icardi from their bitter rivals Inter Milan to strengthen their team.

He thinks Icardi as one of the players who can be a great fit for the Ac Milan and can boost their attacking options on the field.

Antonio Conte who is the head coach of Inter Milan discarded the plans to use Mauro Icardi as an option in their attacking area,instead he insisted to bring Romelu Lukaku to be a partner in crime with Lautaro Martinez.

Being a discarded option,at last Inter Milan decided to loan him out to the Ligue 1 champions Paris Saint Germain.Mauro Icardi shown his class and goal scoring ability at the Paris Saint Germain and replaced one of the best striker in their club history Edinson Cavani from the starting line-up.

This season Icardi became one of the best goal scoring players for Psg and scored 20 goals out of 31 matches and together with Neymar and Mbappe they formed the most lethal attacking trio in Europe.

Marco Simone told La Gazzetta Dello Sport”I would keep Leao. He has great strength and he is very talented. Otherwise, if you check out the flaws in those who have immense talent, you have to start from scratch all the time,”

“I wouldn’t have given up on Piatek. If Ibrahimovic leaves the club, Milan would be short of striker and it will affect the team.”

Milik would do well, but I would try to bring Cavani and Icardi back to Milan.

“Mauro would be a great signing and great fit for the team and an ideal solution.”

Zvonimir Boban has been sacked by the Ac Milan after being publicly spoke out against Ceo Ivan Gazidis over an approach for Ralf Rangnick.

Simone further added “It’s an immense loss, It was not a good move to fire him because of a controversial interview that happened. I think they used it as an excuse, it was already planned.

“When you choose two big names like Boban and Maldini, you know at the start the weight they have.

“They know how Milan are managed. Those who selected them had to continue with them together. They were the first two important pieces in starting again.

“I have some doubts that such a figure [Rangnick] can work in Italy.And then his role in practice would eliminate that of Maldini. The club must clarify certain things and the managerial structure in the team.

“If Gazidis intends to have it as it is abroad, then the connection with Paolo should be finished and maybe Rangnick could work.”

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