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14 Fun Facts To Know About Cricket

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In this post, we will check out the 14 fun facts to know about Cricket.

Originally born in England, Cricket has now transformed into a global sensation. Australia and India have been significantly successful in the major tournaments, but England still maintains its position.

In the past, cricket was even an Olympic sport, but we’ll delve into that further later. Have you ever wondered about the length of the longest cricket game ever played? Or why the notorious Nelson Score is believed to be unlucky among players?

If these questions pique your interest, keep reading for some fascinating facts about cricket!

Since its beginning in the 16th century, cricket has continued to grow. Over 180 countries now enjoy the sport, and approximately 2.5 billion people watch or play it. These numbers are incredible!

The most popular teams are from India and Pakistan. However, England and Australia also have some of the best-known players.

2. You can bet on cricket from anywhere in the world

With widespread access to high-speed internet and smartphones, bet on Indian cricket matches from anywhere has never been more accessible or convenient for people around the globe.

Online betting platforms make it simple for users to open accounts, deposit funds, and place bets on cricket and other events all from within their own homes or on the go.

Technology advancement has allowed online betting companies to develop user-friendly and secure mobile applications that enable customers to access their accounts, monitor bets, and watch live events all from their phones.

3. Cricket World Cup first held in 1975

The Cricket World Cup is the biggest cricket event in the calendar of any fan. It’s organized by the International Cricket Council.

It was first held by England, South Africa, and Australia in 1975. The event is held every four years. In 2019, England won the cup.

4. Cricket wickets were originally designed with only two stumps.

It used to be that a wicket could consist of less than three stumps.

The two-stumps rule was followed until 1775, when Edward ‘Lumpy Stevens,’ an English cricketer, bowled a ball between both stumps three times without removing the bail, but the batsman was declared ‘not out.’ Soon after, the third stump was introduced.

5. Wicket bails may not always be necessary

In almost all cricket games, bails are the horizontal pegs positioned astride the stumps. However, they are not required in every situation.

If the wind blows the bails away, the umpire can replace them with heavier ones or remove them completely to ensure smooth play.

6. Women’s cricket began in the 18th century

Women have been playing cricket since the 18th century, despite men being far more numerous. Women were invited to participate in tournaments held by English villages like Surrey, Hampshire, and Sussex. The winning teams received barrels of beer and lace gloves as prizes.

7. Three major types of games are played in competition

Around the world, cricket is played in three major variations. Test match cricket, One Day Cricket, and T20 are the three major variations of cricket played at a competitive level around the world.

Test matches are a traditional format that lasts 5 days. Test match cricket is considered the purest form. T20, where the games last only a few minutes as opposed to five days, is the fastest-growing format.

Test cricket was played for the first time in 1877.

8. A Nelson Score is unlucky

This is the only cricket fun fact that’s based on superstition. Nelson Scores are scored by teams or players who score 111 points. Three 1’s are considered unlucky because they vaguely resemble an empty wicket. This is one of our favorite cricket facts!

9. The Olympics introduced cricket in 1896

Cricket was not introduced until 1900, even though the Olympics date back to 776 BC.

Cricket is a very popular sport, but it has only ever been played in the Olympics one time when Great Britain won the gold medal in 1900. However, cricket is being considered for the Olympics in the future.

10. The longest cricket match was 14 days.

Cricket is a long game at any time, but this particular match was the longest ever. A game in 1939 between England and South Africa was played for 14 days. The players then slept an additional 14 days.

Twenty20 matches are generally shorter than other formats.

12. The longest consecutive number of maiden overs in a row is 21

When a bowler bowls six consecutive times without the opposition scoring even a run, that is a maiden over. An Indian international cricketer set a record of 21 successive maiden innings while playing for India.

13. Australian cricketers are the luckiest players

Next, we’ll share another one of the most unusual cricket facts. Australians are viewed as the luckiest players in the world, and two of them have been singled out for special attention.

Both won three ICC Cricket World Cups and their career ended with exemplary records, given how long they played.

14. Cricket’s only unchanging law is the length of the field

Cricket rules change as times do. Since the sport’s inception, all laws have been subject to changes except for one. The length of the cricket pitch is the same as it was at the start. It’s still 22 yards.

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